Chasing the White Horses Green Vyanath

Sunlight sparkles over cerulean-tinged green, shades through aquamarine, and buffets against the deep sea green of this young dragon's turbulent colouration. Pale sea foam crests her head, cascading down her neck and washing up against wingspars the colour of fresh seaweed. Where wings and body meet a darkness forms, wrapping around her legs, staining her belly, draping across haunches, and finally trailing to the tip of her long tail. Brightness finds her legs once more, shading them the colour of a pine forest, but still with an ever-present blue shimmer as if reflected in a pond. Her wings seem the only part of her that is truly green, but even across the seaweed stained sails is a faint hint of aqua when the light hits them just right.

Egg Name and Description

Dawn of a New Age Egg
Swirling aquamarine is crested with white, transforming this oddly elongated egg into a glimmering waterfall on the sands. Sparkles of peach dapple the pale base, sunlight sparkling on the waves of colour that cascade down over the shell. The further from the sands the deeper the colouring — a rich dark blue ending under a splotch of terracotta that adorns the very tip of the egg.

Hatching Message

The ripples of the Dawn of a New Age Egg come thick and fast now, the shell flaking away with the continual assault from inside. It's only a matter of moments before the shell gives way completely, shards draining off into the sands and leaving a slender green hatchling in its wake.

Impression Message

Bright lights everywhere. Did someone turn the lights up? It's almost blinding, forcing your eyes to shut against this glare. But even with your eyes firmly closed the light remains. « Wow. » Whose voice was that? It didn't sound like any of the other candidates. « I never thought you'd be so big! » A giggle wrenches your mind fully back to reality, and there in front of you is a sea-green hatchling, looking up at you with a dreamy, happy look on her face. « Vyanath, that's me, and… Ooh, what's that over there? » She turns to move, eyes following something across the sands. « Come on Dryssa! »


Perhaps if people had warned you about Vyanath you might have avoided candidacy, but unfortunately it's too late to think about things such as that - Vyanath is here to stay no matter how many problems it causes you.

From the second she hatched Vyanath has been distractible, something which will never be trained out of her no matter how hard anyone tries. Throughout your weyrling lessons you'll have to keep nudging her mentally and physically to keep her from drifting off into a daydream, or even wandering off after a trundlebug that she spotted passing a moment before. She likes learning, never doubt that, she just doesn't seem to have a very long attention span. She'd much rather be off flying somewhere over the sea than listening to some boring lecture on weyr politics.

She loves being around her clutchmates, seemingly accepting every quirk of their personalities with an open heart no matter how appalling other people may find them. This openness seems to stretch to almost everyone she comes across, and while she is very reluctant to ever talk to anyone other than you except in emergencies she may well drop little presents for people just to let them know she was there. Unfortunately a little present for her is a fair-sized boulder, or an odd ice formation if she's in the far north, and these are not very easy to explain to people. Especially when she gets upset that the ice 'ran away'.

For her living things are never presents, and in fact it will be hard to get her to feed herself as she does not wish to kill. Eventually she'll be forced there through hunger alone, but it will be the eternal dilemma for her. If it were possible for dragons to be vegetarians then she would be the first, but that is just not an option for her. This love of all things living will cause her to stand up for the little ones in life, be they dragons, firelizards, crawlers, children… anything smaller than she is. You may well end up with a collection of trundlebugs in your weyr, her little family of rescues.

It may be a good idea to keep a supply of paint in your weyr, her favourite colour seems to change as often as the wind, and she likes her surroundings to be her favourite colour. Perhaps a rainbow on the wall might be enough to satisfy her, but when she starts considering a tree for the ledge it might have to be repainted if it clashes. At least you can be assured that your life will not be dull.

Her flights, when the time comes, will be short and it's the one time she gains a stubborn focus and becomes cold and unemotional. Though she seems to take to the sky lazily, and even fly in lazy circles above the men, you can guarantee that she is doing so and watching the men at the same time. Underneath that rather scatterbrained exterior is a sharp mind, and it will be her decision as to who wins her flights, not some random quirk of fate.

When you ride Search you will be making many trips back to the weyr. Almost every person you come across has some quality that appeals to her, and after all she found the perfect person when she hatched so why shouldn't other eggs have the same ch… ooh a trundlebug.


If ever there were a dragon with a calm voice, then Vyanath would be the one. Anger is a foreign concept to her, though in those rare moments her mind takes on the chill it showed in the shell, instead her every thought is accompanied by bright sunshine and the delicate tinkling of wind chimes. Sleepiness brings the biggest change in her mind, colours dimming slightly and images becoming fuzzier, as if her whole mind was filled with clouds.


The theme for this clutch was the Zodiac, and your Vyanath is based on the stereotypical personality traits and looks of someone born under the sign of Aquarius. Her name comes from Hindi, one of the forces associated with Air, Aquarius being an air sign.

What's written here is not carved in stone in any way; feel free to mould her to a shape that pleases you. We're very glad to have you with us at Ista. Congratulations!



Name Chasing the White Horses Green Vyanath
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Leslyn
Impressee Dryssa
Hatched 29 June 2008
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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