Bronze Vesukith

Greenish gold hide spreads in dark array over this venomous looking dragon's body, filaments of shadow dancing about the skin, cascading to a bronzen midnight. Exempt from these dark colors is the lush bright color of unmarred bronze, traveling from a blunt muzzle and large triangular head, down a sinuous throat and along a well barreled chest. Pooling at the bottom and around the belly, the flow of light bronze follows on the insides of his muscular legs, while also rushing down the underside of his tail, conforming the lighter colors underneath the darkness of shadow. Wings extend like large fins across his sides, the membrane thicker then usual as it casts upon thick rounded wing fingers. The wing tips, muzzle tip and tail spade seem to be of ebony, though glimmers of gold show through, as if water logged by such dark colors.

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Name Vesukith
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Kalerriarth
Created By
Impressee C'yr (Cyril)
Hatched 29 October 2004
Ista Weyr
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