Crystalline Effulgence Gold Vaerlanth

Fair brilliance and ostentatious overstatedness dance in merry flamboyance upon the hide of this young queen - so bright as to be not just eye-catching, but downright pretentious in bedazzling light. Streams liquid gold cascade down her wedge-shaped head and sharp neckridges, caught by a pale light to become seeringly white as they fling themselves in graceless abandon to the shimmering, crystalline rainbow of her lithe torso. Patterns of pale pink and orange - like the garish reflections of a crystal caught in the rays of the sun - spread bejewelled fingers to sway about the satin-spun splendour that reaches from flanks to the brilliance of pearlescent flames that burn blindingly beneath her belly's curve. Gauzy wingsails, adorned with an overwhelming, somewhat tasteless array of sparkling jewels, unfold like a heaven full of stars twinkling in vainglorious effulgence.

Egg Name and Description

Fabulously Fruity Oversized Pineapple Egg

Hatching Message

The twining shades of tarnished gold and citrine that bedeck the Fabulously Fruity Oversized Pineapple Egg shiver against the force of a hidden life— carousing shades of lemon and amber unfurling as the egg responds to the growing movements of the life within. A shuddering rift is torn, as a bejewelled talon breaks free, followed by an ear-splitting cry, and a crack that spreads from one end to the other, pieces shattering upon the dark sand beneath. In the egg's wake, an ostentatiously brilliant hatchling reveals herself to the world, remarking upon herself with an echoing croon.

Impression Message

The tinkling of wind-chimes that range a crescendo up your spine distance you from the heat of the sands; hands clasped within yours, the gritty sand beneath your feet, sweat-dampened hair against your neck - all of these become irrelevant as a spangled presence shimmers like some starlight majesty, bright enough to blind you, envelops you within its warmth. A second sun - no, three or four! - bathe you in their light, spangled colours covering you in purple, green, blue, and an everpresent gold: « Jessamy, Jessamy - oh, you /will/ dote on me. ». Her girlish, giggling soprano - mellifluous and rippling - dances through your heart, as Vaerlanth finds her place, and calls it home.


The first word that one might use to describe Vaerlanth could well be vacuous - boy, is she ever. There may never have been a queen so empty headed and vain as your lifemate, Jessamy. She delights in all manner of shallow things: pretty baubles, the way the sun shines on the water, her own hide; ask her to concentrate upon something important, however, and she's usually the last one to pick up what it means, and even then it will only thanks to you, and your intellect. This doesn't seem to bother your lifemate, though, for she is vastly content with her lot in life. Vaerlanth just loves the world around her: she loves how pretty she is, loves doing pretty and fun things, and loves, above all things, you. Well, behind herself, perhaps. « Of course you're pretty, Jessy— oh! Did you see the way the sun rippled over my hide? Oh, and my reflection in the water? Oil me again - it makes me even more beautiful. » Vaerlanth is easily distracted by her own reflection - indeed, by herself, whether or not she is looking at her physical attributes - and this may make life a little trying. Why, after all, should she pay attention to anything but herself, when she is surely the absolute best there could be?

Vaerlanth shares something of the sweet innocence her older sister, Llysereth, does. Indeed, she also shares something else with Llysereth - a complete oppositeness to Ysmalath. Vaerlanth is naive, to say the very least. If you - or anyone, in fact - tells her something, she will almost invariably believe it, and will become rather flummoxed and confused after hearing something entirely contradictory, believing it, and then being pointed out the difference. « Oh! Oh, oh dear! I don't quite understand. » Luckily, Vaerlanth is bothered by little, except, perhaps, slights to her own beauty, or yours, and she takes her own gullibility well into her stride. There are too many wonderful things to see and do in the world, so there's no time to worry about what can't be changed - and this includes her own intellect, for she is not so stupid as to not know that there are a great many levels to things that she quite simply does not understand. That doesn't mean she doesn't come across as stupid, or blind to the things she misses; what it comes down to is that when something is pointed out to her, she's somewhat less surprised than she might otherwise be: « Silly me, I didn't even realise! ».

Vaerlanth loves stories - especially the fantasy stories that AIVAS had within his memory. She'll want to be told this over and over again, because in her romantic vision of life, that is exactly how things should be. The great hero or prince - though she'll call him Weyrleader, or Lord Holder - falling for the pretty woman, true love following. Should she ever be told the story of Lydiere and G'wain's romance, she will love it forever - it's /real/, and, ignoring the bad parts of it, exactly what she wants for you. « Tell me again, Jessy! Oh - will Llysereth tell me other details, do you think? I should like to know more. » Vaerlanth believes in true love, without hesitation. Moreover, she believes that every man you might sleep with is your true love, and will try and push you together no matter what. She's got no problem with you sleeping with anyone - after all, surely it is all in the great quest of finding that one true love. Preferably with a bronze dragon who will rest against her and tell her how beautiful /she/ is.

And then, there are flights. Vaerlanth is likely to share the same predicability of schedule with Llysereth; she'll rise once a turn, and it'll be almost exactly thirteen months after the last flight. Her proddiness will show itself in an absolute, utter self-absorption that is even more noticeable than her usual state of being: no one - and that means /no one/ - will be allowed to take attention away from her. /She/ is the star, /she/ is the sun, and she will not hesitate to be as loud as she possibly can, to drown out anyone who tries to take that away from her. You, Jessamy, might find yourself wanting to hide away in corners to try and avoid two things - A> her temper, and B> the very possibility that you might steal from her show, because even you will not be free from her tyranny. Her flight will usually be fast and furious, and she'll always be caught unawares by her captor. Once she starts to get egg-heavy, Vaerlanth will pout and mope - she's getting fat! She's ugly! No one should be allowed to see her!

Oh, and once those eggs are clutched? It will be very, very clear to see exactly how much of a spoilt brat Vaerlanth can be. She has an awful temper, and is not above throwing tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants, in any situation. « I wanted /ten/ eggs, not /eight/! » she might complain, or perhaps, « I wanted to clutch a /gold/. I want a little gold to play with! » For as long as Vaerlanth is the youngest of Ista's queens, she will remember this fact, and take notice of it. She /hates/ being the youngest, because she cannot help but obey Ysmalath and Llysereth, no matter how much she doesn't want to. No matter that any younger queen may well be larger than your petite queen, Vaerlanth craves for there to be another that might look up to her, if only for a little while. Once she's clutched, she's fiercely protective of her 'jewels', and may have difficulty in letting them go to hatch - /especially/ should she ever clutch a gold.

Growing Up
As well as being as pale - though in a rather brilliant, blinding way - as the rest of the Istan queens, Vaerlanth will be as small, falling just between Ysmalath and Llysereth in size. This will make her dainty - she moves with grace and precision, and there's something lyrical about all of her movements from the earliest of her days. As she grows older, this will only become more and more obvious; to a tasteful eye, Vaerlanth will never be beautiful - she's far too garishly bright for that - but she certainly has style. Once she's finally allowed to fly, she'll have her share of fumbling movements as she gets used to the experience, but she'll never be as clumsy as Llysereth was. Indeed, everything about Vaerlanth is graceful, up to and including her eating habits. Not even in her earliest days will she try and scoff down everything in sight; she will eat with precision, and will look down upon her clutchmate, Petryth, with his tendency to overeat. She's perpetually worried about her figure: as a weyrling she will want to make sure that she doesn't grow too large (for large is bad), and you may be required to force her to eat more, rather than insist she eat less.

From an early age, pretty things will be a great attraction, for Vaerlanth - butterflies in particular - and this will continue throughout her life. Anything with wings, in fact, will be beloved by her, just for the great concept of being about to spread out her own wings and compare. « The butterflies have such great colours, but they have no body to go with their wings. They must be so jealous! ». Even once she's fully-grown, and has a certain sense of decorum, Vaerlanth will chase butterflies, and avians, whenever she has the chance. « How fun! How absolutely, adorably fun! » Nevertheless, Vaerlanth is as gold as her colour insists she is, and there will always be that certain something about her that insists she is special, and that she knows it. Her own vanity and ego play a part to this, of course, but there is something more: Vaerlanth knows, instinctively, what one must do to behave in a proper manner, and as such, she shall always come across as being somewhat benevolent and regal, for all her enthusiasm.

Vaerlanth will not come across as being overwhelmingly curious about the world. Instead, she will greet it with enthusiasm, as if she already knows all of it's secrets, and just wants to rejoice in them, and show them off to you - or anyone else that might have her ear at that particular moment. « Do you see how the water rushes against the shore, Serwynth? » she might ask, as if it were her own ocean, her own beach, and she were showing it off. Should anyone point out to her that they know this already, it may - depending on her mood - result in a tantrum, and Vaerlanth's tantrums are LOUD - although not violent, like Aesiveth's. She's sweet of voice, when she keeps it low and moderated, but the moment Vaerlanth gets loud, her voice is downright nauseating, for she has no sense of pitch, and it's perpetually flat. Vaerlanth, of course, will never realise this: she believes her voice to be as beautiful as her hide is - and will never listen to anyone who says otherwise (for they, after all, are merely jealous): « I wasn't shrieking, nor shrill. I was *pause* resonant. You would think that a /real/ lady would know the difference, wouldn't you? » Or so she will insist, for all of time.

Even if you did manage to ask Vaerlanth in the first few hours of her life how she managed to realise that Jessamy was the only one for her, she wouldn't be able to tell you. That's not just her own personal brand of intellect speaking; that's simply the way it is. Vaerlanth doesn't know why Jessamy was right — she just knows that Jessamy /was/ right, /is/ right, and always will be right. There's a love of life there, perhaps, that attracted them to, and the fact that Vaerlanth needed someone like Jessamy to look after her, and keep her feet upon the ground. Even so, she also needed someone who could dream with her, and make her the star of wonderful fantasies, for Vaerlanth does love stories. Whatever the reason was, there is no doubt that Vaerlanth did /something/ right, in finding her Jessamy.


Vaerlanth's voice is certainly not harsh upon the ears in the lower soprano registers, but to her discredit, she has an unfortunate habit of all but shrieking - out of tune - when she gets excited - and that, unfortunately, is rather too often. She's no opera singer - in fact, it's really rather better that she does not try and 'sing' at all; keep her taking naturally, and she's got a voice rather like the tinkling of windchimes, if perhaps somewhat giggly. Her mind-touch resonates pure white gold, infused with the brilliance of stars and jewels, to the point where it is no longer just pretty, but downright flashy and ostentatious - and somewhat /too/ much so. When she's being commanding, or demanding, she has a great amount of power to her voice - she /knows/ she's Queen, and isn't afraid to remind anyone, and everyone, of that point. Mentally, she smells overpoweringly of daisies and roses, cloyingly sweet, leaving behind lasting trails of her scent long after she has withdrawn.


The egg theme for this clutch was 'Big Things', and Vaerlanth's egg was inspired by the Big Pineapple in Queensland, Australia. Vaerlanth's personality was inspired by the character of Christine in Terry Pratchett's 'Maskerade', whilst her description is inspired by two things; firstly, the chandelier in 'Maskerade' (and 'The Phantom of the Opera', which is the story that 'Maskerade' is based upon), and secondly, the usual fluffy beautifulness of gold dragons, and a mimicry thereof. Her name (pronounced VAY-er-lanth) was loosely derived from the German word 'Verlieblichen', which means 'endearing'.


Name Crystalline Effulgence Gold Vaerlanth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By Lydiere
Impressee Jessamy
Hatched 08 September 2002
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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