Breaking the Trail Gold Vaeonath

Dusty sands, shades of yellow and near tan, mingle upon this gold's form, casting her coloration into muted hues from tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Trail dust gathers most noticeably upon her wide shoulders, the golden brown most prevalent along her sides and upper limbs, succeeded in overcoming the old gold that creeps upwards from the underside of her body. Blunt wings are satin sheen gold, the translucent sails supported by golden brown spars for their wide width, carrying the dust out to the very edges of her form, as it attempts to envelope her completely. The ridges that run from her almost masculine-shaped face along her back are the lightest by far - an evenly spread flax - in direct contrast to the ebony talons on each of her short, yet muscled, limbs.

Egg Name and Description

Horn of Plenty Egg
Golden browns, honey-roasted tans, and rich mahogany have been gathered upon this egg, an egg that has quite an elongated shape, rather than a more spherical one. Each hue encircles the shell in various widths, overlapping and mixing as they go, creating the illusion of a woven cover upon it. Near the top end, rich colors spill forth without rhyme or reason - purples and reds, blues and creams, dappling the egg with never-ending bounty.

Hatching Message

Horn of Plenty Egg suddenly shatters, no longer able to withstand the pressure from within, the willingness of its protected gift to break free. And so, the shell falls to the sands, leaving one last gift to the world.

Impression Message

Deep Sapphire and Emerald build in your mind, gem tones mimicking wealth and luxury even as golden velvet sweeps you up, cushioning you as this new mind offers its greetings. A light alto flows into your thoughts, cheerfully. « Jainika! Jaine! Nika! » Each name is offered with the same jubilant tone, none seemingly preferred over another. « You are finally here, there is so much for us to do. We simply must make the best of it. » And then there's a flash of ruby, and it seems hunger forces her to finally introduce herself. « I'm Vaeonath, and its time for a celebration feast! »


Some people just know what their position in life is meant to be, Vaeonath is one of those exact types. She knew from the second she was hatched that you were what she wanted, and now she seeks her next treasure in life - fun. Fun for her, unfortunately, seems to involve being in charge of everything, even to the point of deliberately trying to get one over on her clutch siblings to try to prove a point. She will be quite happy to be a junior once you graduate, but should your ambitions ever move towards being Senior then you can bet she'll try to get it for you.

Youth for her will be a difficult time, she will try to be the first at everything but there are times that trying too hard will have the opposite result. Expect extra lessons during weyrlinghood, whether scheduled or behind the weyrlingmasters' backs, so that she can perfect her every movement without an audience.

She has a fascination for the past, perhaps insisting that she study the old formations, flaming, anything old an able to be investigated. These fact-finding expeditions may well take you all over the planet, looking for people with tales to tell and even mementos to take away with you. Your weyr will soon fill up with rocks, crystals, anything she decides to be particularly collectable.

As a young dragon she will likely bond more with Inimeth, his intellect fascinating her, but as she grows older she will never be one to settle on the company of any one dragon. She has one love in her life, you, and nobody else will ever be able to match. That is not to say she will not have her share of male company, or that she will stop you from having the same, but as far as she is concerned you were meant to only be a twosome.

Flights can be difficult for her, she finds a flirtiness that otherwise lies dormant, and can be rather overpowering. Blooding has an almost intoxicating effect on her, easing the worry about her behaviour and causing her to have an erratic flight path when she does lead the men into the skies. Afterwards she will be back to her usual self, though there's a chance she may well reject the male that caught her in favour of being with you. On the sands she is an attentive mother, though every candidate is carefully weighed up before being allowed near her children.

She is every inch a mother, a lover, a friend. Pushing you towards what she thinks is best for you. After all she Impressed the best, so why shouldn't you have the same?


Unlike the muted hues of her hide, Vaeonath's mind is a palate of rich, bright colors that serve as the backdrop for her thoughts. Emerald green and sapphire blue mingle together most often, illustrating her normal mood - one of ambition and hopefulness, eagerness and desire. Yet, ruby red can creep in from time to time, darkening her thoughts when angry or other emotions begin to take over her mind. Her voice is a sweet alto, generally unhindered by background thoughts in her mind.


The theme this cycle was 'the Zodiac' and the Horn of Plenty Egg was based on the sign Capricorn. Capricorn is considered a earth sign, and is the sign for individuals born from December 22nd until January 19th. The constellation Capricorn is generally identified as being associated with the Greek myth of the goat Amalthea, who provided the infant Zeus with milk. The Horn of Plenty is also associated with this myth, thus the egg being based on just that.

Vaeonath is based both on Marion Ravenwood as you requested, but also on some of the general traits of a Capricorn: ambitious, independent, hard-working, competent and strong.

Her desc is, as you asked, more Indy than Marion, and more rugged than feminine, however her name comes from the rearranging of Marion's name.

Above all though, Vaeonath is yours, and yours alone. Everything written here are just ideas - please feel free to change or ignore anything that you want, and enjoy her.


L'ton and Leslyn


Name Breaking the Trail Gold Vaeonath
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By L'ton and Leslyn
Impressee Jaye (Jainika)
Hatched 29 June 2008
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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