Just Living Is Not Enough Green Usislykith

Egg Name and Description

Tattered Treasure Map Egg
Most of the time, this egg's shell presents a very simple view, slightly yellowed, like aged parchment, with odd sepia lines putting shadows on the surface. Every now and then, the sand gets shifted by the clutch parents, deliberately or no, and a bit more is shown, or hidden again. Occasionally, a dotted line is revealed, weaving its way up the side of the shell. Even more rarely, the base of the shell is uncovered, revealing a great big mark in red - two intersecting lines - a great crossing of strokes, almost always buried in sand.

Mindtouch Messages

Less than Free
Less than Free gives off a deep sense of longing at first touch, though it's difficult to pinpoint the mind's desire. It pulls back a moment, regroups, then rallies forth once more. There's a cautious probe at your mind, tugging at various memories. Oh dear, /that/ one. It has pulled out a memory of a time you found yourself lost, and it retreats slightly, warily. Not afraid, it would never admit it was afraid, no.

Less than Free is still poking around the edges of your mind, curious, despite itself. Another memory is seized upon, that of a gift once given, or perhaps received. Ooh, isn't that a shiny bit of lovely? The gift itself is shown large, turned over this way and that. Beautiful! Attention returns to you, now, and the mind pokes more at the memory, seeking the feelings accompanied. It thinks this was a glorious thing, but it must know what you think.

Less than Free throws up an image, quite randomly, of a candidate's knot, a string of white. It hangs there a moment, and then several others are formed to join it, linking together like a chain. This, this is no good. Rules and restrictions, it can sense them. The mind goes further back, rifling through your mind without a care. What was before this knot? What was that like? Do please share!

Less than Free is calm now, thoughtful. It has a lot to think about. Touching the shell, you sense only the faint briny aroma of the ocean, and nothing more.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Tattered Treasure Map Egg is not one of those thrashing, lashing eggs. No need for extreme movements, at least not yet. A few wobbly movements, just to prove that something is in here. Waiting, really, is all that's going on. Conserving strength for when the moment is right. Wiggle wiggle. Wobble wobble. Do de do!

Crack Message
Tattered Treasure Map Egg stops those smallish movements. They were getting boring anyway. More forceful time, aaah yeah! Wobbles turn to borderline violent swaying, back and forth, upside down and right side up. The egg transforms from calm and cool to totally crazy! Cracks start to form as vibrations begin, the egg shell slowly falling apart and the non-existent seams and flashes of hide, color still unknown, start to show.

Hatch Message
Tattered Treasure Map Egg is no longer the same! Pieces of what once was a smooth, silky shell is but a shadow of it's former self. Cracks with large chasms now decorate the entire outside of the egg. Bits and pieces start flying, larger flashes of hide able to be seen now as the egg quickly falls apart. A large breaking noise erupts and huge hunks of shell are blown to the side as a dragonet falls free of what was once her prison! Just Living Is Not Enough Green Hatchling stands tall, tail lashing about, ready to take on all of Pern!

Hatchling Name and Description

Just Living Is Not Enough Green Hatchling
Flights of fancy dance dreamy cirrus across the mellow whimsy of mint-green perfection: demure is not a word for this dragon, laughter captured in reaching wings, merriment capped by spindrift sails and wingspars the very color of fog. Length comes as natural as nature's palette, springtime growth of sage tickling broad paws, drifting upwards in windswept heather over the dramatic stretch of neck and tail. Though cloaked in the very essence of carefree merriment, a darker presence lurks within the structure of petitely dished face; through the lovely facade of nature's grandeur, fey light graces laughing eyes.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
Something is the distance is giggling. A addicting sound, girlish and high-pitched enough to be sweet. The amusement within each new laugh is easily noted. The sands, what sands? Were you even on any sands? Louder and louder the happy sounds grow, until it's like the person that is making them is right next to you. « Shorynia. » A voice whispers with girlish glee. « Pfft, like I'd be able to remember that. I much prefer… Ryni! Yes, Ryni. I like that so much more, don't you? » No more infectious laughter, instead sweet smells of sugar cane flow through your minds, embracing and settling in, refusing to let go. Colors of pale green frolick through the meadows of your subconscious, eagerly forcing out any darkness that may brew, instilling her light instead. « Come now, Ryni, there is much to see, much to — WHOA!! DID YOU SEE THAT!? That egg over there just EXPLODED! WOW! Look! WHOA! That was CRAZY! …what was I saying? Eh. Well. Sure it wasn't important! Hey! Hey! There's stuff going on over there too! And people! Look at all the people, Ryni! Let's go say hi! We can all be friends and talk and it'll be like the greatest thing ever! » You vision changes, shifts. The world seems brighter. Better. The smells and colors withdraw, but hold tight as they linger. « By the way, you can call me Usislykith, since that's my name and all. You and I? We're partners. Let's go! »

Personality / RP Tips

Have you ever seen the sky
So beautiful, colorful, wide and wonderful?
Have you ever felt the sun shine
So brilliantly, raining down, over you and me?
Have you ever wanted more? Wanted more

You've got to keep your mind wide open
All the possibilities
You've got to live with your eyes open
Believe in what you see

Think of all the days you've wasted
Worrying, wondering, hopelessly hoping
Think of all the time ahead
Don't hesitate, contemplate, no it's not too late
Have you ever wanted more?
Don't you know there's so much more

You've got to keep your mind wide open
All the possibilities
You've got to live with your eyes open
Believe in what you see

Tomorrow's horizons
Full of surprises
Don't let them take your dreams away

You've got to keep your mind wide open
All the possibilities
You've got to live with your eyes open
Believe in what you see
— Annasophia Robb "Keep Your Mind Wide Open"

If there's one thing to say about Usislykith it's her basic WONDER with all that is around her. Everyday, every moment there is something new and shiny that attracts her attention. From the smallest blade of grass to the largest canyon on all of Pern, she is fascinated with it all. She will make the world come alive for you, Ryni. It'll be like being reborn, the moment your eyes open after Impression it'll be like everything is different, better, more alive than it ever has been before. It'll actually be something Ryni will actually realize the more she bonds with her green. When Usislykith is closer, or when the mindlink is strong, Ryni's vision will actually change. The world will just be so shiny! It'll sparkle! It's basically Usislykith's way to share how she sees the world with you. Sometimes it might be overbearing, when you need your ability to see clearly, you'll need to discuss this with your green. She'll understand, no doubt, she's a very understanding dragon, and will tone down the extreme ENTHUSIASM that she's attempting to force into your very being, but eventually, it'll be back.

Why will it be back? Easy. Your dragon has an awful memory. No, no. Not just the usual awful dragon memory. Usislykith is on the extreme edge of not remembering anything like… ever. Expect to have many, many, /many/ conversations about the same thing with her. Over and over. It probably does not help that her level of curiosity causes her to ask lots of questions.

« Oh! OH! Ryni, look at this! Right here! This long green thing. It's swaying! Do you see how it's swaying? Why is it swaying? Is it swaying cause it's happy? I bet it's happy. I'm also happy! »
"… that's grass, Usislykith. It's moving cause it's windy…"
« HEY! What's that long green thing, there? It's DANCING! »

It would be adorable if her abysmal memory wasn't so bad. At least that's how it'll be for you, Ryni, for other dragons and riders, it'll be hilarious to watch the antics of you both. The few times when Usislykith does remember something, she will be both shocked and awed (obviously due to the fact she doesn't remember the last time she remembered something). It'll surely be a time to celebrate and you, poor Ryni, will be forced to hear about that which she remembered over and over. At least until something shiny distracts her long enough to forget she remembered.

Marlin: What did it say? What did the mask say?
Dory: P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.
Dory: I remembered what it said! I usually forget things, but I remembered it that time! P. Sherman, 4…
Marlin: Wait! What does that mean?
Dory: I don't know. But who cares! Ha ha! I remembered! P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered it again!
— Dory from Finding Nemo

Your green is quite possibly the most outgoing dragon on all of Pern. She likes everyone, wants to be friends with everyone, has no qualms talking to everyone. She's one of those very rare dragons that truly have no issues bespeaking others. More so if they are someone close to you, Ryni. The only reason she doesn't go up to random humans and start talking is out of respect for her bond with you. Though with her love of chatting with people, she loves talking to those without dragons even more. If only a quick, small comment. Mainly because those without dragons always react so hysterically to words appearing in their minds! Random jumping around and searching around frantically. Usislykith loves it! It'll be one of her favorite pastimes when you are not around, Ryni. Of course, as said, she'll never linger and converse with these strangers, unless she had express permission from you! She has far too much love for her riders to just chat with everyone, no matter how badly she may want too.

Now, while with people she will restrict herself, other dragons? They don't have a prayer. She will talk the metaphorical ears off of every dragon that even looks her way. Most of her conversations will probably be about you, Ryni. Since you are her favorite person ever and thus, the best possible thing to talk about. Be sure to always be discreet in anything you may want to be a secret, or reinforce, multiple times, to your Usislykith that you do not want certain things to be shared with everyone. If you do not keep telling your green what not to share, your secrets will be all over the Weyr before you know it!

Another aspect to her needless chatting is that she likes to… well. Announce things. To everyone who will listen. This will not be a trait she will do right away or really that often. Just at certain times, when something important might be going on or really if Usislykith deems it important for the entire Weyr to know.


Should you decide to take a weyrmate, have children, get a promotion, dump your weyrmate, go on vacation, take a bath, each some avian for lunch… Usislykith will make sure that all of Ista Weyr knows exactly what is going on, as long as she deems it important.

Now, as mentioned, Usislykith is a curious dragon. It causes her to go places where maybe she shouldn't, ask about things that may not be her business. But there's a good side to it as well. She always wants more because of her curiosity. She wants to DO more, SEE more, GET more! Because of this, she will demand that you and her always strive for promotions, new knots, higher positions! Wingsecond, wingleader, Weyrlingmaster, Weyrsecond! The sky is the limit and Usislykith wants it all! Maybe she's not the best dragon for a leadership position, but she'll try her best and with you by her side, Ryni, you two can do anything! It's the not power she is going for anyway, it's all about the adventure on the way!

When it comes to flights, believe it or not, a more childish Usislykith will come out. She'll always blood lightly, not wanting to be weighted down. Since the moment she becomes airborne, she'll turn into a mean, green playing machine! It's games she wants to play while all those horny boys are flying after her! Tag in particular will be a favorite of hers. Zooming ahead of the pack and then using her small body size and quick movements to fly between all the males, throwing herself bodily into one in an attempt to "tag" him. She'll do this over and over again, tagging those who wish to catch her and getting away! At least, until one actually does grab her. But luckily her small size makes that easier said than done! Easily one of the smallest greens on Pern, what she lacks in stamina she makes up for fast movements and extreme agility! So while tag is a favorite flight game of hers, there will be others she'll want to try out as well! And of course, she is always "it" until a male can catch her!


Pure sugar. That is the first thought that comes to mind the moment Usislykith bespeaks you, Ryni. She is sugar and spice and everything nice. Her mindscent is truly like cotton candy concentrate, addicting and overwhelming at points, making one wish for something sweet to nibble on with every word she says! Her colors are a bit contrary, one would expect pinks and purples, girlie colors that would make ones eyes cross, but it is quite different! Colors of nature are what swirl amidst her sugar words. Like the coloration of her hide, pale greens shadowed by darker tones of the same color. Energetic her mindcolors are, twirling and whirling in reckless abandon, so much like the dragon who represents them! With scent in hand, they reach out to embrace and call forth those whom Usislykith speaks too.

As far as her voice goes, she has a very girlish tone. High pitched at times, but never overly squeaky to the point of annoying. It's just a very youthful voice, full of awe, wonder and excitement at all she sees! She is in every way a soprano, with high notes on many words and a very sweet sounding giggle that follows much of what she says. Like the tinkling laughter of a child, her voice is as infectious as the smell!


Ryni! Welcome to the awesome that is dragonriding at Ista Weyr! We are so happy to have the amazing combo of Ryni and Usislykith! We foresee much insanity from your duo and look forward to every moment of it! The creation of Usislykith was a fun one and we hope you enjoy her as much as we enjoyed making her! Feel free to change any aspect of her personality or quirks, as she is your dragon and you are able to do want you want with her! Congrats on impressing!

Dragon Egg

Tattered Treasure Map Egg was based on the idiom (which was the egg theme, by the way!) of "X Marks The Spot". This egg and all its amazing emits were created by the fabulous X'hil!

Dragon Desc

Now, it's well known that Ixie-player cannot desc her way out of a paper bag. This is still true. However, Ixie-player has an amazing fellow Pern gamer who is amazing at descing and was thrilled to write Usislykith's description! The basis of Usislykith's colors are all natural, pale greens based loosely on this picture here: http://www.earthstreasure.com/Photo/Gemstones/Moss-Agate-Translucent_300.jpg. Her inspiration was also based off of forest sprites and will o' wisps! You can thank the amazing Rhaeyn from Harper's Tale for Usislykith's amazing desc!

Dragon's Name

Finding a name that matched with the idea behind Usislykith was not an easy thing! It took days to hammer out a name that just seemed right. Dozens of names were thrown away, changed, altered, researched until finally the right combinations were found. Usislykith was formed from the word "gunderslislik" which is another name for the mysterious Will O' Wisp. Which is a part of who Usislykith is!

As far as how to pronounce her name, I've since been saying it "Ooh - Sis - Lie -Kith". With a long U at the front. Of course, you could make the U silent and just be Sis-Lie-Kith. Others have stated they've pronounced it as "Sih - saly - kith" So it's totally up to you how you would prefer! The entirety of Usislykith's name was created by Ixie.

Inspiration / Messages

There is a whole lot that makes up Usislykith. These was a loosely based theme of "quotes" for the dragons, and in truth, there was one main quote that really brought all of Usislykith into focus. That quote was this,

"Just living is not enough" said the butterfly fairy, "one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." — Hans Christian Andersen

Faeries and pixies were a big chunk of the inspiration that made up Usislykith's inspiration. Her tinkering happiness, love of everything, constant need to talk about everything and nothing to anyone who will listen. The idea of the will o' wisp (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will-o'-the-wisp) was another interesting addition to who your green is. In particular, the symbolism around the will o' wisp. One comment stuck out the most, "Will o' the wisp sometimes has a metaphorical meaning, describing a hope or goal that leads one on but is impossible to reach". It seems to fit well with Ryni and struck a cord!

Another inspiration source was Dory form finding Nemo. The idea of a dragon that needed constant reminders and would bring up the same subject repeatedly amused the inspiration team greatly, so a bit of that awesome fish was thrown in there.

All of her inspiration and her messages were created by Ixie.


Name Just Living Is Not Enough Green Usislykith
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Ittisieth
Created By Ixie
Impressee Ryni (Shorynia)
Hatched 11 Feb 2011
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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