Let Me Tell You A Story Gold Umniyath

In flickering candle light, honey tones wash the pale hide of this golden dragon. The light caresses a path from nose back, accentuating the angular planes of her head. From her narrowed muzzle, it illuminates back along the sharp points of ridges on her lithe neck. Dusky gold shadows her shoulders, collecting on the silken hide there and deepening as it trails back until it finally showcases an antique shade along her narrow haunches. Flecks of deeper color seem to dapple her back, shading even her ridges as they slide down along her tail. Faint speckles adorn her tailspade, a repeat of the dapples on her body. Her wings are lavish in gilt adornment. They seem woven of delicate gold thread with sturdier wire gilded wingspars to support the lacy transparent membrane of her wingsails, all chased in geometric patterns. Tarnished gold are her talons, umber against the dappled gold hide on her feet and legs and so dark against her paler coloring.

Egg Name and Description

Bloody Abscess Egg
This large egg is the color of dried blood..a dark ruddy brown that glistens wetly. The color of the egg suddenly lightens in a circular pattern that makes it look as if there is a large lump under the surface. This optical illusion ends in the very center with a dribble of dull yellow color that slides towards the base of the egg and pools there menacingly. The apex of the egg fades into a light brown color the hue of freshly turned soil. Buried deep in the black Istan sand this egg sits with it's clutchmates quietly until the time for it to break shell.

Hatching Message

Very slowly momentum builds in the Bloody Abscess Egg, a twitch across the hard shell as the hatchling within fights for its freedom. Spiraling cracks for on the surface as the first hint that structural collapse is likely and soon. Flakes of shell fall, littering the dark sands beneath with only slightly ruddier tinged material as a gold hatchling is soon enough dumped out of her former abode to stand bowlegged and drag her tail through the sands.

Impression Message

Bell like laughter is the first notice given to you, ringing delicately through your mind. It slowly fades away, leaving you with just the echoes as a soft, breathy voice makes her first appearance in your consciousness. « Lisle? There you are. Why did you make me look for you?» A forlorn bell like toll, as she considers that perhaps, you weren't quite waiting for her. « Is that correct, Lisle? Were you not waiting for the stories you could tell with your Umniyath? If I must, I will leave. » Sorrow tinged, she awaits your answer.


Based on Bel Lago Winery's Pinot Grigio Ice Wine & Shehezerade - Somewhat conniving, this is a queen used to getting her way. But it's the way she manages that, that is truly breathtaking, using words and dreams to get folks to think it was their idea in the beginning. She's also going to be difficult for you to deal with, because she's got a strength of will not found in many people, much less dragons. Somehow, you'll have to temper this stubbornness. She's a dangerous one, if she can get you to listen, filled with charisma and charm that she more than knows how to use. She's infinitely charming to all dragons, although it really comes out when she's dealing with bronzes. Definitely, the one that catches her is going to be the most besotted with her and the one most willing to do her bidding. She's even quite charming to other queens, seeing no need to upset them, instead she'd rather convince them to her way of thinking, all this done with the slight sting of alcohol in base of almost too sugary sweet.

Your Umniyath will be a precocious child, into every sort of trouble that she can dream up. She's also very inventive when it comes to explaining just exactly she was up to, and you may be called to task more than once, after she tells her stories to the authority figures. From the tame wherries that came in and just happened to upset the oil barrels to the rabid tunnelsnakes that took small bites out of the herdbeast being left for dinner.

Perhaps now where else does her impish sense of humor come out, but when she may tease her clutchmates. Don't be surprised that she may have more than a few of them convinced of something outlandish, even when she knows it simply isn't true. « I told Vesukith that the hatching sands are made of itty bitty trundlebug eggs. What's better is he has to believe me. Since I'm a queen. »

While, occasionally her pranks have a touch of malice, she is truly at heart not evil. She wants to help others, although she's also a very big fan of helping herself in the process. So, while she's not completely altruistic, she's not one to ignore problems if she can fix them.

Her behavior will temper as she gets older. She won't be quite so prone to practical jokes or teasing, although she's going to continue to love a good story, whether it be her telling, or her listening to something you're telling.

While she has her regal moments, your Umniyath is not exactly the epitome of a queen. She's entirely willing to be not a leader unless she has to, content to merely follow along a path until she's forced from complaisancy into doing something, suffering the prick of her conscience.

Umniyath is not the most maternal of dragons. She'll be confused and then appalled at first, at the urge for mating flights, not really wishing for something like that to interfere with her life. Still, once she's in the skies she takes her time, needing to be wooed before she is won by the best suitor available to her at that time. And make no mistake. That is how she will think of whatever dragon wins her, despite your feelings or thoughts to the contrary.

She is moderately broody, protective enough of her eggs, although not to the extremes of some dragons in thinking that they are her treasures and that they must be guarded from candidates. She'll likely be more than happy to show off that which she has created with whatever proud papa to the weyr.

She has her fair share of quirks, your darling with one of them being her love of bells and chimes. Certainly, she's going to come to expect that you have a certain amount in your weyr so that she may listen to them. Particularly windchimes, if there is a good cross breeze that would support them. She is also quite fond of various sparkling things. A section of glass, a nice glittering rock or how your hair looks after it's just been washed. Anything that shows a good shine, she'll probably take a liking too.

Let you never question why Umniyath chose you. She noticed you from the first, somewhat diffident, as you stood on the sands, needing just the right push. She thinks the two of you admirably suited. She has a fascination with clothing and the way it changes a person. As if what you do as a weaver simply tells a different story, and every change of color or fabric adds a new nuance. She is convinced that you and she were meant to be together, to weave new stories for the weyr.


Capable of great plans and schemes is Umniyath, filled with the whirling thoughts and ideas of a born storyteller. Certain of her cleverness, she's willing to risk a lot to gain a lot, in her life. Don't be surprised if you find her weighing options before a lot of decisions and being prepared to go with one that may be filled with too much risk for you. As befits a storyteller, her voice is pleasantly modulated, a surpassingly low contralto that is, always easy on the mind and ears and carrying the faint sound of bells. Even the times it has to carry the bite and snap of anger, it will never be harsh, or screeching. She is also, always pleasant in talking with other dragons, preferring coaxing or cajoling into getting her way, rather than the outright snap of a queen that requires obeying.


Umniyath was inspired by the stories of a 1001 Arabian Nights, and the main storyteller in them, Shehezerade. The background to the story is that the Sultan where Shehezerade lived was convinced that all women were faithless, after being betrayed by his wife. So each day, he married an innocent girl and the next day he had her murdered. After three years of this, Shehezerade convinced her father, the sultan's vizar that she wished to be married to the sultan and that she had a plan to escape being killed. She asked her new made husband, if she could tell a story to her sister, Dunyazade. She proceeded to tell the story, but stopped before the finish and let her sister know that if she were still alive in the morning, she would continue the next night. The sultan, being as enamored of the story as Dunyazade was, gave Shehezerade a stay of execution so that he might hear the remainder of the story. She continued each night then to finish one story and start the next and each morning the Sultan gave her a stay of execution so that he might hear the conclusion the next day. This continued for 1001 nights, until the Sultan died. A much longer version of this can be found at http://www.ishipress.com/1001arab.htm . The name Umniyath is formed from the word umniya which means wishes or dreams come true. If I followed the Arabic pronunciation correctly, her name should be said Oona-Ath.


Name Let Me Tell You A Story Gold Umniyath
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Kalerriarth
Created By Trisana, Iason, Saelis, C'rro, Auberaan, Kathryn
Impressee Lisle
Hatched 29 October 2004
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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