Life of the Party Bronze Tzettenvonth

Deep rich bronze spills from nose to tail-tip like a frothy lager in uniformity of color made of shadows, burnished to hints of metallic aged copper. Touches of rich glossy emerald green flash in iridescent glory across the tops of his headknobs, a brief flash across his snout, a smattering trace down the arch of his neck, a flare across the curve of shoulders, and finally, tracing down the spinal length to the very tip of his tail. The eye is drawn down, to the tip of his tail, ending in pure, rich amber like the head of a really good pale ale encased in a glassy sheen of green. Nary a sharp edge to him, bulk is not his birthright but length is; full of gently rounded neckridges, to the slight rounded edges of wingspars to the soft cup of claws, grace is embodied in form.

Egg Name and Description

Butcher Knives And Brights Egg
The stark, unmitigated blackness of frame and color shades this egg one level of danger deeper and more pronounced than those about it: in a field of crocodiles, it looms a tyrannosaur, a horror of the night from a different age, archaic and foreboding. Two slashes of white, slightly oblong, are surely not the light at the end of the tunnel, but the promise of disaster yet to come. Large and luminous, it would take a teenaged boy to remark upon the similarity between them and angelic visions of female anatomy. Despite this — lightening, this subtle humor, the darkness yet threatens to overtake, advancing slowly against the light as a formidable foe, darkening as it hardens.

Hatching Message

Sure, there are other eggs doing that shimmying and shaking thing. That's all the pre-party. Luckily, Butcher Knives And Brights Egg is a pre-partier as well. Gentle vibrations run up and down the shell, sending shivers through the egg. Small little cracks start to appear, barely visible, all over the outside.

Still prepping, still getting ready. Butcher Knives And Brights Egg's shivers have gotten more extreme. Those spiderweb are more prominent, now showing clearly on the shell's surface. Straining against the being within, ready to crumble at any given moment. A breath is taken, two. Those vibrations continue, the trembling ramping more and more. Chips of the shell start to fall free, showing flashes of a hide.

For a moment there's nothing but silence. An inhalation being taken… before chaos rules. Trembling turns to full on earthqueake-esque movements. A shaking and rumbling of epic proportions causing the eggs to fall apart at the very seams! Chunks of shell now break apart, falling to the warm sands beneath it. A loud crack — BOOM — echoes and what once was the Butcher Knives And Brights Egg is no more. Instead, standing free and tall of what once was his prison is Life Is A Party Bronze Hatchling. It's alright, the party can start now, he has arrived.

Impression Message

Beer. Your mind drifts to the thought of beer. A refreshing glass, far and away from these hatching sands. Where feet no longer burn and dragonets no longer throw themselves at hapless candidates. The mind can almost taste it, the aroma of it so strong, touching on every sense. It's almost… too strong. Too overpowering. Taking away your focus and attention completely, drawing you within your own mind where you suddenly find yourself no longer along. A deep laugh resonates, humor reaching out and grabbing and molding into every mental crevasse. « So you finally noticed. » The voice is amused, good natured, slightly teasing. Candy apple green, so unlike what one might expect, flashes in rolling waves across the mindscape. « Sergius, ugh, that's far too much to say. I much prefer… S'u! Yes. That's fitting to my wingman. » Almost drunk on the mindscent, it finally fades, though the buzz remains lingering in the back of the mind. Always present, never to disappear. « You are my wingman, right? Cause I need me a best bud, and you seem exactly the type for the job. Ya can call me Tzettenvonth, by the by. How 'bout you and I blow this pop stand and join the shindig over there! » This other mind gives a mental PUSH, a shove, a friendly elbow to the gut. « C'mon, pal, we got people waiting on us. »


I wished I lived in the golden age
Giving it up on the Broadway stage
Hang with the rats and smoke cigars
Have a break with Frank and count the stars

Dressed to the nines, with hair to match
Shiny jewels, casino cash
Tapping feet, wanna take the lead
A trip back in time is all I need

I'm on my way, gonna make it big
It's really hot and a little bit sour
We're getting your strength to maximum power

— The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - "The Golden Age"

There are those that are born as true leaders. With the girth and might of a thousand dragons to rule their Weyr with a clenched taloned grasp! Those rule through sheer grit, sheer determination, sheer will and dominance over those who are considered weak… and then there's Tzettenvonth. He has little need for bullying others to do as he wishes. Using strength and fear is not his way to get what he is seeking. All that leads to is having the power with none of the respect. What Tzettenvonth wants is all of the above, though he does not wish to step on others to get it.


Tzettenvonth is a people's dragon, a dragon's dragon. He is truly only happy when he is surrounded by others. Be they human or draconic, it matters little, because company is company! The days of being on your own are long gone, Sergius. Don't expect days where it's just you and your dragon, boy and beast, alone and taking on the world. Those won't happen. And if they do, they will be a very rare occurrence so cherish them for what they are. This isn't to say that Tzettenvonth doesn't find your company appealing, S'u. He does! You're his main man, his best bud. Even more so, you are his one and only wingman. In more ways than one. Through any adventure, any move that Tzettenvonth wishes to take, you will be the first person he consults. It'll just be a consultation amidst a few close friends, family, maybe all those people at the Sable Sands drinking. Hey! There's some Western Weyr folk, they can come too! He just has this desire to always be around others. He thrives in the middle of a party, it's his place, where he's meant to be.

Alas, Tzettenvonth is an early riser. For all the partying he does, he doesn't need as much sleep as one might think. He can stay up to crazy hours, talking with other dragons, interjecting thoughts to you, get only a few candlemarks of sleep and be up with a gusto the next morning! No time to be lazy, no time for you to sleep. It's up and let's go! There are people out there, stuff to do, and sleeping is getting in the way of all of that. Meet your new alarm clock, S'u, his name is Tzettenvonth. He will be on your case, morning after morning, to wake up. If you are the type to enjoy sleeping in, lounging on your cot… well. That's over. Your bronze will be on your case the moment he's awake, harassing you to awaken as well. This will be a bit more obnoxious in weyrlinghood, when he is entirely dependent on you for his day to day survival. When he gets older, you both get a weyr of your own, he'll feel more free to just take off in the morning while mentally harassing you. There will be a number of times, however, where you may wake up, find Tzettenvonth gone… and more or less be stuck on your ledge until the bronze beast decides to come get you. Needless to say, he'll find these times /hilarious/! Making you stay on your ledge longer just to get a point across.

Tzettenvonth has a sharp mind. He has the normal memory span of most dragons, relying on you for some information as is usual for dragons. Though he's got a certain wit about him that's different. While he's not a genius of a dragon, he could still be considered smart. Just not exactly book smart. He has street smarts, however. He can assess a situation quickly, seeing an issue is about to explode and be the first one trying to rectify it before anything bad can happen. Because of this innate ability, he'll have a… quirk of sorts. Being able to tell in some way special to him when a female dragon is about to rise. Perhaps it is something in their scent, something in their body language, or something that is just wholly Tzettenvonth. Either way, your dragon will be able to gauge about when a dragon will go proddy. Whether to fly those females or not will be a constant question he will ask you.

« Nziekilth is due to rise soon. »
"H… how do you KNOW these things?"
« That doesn't matter. What does matter is… do you think I should chase her when she rises? »
"Uh… sure? Won't you anyway, y'know, stuck in proddy lust and all that?"
« Which is why we're talking about this now! I gotta know if I'd regret it or not! »

For the most part, Tzettenvonth will chase. Green or gold, it matters little to him. What is a mating flight but another kind of party? True, the mating flight was basically just a huge sausage-fest, but that's okay! Hanging out with other dudes is cool. And hey, there's a girl and you're all chasing her! So it's like this awesome game where everyone's hormones are all crazy and honestly… it's a good time. Tzettenvonth won't be the type to take an early lead in mating flights. He'll stay in the middle of the pack, figuring out ways to win, who to jump in front of, that sort of thing. He'll have his fair share of wins, his fair share of loses. Each time will be amusing though!

It was mentioned earlier that Tzettenvonth is not one to use strength to get his way. He's not exactly a muscular dragon to begin with as it is. He's a leaner bronze, all long legs and tail, lengthened body. While he's not the bony type, he just doesn't hold a lot of girth. Diplomacy runs thick through this bronze dragon's ichor. His way with words, his easy going demeanor, his sharp wit, and his overall friendly disposition all work into how easily he can work with others. Other beings flock to your dragon, they WANT to be around him. He has the ability to adapt to any situation, to become what anyone needs him to become. It is one of those things that marks him as a future leader. While Tzettenvonth won't deliberately climb those steps to positions of power, he will naturally just fall in them. His mild mannered temperament does well to help you, S'u, keep your cool as well. Should you be sent out to a Hold, Hall, or another Weyr to do business, but sure to keep your dragon close in mind. He will be as much your rock as you are his.

A lot of things just roll off of Tzettenvonth. He has no use for those bully type dragons (and people!), more so he cares little for what they have to say. This is a dragon who /knows/ how awesome he is. How amazing! He has self-confidence oozing out of his scales. This bronze can charm the pants off of the most strictest of Lady Holder with nary a wink of his lidded eyes and a cheeky little rumble. He has no qualms using this charm on any and everybody. No one is exempt. Let's face it. He's awesome. And others need to also know how awesome he is. Some might call this trait conceited, but Tzettenvonth does not come off in a way that makes him really SEEM that way. Again, that crazy way of words he has. He's just stating fact. He's a cool dude. Everyone should just totally be friends with him.

Expect a lot from your dragon, S'u, cause he expects a lot from you. While he may not have exact ambitions to attain positions of authority, he will still try for them if only because those positions require him to be in the limelight. And Tzettenvonth loves the limelight. Your days of loafing around are coming to an end, because with every morning that passes, Tzettenvonth will find more and more to keep the two of you busy. People to visit, parties to plan, events to go too! If something is happening anywhere on Pern, you can best that your bronze will demand that you and him will be there as well. After all, it's not a real party unless Tzettenvonth is there.


The subtle aromas of malted barley, hops and yeast, all coming together with only the purest of water. Allowed to sit and combine for days on end… this is what consists of Tzettenvonth's mind scent. He is a beer man, through and through. No interest in those top shelf liquors or hoity toity wines. Truly, it is an intoxicating smell, that at first may seem like too much. But the more one listens to Tzettenvonth speak, the more they come to crave his mind scent, tantalizing the taste buds. It's an acquired aroma, to be sure, you need to talk with him more than once to really appreciate it.

There is always a lingering chill to his mental presence. Like a well frosted mug left alone in an icebox. It's not cold in a bad way, but instead more like that first breath on the first night of a frost. Where you take a deep breath into your lungs and the very air almost freezes on it's way in. That bite to the air that just feels like one is alive. His voice is deep, resonating, it flows through the mind easily. He's got a soothing tone, the type that everyone likes to listen too. Tzettenvonth does enjoy to shorten words where he can. Not because he's too lazy to say something straight out, but more so cause it just sounds so much cooler when words are mushed together and shortened. Makes him sound less pretentious, only furthering how not conceited he is. Words like 'you' will be become 'ya'. Your will be yer. Not so much can be combined to be n'somuch. So on and so forth! It's just how he prefers to talk. Helps keep the conversation flowing, in his opinion!

Greens are his mind color of preference, in particular a candy apple green (which can be seen here: He'll default to this color for most of the time, the colors rolling like gentle swells on the water. Though when he gets angry, it'll turn darker, more choppy. Like violent waves crashing upon the rocks, foaming dark, green anger!


Sergius! S'u! Welcome to dragonriding at Ista Weyr! We are so happy to have you as full time members of the Weyr! Everyone is looking forward to the parties that you and Tzettenvonth will throw! Tzettenvonth was mainly created by Ixie, with a some outside help from a good friend of Ixie's from a different game! We hope you come to adore your new bronze dragon as much as we all do! Remember! He is yours through and through, so feel free to use all of his tips, none of his tips, or only parts. Whatever makes you happy!

Butcher Knives And Brights Egg was based on the Scary Story / Urban Legend of The Highbeams (also known as Man In The Backseat). You can find the story here: It was created by Ixie!

Dragon Desc
Tzettenvonth description was written with a lot of outside help, since Ixie-player is all forms of awful at desc'ing. His appearance is based off of beer, and in particular, Heineken beer! He's all length and rounded, based off of a beer bottle. His coloration is based off deeper, darker lagers, with the green shinning through due to Heineken's very well known green bottles (

Dragon's Name
Tzettenvonth's name is a combination of two key phrases that felt appropriate to his personality. You stated you wanted some sort of meaning, and Ixie is truly a Dragon Meaning Whore. So we took these two phrases: 'Live For Today. Plan for Tomorrow. Party Tonight' and 'Going Out To Party', tweaked them into Dutch, which is the type of beer that Heineken is and got 'Leef voor Vandaag. Plan voor Morgen. Partij vanavond.' and 'De bloemetjes buitenzetten.'. With some rearranging, word smashing, and reorganization… Tzettenvonth was created! It can be said in a few different ways, though Ixie has been saying it as - T'zet - ten - vonth - Feel free to say it different though, as he is your dragon to do as you will!

Inspiration / Messages
Tzettenvonth, in all his life of the party ways, was written entirely by Ixie. He's based heavily off of a Heineken Commerical that has gone quite viral. You can see it here:

The main man in this commercial embodies EVERYTHING that Tzettenvonth is. He is the man who is friends with everyone. He adapts to all situations. Using his charm and charisma to boost him forward in life. He can talk his way out of almost anything. He'll be a diplomatic genius, being able to soothe the angers of many a Holder, Crafter, or other Weyr resident.

He truly is the Life Of The Party.


Name Life of the Party Bronze Tzettenvonth
Dam Gold Nziekilth
Sire Bronze Ittisieth
Created By Ixie
Impressee S'u (Sergius)
Hatched September 23, 2011
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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