Hiding from the World Brown Tuliculath

Physically this brown is long for his colour, though quite well proportioned. Everything is long and slender, from his almost delicate head and long neck to his fit body, slender legs, and his tapered tail. Natural hued browns attempt to cloak this large dragon, to hide him, mottled in a pattern vaguely reminiscent of forest camouflage. Crisp browns, the colour of autumn leaves, settle on his head and neck, drifting down to his body. Here he takes on a darker shade of brown, in such markings as to make the smooth skin look rough. Towards his legs the colour gets lighter slightly, with odd spots of green here and there on his feet, like tiny blades of grass.

Egg Name and Description

Journey to the Mountain Egg
At the base of this bulging egg is a thin ribbon of blue threading its way across the shell. It passes underneath a little squareish structure, some kind of small hold by a river perhaps. About the next third of the egg's shell is covered in trees with a rough path running up the center. From there the forest seems to make way for stone and caves, great big caves in comparison to the tiny hold at the base. The tip of this egg seems to have a texture that looks almost mountainous, quite a contrast to the watery base.

Hatching Message

Journey to the Mountain Egg is crumbling rapidly now, pieces of shell falling to the sands like an avalanche, or perhaps more like the tumbling of rocks down a mountain. Then, with a resounding cry of 'I'm not ready!', the lanky brown hatchling tumbles out, hiding behind his own wing.

Impression Message

A sudden anxiousness invades your mind, but it isn't your own. You hear whispers of « Will he like me? » and your vision of the sands grows hazy, overlaid with the appearance of being on a mountain top. A deep rumble begins, long and low, emanating from the very mountain beneath your feet, eventually resolving itself into words. « Ma'deske, » comes the deep gravelly voice, « May I hunt now? » and there, on the sands before you, is that long brown hatchling. The dragon doesn't state his name, yet for some reason he doesn't need to, you can /feel/ it from his mind. He is Tuliculath, yours now and forever. And he is hungry.


At first Tuliculath may seem overly shy, but it won't be long before this shyness is revealed as caution. He wishes only to protect those closest to him, whether from themselves or from others. He's quick to stand up for his friends, but equally quick to point out when they're doing something unnecessarily dangerous, such as overworking themselves, or taking stupid risks. « You're checking those straps before you get them near me, Ma'deske! You might fall off, and then where would I be? »

Once Tuliculath can hunt for himself, something he'll be eagerly looking forward to from his very first meal, he will really come into his own. He'll have a few hiccups in learning to hunt, just like any other dragon, but once he gets past these, he'll soon learn to be an efficient hunter. Whether he's hunting to eat, or hunting to blood before a flight, he'll always pick the exact number of beasts to satisfy his needs, no more, and he'll do his best to grant them quick deaths. He'll never be greedy, at least, not when it comes to food. And, if he /does/ hunt more than he can eat, as he no doubt will in those early days, he'll gladly share, with his fellow weyrlings, other dragons, or even firelizards. He may even try to share his kill with you. « I can't eat all of this. Want some? »

Usually, however, Tuliculath will offer to share his precious kill with greens, occasionally golds. He thinks that they would like nothing more than a freshly killed half-eaten herdbeast as a token of his affection, though they might have other opinions. He finds other ways to express his feelings, however, as it would be terribly wasteful to kill a herdbeast every time. Flights will be something to be enjoyed, the female to be watched and hunted as carefully as he hunts his dinner, with efficient motions, not a bit of energy wasted. His large size will not help him catch any of those agile greens, so he will have to find other ways to win. Endurance will be favoured, as well as conserving energy. After a loss, he will evaluate his performance, and resolve to improve for next time, if he remembers. « Did you see how much energy I wasted trying to outmaneuver her? No, that won't do. »


Tuliculath has a bold, loud, and perhaps even clumsy mental touch. He seems to favour images of stone and mountain, sending images of avalanches of boulders tumbling down mountains when he gets upset. When he is in a happier frame of mind, his images drift instead to the forests at the base of the mountain, and when he seems to want something - to hunger for it, so to speak - the images turn to the game creatures of the forest, and the beasts of the feeding pens, with a predator's eye. His 'voice' is deep and gravelly when he's unsure, and loud and booming when he is confident. When he's flirting, his voice takes on a smoother, somehow even deeper, tone.

While in the shell, he wished to seek out a partner upon the sands, though he feared that he would not be understood, so he wished to remain hidden. In this, the egg was a help and not a hindrance, but he realised he couldn't hide behind shell forever. And so, Tuliculath chose YOU, Mahdemaske, his Ma'deske, to try to hide behind until he is grown. He has entrusted you with the task of bringing him 'out of his shell', for, although he's hatched and impressed, he still tries to hide behind a different kind of shell. But, this too can be cracked. Indeed, you may be surprised at how quickly he sheds his second shell.


Your Tuliculath is based on Tsul 'Kalu, who serves the role of "the great lord of the game" in Cherokee mythology. The wikipedia article (search "Tsul 'Kalu") says, 'The tale is one of the best known Cherokee legends and was recorded by Europeans as early as 1823, often using the spelling, Tuli cula' and that is where his name (Tuliculath) came from. The clutch theme was gods, and the eggs were based on myths. Tuliculath was created by Leona.

Tuliculath's egg was based on Tsul 'Kalu's journey in http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Legends/TheSlant-eyedGiant-Cherokee.html - from the hut by the river at the base of the egg, to the caves in the mountain at the tip. Some of his touch poses also referred to the myth, particularly the third one, which referred to the later part of the myth, 'They fasted the first day and the second and every day until the seventh-all but one man from another settlement, who slipped out every night when it was dark to get something to eat and slipped in again when no one was watching' - this is the man seperate, in the third touch.


Name Hiding from the World Brown Tuliculath
Dam Gold Teloriith
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Leona
Impressee Ma'deske (Mahdemoske)
Hatched 2 February 2007
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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