Dashing Pirate King Brown Trellazoth

The golden-brown glory of sunset is shattered by stormy waves incarnated in a cumbrous dragon, rough tempests scattering embers across a sea of hind in a riot of boasting brightness. Deeper hued flecks fall over his neck, drifting to brassy-brown flares that crowd the sharply spiked 'ridges along his thick neck and almost compete with the unique twist of birch and hay that encompasses his headknobs in an eccentric crown. Darker wingbones span upwards like a ship's sturdy twin masts from which fall the membranes as intricately woven rope netting floating over an undercurrent of brandy. Dashing muscle-bound limbs end in elusive highlights of blue on talons glinting with a dangerous hint of steel — somewhat undermined by a belly that seems a tad padded under its armour of chaotic shades.

Egg Name and Description

Voom Egg
Not everyone knows,
But the question does loom
What on Pern does it mean
When an egg has got Voom?

Hatching Message

Voom egg shakes, and voom egg quakes.
And with that warning Voom Egg breaks!!
Egg goo covers everthing,
as out he tumbles, the Pirate King!

Impression Message

The cries of the watchers from the galleries suddenly fade into nothingness, replaced by one realisation, perfectly simple and whole in its completeness. You are perfect. Wonderful. Infinitely no wait. Thats not you. Someone else is thinking that. A mind explodes into your own, taking it over with a crash of cymbals and the flaring of brightly shining fireworks that leave spots in your mind as they fade. » Bryce! Never fear! I am here! I will never leave you! « Theres an overwhelming confidence, warming you even more than the sands. Its so overwhelming that its almost impossible to notice that youre lying on the black surface of the hatching grounds, while a rather wet muzzle prods and pokes in rather curious places. Underneath it all, theres a drizzle of rose water, a hint of vulnerability as delicate as the moist air of a rainforest. But here, now, youve been flattened, and a loud voice drowns out the gentle sweetness. » Ooooof! Are you okay? I am Trellazoth. Youre mine, buddy! Arrrr! «


Bright and dashing, this brown loves to be the centre of attention. He craves the limelight, and will throw himself into the strangest situations in order to turn all eyes to him. Hurrah for the pirate king!

That said, he is utterly convinced that he's the most sly, most intelligent, most stealthily moving creature this side of Pern. He'll trumpet his happiness as he stalks when hunting. » She's proddy! I'm going to charm her! « He'll announce so loudly to his lifemate that the green in question would be mind-deaf not to hear. Perhaps, it's because of his unconscious desire to make himself noticed. Perhaps, he was dropped on his head when in shell. But despite his prior-conceptions about how subtle he is, he's just about as obvious as a hungry wher at a Lord's head table. Nothing, unfortunately, will convince him otherwise. No matter what the evidence may be.

And not only is he all the above, but he's also convinced that he's a rouge. He's just /soooo/ bad, he thinks. He's the dragon who was voted out of his weyrling clutch as Most Likely To Invent The First Alcoholic Drink For Dragons. He's sure that he's a hit with the ladies, and flirts with anything that's got the slightest taint of green or gold. He'll try and cheat the other males, at the same time as boasting at them and telling them jokes. And all this, he does because he's a rogue, and he thinks that it's expected of him.

That said, this brightly hued dragon isn't quite as thick skinned as he appears to be. Deep inside, he likes romance stories with a happy ending. He'll rescue those who need it » Only because she was good looking… « He tries to hide it, but he's the type of guy who should always have a tissue on hand. That's right. He's soppy. Argh. But wild wherries couldn't pull that secret out of him, even though he's baling loudly as Julieth and Romeoth are reunited. » That's so sweet — I mean, uh, I'm upset that she's making the mistake of not letting me win. Yeah. That's it. Awww. Look at them! I mean *cough* ahem, lets go and talk up Goodlookinth. «

He likes /any/ situation. Water, land, or sky, he thinks he looks good, and he's going to make the most of it. He'll even try and do the sexy hind-wiggle as he walks to try and impress all the girls. The sun, though, is a favourite because it highlights the shade of his hind, while he's enjoying having his blood warmed. Look good, and feel good. That's his kind of thing.

Its so sweet to see a modesty equal to his own, and well, the happy ending of a poor abused bystander being pounced by /him/ was too much to resist. At least thats what he thinks. Something in Bryce called to him, and he might not know it, but he needs someone wholl understand his tender sweet side without comment after all, were trying to pretend its not there, no?

GROWING UP: He is graceful! He is amazing! He could fly rings around anyone else! At least, that's what he thinks. This dragon is going to spend his early weyrlinghood with the usual amount of clumsiness, but he'll never admit it. » I meant to do that! Ha! I bet no one else could do that! « (Well. He's right. It's hard for dragons to do somersaults, with all those limbs.) His first flight will be rather clumsy, but to hear him talk, he is the best thing in the skies since… well… no, he's the best. It's not that he's got a big ego. Honestly. It's just that he really, truely believes it. And he'll try to be modest about it, but never actually pulls it off.


Trellazoth has a low, rumbling mind voice. Soft and gravelly yet somewhat reassuring. Always there in the background of happy times is the clashing of cymbals, and the rush of water against the shore all rolled up with bright sparks of yellows and reds. A delicate rose watery scent breaks through in times of extreme happiness, his usual scent being of the salt sea air. Should anger arise so does the sea, the waves of his mind crash angrilly onto the shore and the cymbals smash and jar, a cacophany of noise. His voice grows deeper yet, taking on the booming of cannons as the delicate sea scent gives way to fireworks and burning.



Name Dashing Pirate King Brown Trellazoth
Dam Gold Llysereth
Sire Bronze Zymanth
Created By R'yn and Lymera
Impressee Br'ce (Bryce)
Hatched 13 October 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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