Bouncing Ball of Brown Tirigeth

The orange-tinged hues of ochre are prevalent upon this average-sized brown's hide, whether its on his full chest or his long slender tail, cloaking him from head to toe. Yet, starting at his rather short, but quite round muzzle, auburn begins to intermingle, stretching outwards, over his face, sweeping in uneven bands around his neck, before is sweeping down his back - on-again, off-again - all the way to the backside of his haunches. Yet, not even his tail is free, but its there that the auburn highlights fall into a pattern, even bands cascading to the tip of his tail. Hues of burnt umber and rust are aligned down his back, the same hues briefly dusting each of his short, round headknobs, while complimenting it is a smooth sienna long the line of his stomach, between each muscled limb. Wings are well-sized for his body, perhaps a bit large even, while tawny sails are supported by russet spars, the supports shifting to russet at the wingtips.

Egg Name and Description

Explosions of Sparkles Egg
There is a smooth backdrop of darkness - a deep navy rather than pure ebony - flowing around upon itself until any hue of cream-colored shell is lost to the abyss. And yet, despite the darkness, there is light. Originating from various points upon the smooth curve, sparkles of colors shoot outwards - reds and yellows overlapping the blues and purples. Green and orange, and even a undyed white spring up as well, radiating outwards to create a spectacular array of colors, a rainbow against the backdrop of the sky.

Hatching Message

Explosions of Sparkles Egg can take no more, as its pushed apart by the new life within, separating the shell every which way, leaving in its place a brown dragonet.

Impression Message

Suddenly, your mind is *pounced!* and every thought is wrapped in fuzzy warmth, orange and rust cheerfully pressings against your very being. « Ponce! » It calls certainly « Ponce! P'nce! » He shouts happily again, before there is a dizzying swirl of colors. « I'm the only one for you, and you're the only one for me! I'm youre Tirigeth, and you're my P'nce. » And then there's a rumbling sound. « But first… I'm hungry! »


The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful things!
Their tops are made out of rubber,
Their bottoms are made out of springs!
They're bouncy bouncy, bouncy bouncy,
Fun, fun, fun, fun, Fun!
The most wonderful thing about Tiggers?
Is I'm the only one!

Your Tirigeth is a very active, very hyper, and very sweet dragon. From the very beginning, he'll be friendly and outgoing with everyone - you, your fellow clutchmates, the weyrlingmaster. He'll even happily bound up to the Weyrleader or Weyrwoman to greet them properly. He'll chatter the ear off of any dragon that will listen, he'll beg to play, and it is a rare occurrence that he'll be still for any length of time.

Almost as soon as he is steady on his feet, he'll be moving around with great leaps, rather than the awkward waddle that most of his clutchmates have. Now, admittedly, this will probably cause more problems than it solves as he's likely to go crashing through anything and everything as he grows stronger without realizing it. However, he's constant jumping will guarantee that he's one of the first to figure out how to fly, and one of the quickest studies at it. After all what is flying but one giant, prolonged jump?

Tirigeth loves to play, and he always will. He'll constantly be keeping you on your toes with trying to find some new way to entertain him in the barracks, lest he decide that pushing cots and couches around the room is a totally acceptable activity - or worse, that the oil barrels roll so well! As he ages, he'll slowly begin to understand that some things aren't meant to be played with, and with a gentle reminder, he'll return to other pursuits. No matter what his age, he'll enjoy playing with other dragons, whether they are bigger or smaller than he is, nudging them here and there, and playing chasing games on the ground and in the air.

However, given his general quickness and his seeming inability to stay still for more any substantial length of time, there will often be accidents when Tirigeth is around. «Oops. » You may suddenly hear, before he's seeking you out, seeming quite guilty and downtrodden about the accident - because it will always be an accident. Now, sometimes he'll be overly curious, and other times he just needs to slow down, but he'll never intentionally hurt another dragon or person, nor purposefully cause damage to those things around him. He'll actually become quite mopey and even somewhat depressed, until he's reassured that it's okay, you aren't mad at him, and you do, in fact, still love him.

His excited nature carries over to his thoughts, with no question. Constantly on the move, he's often jumping from one thought or idea to the next, with very little indication of exactly how such a topic change was orchestrated. And thus, while one moment he may be talking about this new place he wants to visit, the next his attention is on a stick floating in the water, and then, just another minute, and he's talking about what he'll eat next.

Given how quickly his thoughts change from one thing to the next, it's no surprise that he's the master of rash decisions - decisions that are made, and then almost as quickly unmade once he realizes that he doesn't actually like how they turned out. When he's younger, he'll likely convince you to bring back one of those salad things, because Tirigeth's like salads! Of course, in reality they don't, and you'll likely be left cleaning up what was blown all over the barracks as he snorted at it.

He enjoys Flights, if only because it's a giant game of chase. As the greens and golds flee, it's his only goal to catch up with them, tag them, and then the game ends, only to start anew some other day. As a result, however, there are times where he will get too caught up in the game to give the flight an honest attempt, and end up missing out on the girl. Whether he catches or not, however, truly makes no difference to him. After the flight has come and gone, the females are just another friend to look forward to playing or chattering with later.


Tirigeth's mind is like a warm coat on a cold winters day, soft and fluffy, just enveloping you the very edge of your being. Generally, his mind is full of his cheerful eagerness, as the warm hues of oranges and golds flow uninterrupted through his thoughts, bringing with them a sense of comfort. His always talkative, always bouncy, and his thoughts constantly are going from one topic to the next, never truly staying on a single idea for long. On those rare occasions where he finds himself down or blue, his mind fades to tones of khaki and tan, lacking his usual vibrancy.


The egg theme this cycle for Crystath and Khirsath's eggs were 'Things that create rainbows.' While the other eggs were based off of things like oil, waterfalls, mirrors and even the Aurora Borealus, Explosions of Sparkles Egg was based off of a fireworks display. While not a traditional rainbow as would be produced by a prism, the overlay of the various charges can create a rainbow in its own right.

As for the dragon theme - you asked for something outgoing and generally good-natured, and what can be more outgoing than Tigger? Tigger is the tiger character from A. A. Milne's _The House at Pooh Corner_ and later installments of the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. While Tigger is nothing but outgoing, and always trying to do things for the right reason, some of the other animals in the 100 acre woods are rather wary of him and his enthusiasm.

As for the name, we will admit that there was a certain amount of amusement if we had paired 'Pounce' with 'Tiggerth'. However, we realized that while funny, its a rather obvious name. And so, with some letter rearranging we came up with his name 'Tirigeth'.



Name Bouncing Ball of Brown Tirigeth
Dam Gold Crystath
Sire Bronze Khirsath
Created By Ari
Impressee P'nce (Ponce)
Hatched 28 October 2008
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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