Haunted Hedonist Green Tiregeth

Sheer sage smoulders with hints of sunlight as it enfolds this slender dragon's form in a cloak of forest-stained brilliance, ladylike coquetry meeting a sturdy independence — but behind this graceful, flirtatious faade, however, shadows hint at an ethereal darkness that's quite out of place. Cheeky chartreuse twines itself about vivid fir green, refined hints of creamy alabaster teasing their way through the spectrum to nestle coyly among the tumult of tones - just so, you see. Rich juniper smothers her head, whispering its way around delicate headknobs and elegant muzzle, before plunging down her serpentine neck towards a narrow chest. Hints of tawny hazel mark her underbelly, exotic jade curling around those earthy tones in a refined riot, with whisperings of moonlight faintly touching her sides, fading as the glorious forest shades of her wings begin to dominate. No ladylike coyness can be found here - refinement is forgotten in an abandon of colour, intense ghostgum fighting with frosted topaz for dominance, while powerful jungle tones streak along near translucent wingsails. The magnificence of her splendid wings fades slowly as verdant emerald stains her dainty haunches, ingrained with pale coral swirls, overlaid with richly tinctured moss. Malachite mixes with pale porcelain and insubstantial starlight down the length of her ladylike tail, reminiscent of those glorious wings.

Egg Name and Description

Ring a Ring of Roses Egg

Hatching Message

Ring a Ring of Roses Egg shivers, then shudders, widening cracks running along its shell with a force that cannot be halted, no matter how hard one might try. The inevitable takes place, and flames lick up over the dancing figures to consume them completely, the eggshell crumbling as all is devoured. From destruction, however, new life must always arise, and the last shards fall away to reveal the one within: Haunted Hedonist Green Dragonet.

Impression Message





Name Haunted Hedonist Green Tiregeth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By
Impressee J'ey (Jeremy)
Hatched 21 April 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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