Luck Be a Lady Gold Teloriith

Some women are born beautiful, take this lucky lady for example. Broad faced with wide eyes and highly arched brow ridges, this dragon's expression has an air of the feline, haughty, sweet or disinterested as her mood dictates. Over her delicate frame lays a hide of rich, dark gold, the color of honey in a jar, mottled here and there with swirls and fingers of amber and orangy russet delving into bronze range. This mixture of hues is particularly intense over her chiseled muzzle and graceful neck, so intense that it seems as if the areas had been set alight with golden flames, only to be tamped into coals of deep, molten bronze at the expanse of her shoulders. Rising from those shoulders are tawny ailerons supporting wingsails that look like a patchwork quilt of orange-gold, copper bronze and dark brown, each tint feathering only slightly into the next with little real blending in between. These splotches lighten considerably to spread all across her back and down her muscular haunches in a faint calico pattern, ending in a series of barely visible rings around her tail with a final tip of mahogany at its tailspade. Talons of antique ivory add the perfect finishing touch to this exquisite queen.

Egg Name and Description

Oldest Established Egg
Dark mahogany sweeps over the basis of this egg, dark and rich, lit up here and there by streaks of near gold. Smooth shapes of green are spaced along the surface, with spots of blue, and red, like chips scattered haphazardly across them. The whole scene seems rather rushed, as if it was thrown together at the last moment, but that can disappear at just a moment's notice with ease.

Hatching Message

Where's the action? Where's the game? The Oldest Established Egg is now ready to answer that. The game has been in this shell all along. From complete stillness, the ovoid suddenly leaps into action, rocking and reeling until the cracks on its surface become fissures. Fissures then become gaping holes and gaping holes become nothing at all. Luck Be a Lady Gold Hatchling rolls out of the remnants and to its feet like a weighted dice from the hand of an expert crapshooter.

Impression Message

Lights. That's the first thing you notice. Glimmering lights flickering on the edges of your vision that has nothing to do with the hatching all around you. Starlight? In a cavern? Then the sound touches your mind, a soft rattling followed by a sensation of contendedness that isn't quite your own. « At last. /There/ you are. » Comes a voice with a teasing little lilt to its tone. « You do realise you're mine now, Jeriah. Yes? » The rattling gets louder and then there's a pair of dice rolling toward you and they finally land before you settling on snake eyes. The dice start to spin and whirl around until they seem to turn into the multifaceted eyes of the dragon that now stands before you with her head tilted. « I <name> am your lady luck, your constant companion. All these games have made me rather hungry, shall we go off and dine together?»


When she is young she is easily distracted and playful, taken to whims of fancy. Starting on one game before an insect or ball of string distracts her. Prone to hyper spurts of activity and a voracious hunger, interspersed by long naps. Awkward and gangly in her youth, not caring if she trips, only to get up and get going again.

As she gets older she becomes her true self, elegent and graceful. Should she trip she would pick herself up and act like nothing ever happened. In her young adult life you will find her true will starting to form. Still enjoying bouts of playfulness but only with her lifemate, encouraging her to do the same. To take time out for some fun before getting back to the business of watching over her lifemate and things around her. She keeps a close eye on things around her, never missing a chance to pounce upon any given opportunity.

When it comes to mating, watch out. She will be a feisty Queen cat. Affectionate and overly friendly while is proddy, letting her tail dance for any watching male, but when it comes to the flight she will be a hell cat. All hisses and anger. Only the strongest and quickest male will be able to take her. When it comes to her clutch she will be fiercely protective, needing encouragement to allow the candidates on the sands. Though when it is time she will release them to their new 'owners', but she will watch them from a distance.


The mind is based off a playful feline


The egg was described by L'ton. A virtual 'lady luck' based off the musical Guys and Gals. The dragon was created by Franses and Lisle based in part off Lady luck and your own cat Telori. I hope she brings you luck.


Name Luck Be a Lady Gold Teloriith
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Nemmenth
Created By L'ton, Franses, and Lisle
Impressee Jeriah
Hatched 28 May 2006
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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