Lady of Fire Green Tejath

Blockier than normal, this jade green dragon still retains a powerful presence despite her caricatured appearance. Her muzzle is slightly elongated with a short low-slung jaw line squaring off her snout. Sweeping back along the ridge of her muzzle two small furrows lead up to a pair of deep-set eyes, evening off as they reach squat headknobs. Her body is squat and solid, the hide pitted like an old statue, uneven patches of malachite giving her an almost cracked appearance across well muscled legs. Her belly is a paler jade, the same colour echoed in her translucent sails, encrusted with a thin line of dirt that will never wash off.

Egg Name and Description

Fire and Fur Egg
Blackened ash forms the base of this ovoid, before streaks of red emerge to flare up over the surface like flames lapping up around the base of a cooking fire. The fiery waves climb higher in a pattern reminiscent of a large clump of straggly hair. The sweltering colour starts to wash out into lighter yellows as the strands climb higher, finally climaxing at the top in a tawny brown with a single ragged black scorch similar in shape to a bite mark.

Hatching Message

With one final violent movement the surface of Fire and Fur Egg gives in and splits from top to bottom as its occupant explodes outward in a flurry of flailing wings and limbs. Carving a deep furrow into the sand on its exit the hatchling practically buries itself before it comes to a tangled halt on the hot sands.

Impression Message

A loud rumble of hunger rises up from your belly as Lady of Fire Green Hatchling looks across the sands at you. A massive roar explodes in your head before slowly subsiding into a dull rumble as a voice proclaims. « You there, you are mine now. Feed me. » The rumbling continues as she gets up and stalks across the sands towards you. She doesn't even pause as she butts you hard with the side of her head. « Hurry now, I'm hungry and you don't want me to get angry. Oh and Aisling if you must call me anything it's Tejath. »


Some people say that first impressions last, and to the outsider Tejath looks to be a perfect bundle of fun loving energy. Unfortunately her attitude to life is easy - she's the one and only, you are her possession, and everything else is inconsequential unless it can serve some purpose to her. She will quickly show just how bossy she is with her early demands, and woe betide anyone, you included, who doesn't do exactly what she wants when she wants. So long as everything is going her way she'll be the perfect companion, lovingly affectionate and boisterous in an almost childish way.

She loves attention and will start to get grumpy if someone is upstaging her, even going so far as to sabotage that person back into their rightful place. Whether that be something physical like tripping them up or knocking something over to take away their limelight or disparaging remarks to draw attention to the individuals own faults. Some of her attempts to bring herself to the forefront of attention will be overly dramatic in nature and unfortunately she is likely to be too self-centred to even notice that her theatrics may cause offence or hurt to others.

Feeding is going to be a messy time as she is likely to try and gorge on the more delicate insides rather than the tough outer meat of the herdbeast. If she manages to stuff herself she'll try, in a rare sign of generosity, to share the remains of her kill with you, how pleasant and probably upset she'll be if you refuse.

Flying will be an awkward arrangement to begin with, her playful pouncing making her an expert in the traditional short hops and glides. It will take a little while before the concept of flapping her wings takes hold properly in her head, but once she is airborne it'll become much more natural and she'll start trying her tumbles and pounces in the air.

When it comes time for her to rise she is likely to be a royal pain. For her it is her ultimate time in the limelight, she'll preen and groom where all the males can see her, brushing them off at every turn until deems she has enough of an audience to merit her taking to the skies in her grand performance. She'll dance her way through the air, leading her pursuers into each other if she can, tumbling back through their ranks in an untouchable barrage of twists and turns while she uses her pursuers for footholds to leap back free of the pack again. Those who don't end up colliding with their fellow chasers are likely to start getting very frustrated with her as she dodges playfully out of reach of each attempt to catch her until she either gets bored with her playing or decides that someone has stroked her ego sufficiently to merit her attentions.

Her basic personality of undying if possessive affection and her demanding nature will become evident early on in weyrlinghood. It will be hard to not let her just walk all over you, a very firm hand will be needed to tame her egotistical arrogance or at the very minimum to temper it to more acceptable limits, just don't let your guard down or you might feel the full force of her roar.


Tejath's mind touch is very firm and strong; you'll always know when she is speaking to you by the throaty rumbling that accompanies her thoughts. Generally her thoughts will be very clear and precise, a commanding presence with such self assured confidence that it will be hard not to obey her every whim. Her touch in private is likely to be gentler, actually showing the deep-rooted love she has for her favourite plaything. When her anger has risen however that rumbling undercurrent will rise to a deep-throated roar capable of drowning almost everything else out. Her possessiveness means that her throaty rumbling will almost always be purring away on the edge of your consciousness.


The theme for this clutch was the Zodiac. Tejath is based on Leo one of the fire signs and it's association with lions. She is based on the personality traits that are typical for Leos with a higher emphasis on the more demanding side of things which I hope will fit more with your request for a not so fluffy dragon. The more physical aspects I have merged with the behaviours of a lioness, one of the most adept hunters in the world today. The name Tejath has come from Tejas, which is the Sanskrit for fire. I have tried to present enough ideas that you will be able to work from to develop Tejath and temper her against your experiences together. Finally though, feel free to change anything to better suit you as a player. Thanks for giving me the chance to write her. C'nor.


Name Lady of Fire Green Tejath
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By C'nor
Impressee Aisling
Hatched 29 June 2008
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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