Forcing the City Gates Green Tavissath

Forcing The City Gates Green Hatchling
Triumphant energy casts narrow sails above and beyond the rest, a grand wingspan of dew-sprinkled sage. Lean and lithe, the lines of her frame follow those of her wings: her neck is slight, but long, making her svelt chest look almost boxy in comparison. The faintest outlines of graceful ribs carry back to celedon-cloaked hindquarters, blessed with a long tail of mojito-crushed mint and tipped with a tailspade of brilliant iced lime. Bright colors, to match the flight of fancy that is the deft arch of her eyeridges, the flashing glory of her eyes: a delicate wraith of a dragon, she is, of boundless recklessness tempered by the unseen wisdom of an ageless soul.

Haphazard Chaos Egg


A very loud egg indeed! The surface of this egg is covered with odd shapes of all different sizes and colors, layered upon each other as if they were just strewn on there by a careless painter. It's confusing and haphazard, and makes it impossible to see the color of the egg's surface. However, through it all, there's a definite pathway. A silver line stretches through the chaos, letting one find the path from the top of the egg to the bottom of it, and then from one side to the other. The pathway loops and twists about itself over and over…far more complicated than it needs to be.

MT-1: Hyperactive Spin turns and snaps its way around the edges of your mind. It seems to twirl and spin around you, looking at you from far away, as if not sure where to begin, but at the same time, eager to start. You can feel the energy humming around you, hyperactive and bouncy, but just out of your reach, filling you with the same kind of exhilaration.
MT-2: Hyperactive Spin spins closer and closer to you, but always just barely outside your reach. You can't quite touch the mind within, but it's near. Still examining you. Still trying to decide how best to proceed. It's shy…but at the same time quite eager to press forward, to find out more about you.
MT-3: Hyperactive Spin suddenly dives into your subconscious like a man dives into a pool or lake, with a kind of eagerness that might surprise you. It spins happily — and hyperly! — through your thoughts, taking them all in for one brief moment. And then something else comes down, like a silver net, as if trapping the presence. And then it fades from your mind, leaving you to your thoughts once more.

Hatching Message

Haphazard Chaos Egg no longer moves about. There is truly no need. The being inside has done what was needed to be done… for the moment. The crack grows larger with each passing moment, the one turning into hundreds, no /thousands/ of smaller ones. Covering the entirety of the shell, they spread out! A lurch of motion, not from the egg, but from the dragonet inside. -CRASH-! Egg shell turns into splinters which rain down from the sky, plinking off of other eggs and dusting the sands below. In the wake, amidst the rain, stands a dragonet, her head held high, her eyes continuously whirling. Forcing The City Gates Green Hatchling has already broken through the wall and arrived.

Impression Message

It burns. How it burns! Wait. Burns? Sure, the sands are hot, but your feet can no longer feel that. They're gone. Other candidates? Gone. All else is gone. Except the fire. The fire in your mind. It crackles and snaps, embedding embers deeper and settling, starting the slow burn until soon your entire mind thrums with the energy of licking flames. « Hasha. » The voice sears and then smolders. Laughter wells up and spills over, engulfing you in pure heat. « Oh, oooh yes! This is what I'm talking about. You feel that, Hasha? That sense of urgency, that rush! It's… it's fantastic! » Anticipation now takes over, mingling along with campfire scents wrapped in reds and oranges. « Come, come! Over there, and there, and there! So much to see and so much to do. » A cackle, a snicker! « Hah! So very, /very/ much to do! » The laughter fades, the flames die down, but the warmth remains. Will always remain. « Mmm? Who am I, you wonder? Why, I am Tavissath… and I am yours. »


We carry the flame
For all to see
The fire and the passion, of what we can be.
Sometimes we must fight,
But we never bend
The hero keeps fighting, standing tall in the end.
— "A Time For Heros" - Meatloaf

From the moment Tavissath leaves the egg and takes that first, confident step into the real world, she'll be pushing the limits. ALL the limits. The limits of her abilities, the limits of authority, the limits of your sanity. She never says die, she will never surrender.

Tavissath knows no fear and knows no bounds. She will try anything out, no matter how untested or how dangerous, she wants to do it. And more importantly, she wants to be the first. You'll find yourself quickly scaling the ladder of command, Hasha, at least if Tavissath has anything to say about it. It's not that she /wants/ so much to be in charge, she honestly couldn't care less about that. She just wants that rush, that moment where she attained something the rest of her clutch did not. The shiny edge will wear off soon enough, the feeling fading for something else, leaving you with a position you may not have wanted, but got bullied into!

There is something you desperately need to know, Hasha. Your Tavissath? Well. She's destructive. Disturbingly so. She has little respect for the make and price of things. Walls, doors, the occasional window (these can get expensive, I've heard)? They are all objects put forth to deter her from going further. Her tail, whip-like in nature, can crack and slap at any surface. Sure! It stings, but pain is only weakness leaving her body! Plus, the whip-crash can help her find a weak spot. The point at which she bum rushes whatever is in her way and shatters it with her might. The adrenaline rush that comes from it is an even better balm than the strongest fellis! During her stint as a weyrling, there will be no peace within the barracks. Tables and chairs will forever be tossed about and tipped over. Keep nothing breakable during this time, it will be ruined. Hasha will constantly need to be cleaning up the messes this destructive little green creates.

Of course, when it comes to stone, such as the older Weyrs are made from, she'll find her greatest foe! Stone does not crumble! It doesn't burn like wood can from a proper flaming. It takes on the testament of time itself. A habit she will get from the moment her green butt sits upon her stone couch to before she slips between from old age or some crazy accident… she scratches at the stone. Think of it like a cat to a scratching post. The walls, the floor, ledges, stone tables she may have access too. All will feel the might of her talons! Obviously, she can't do this long, or it'll ruin the sharp tip of her nails. As a weyrling, she'll have a few issues figuring out how long she can go about doing so until her entire talon has been ground into nothing. Have fun with that!

Tavissath will be the type of dragon to constantly try to get within the Weyr. From the moment she's allowed past the weyrling barracks, she will be on a constant vigil at the opening of the living caverns. She wants in, and she wants in bad. Doesn't matter her age, she'll always try. Sometimes she'll attempt, perhaps even succeed! Though dragon memory is such a fickle thing and a sevenday after her victory, Tavi will get that urge again to go forth and see the inside of Ista. The Weyr may need to make a few doors extra, just incase. That's right, she'll try to burst those suckers apart as well. Holds and Crafts also are a temptation, an allure that she just can't deny. Keep a strong hold on her mentally, when you two aren't on Weyr business, it's those times she lets herself wander and get into trouble!

« Hasha! »
« What is it, Tavi? I'm busy here. This holder is being a jerk. »
« /Hasha/! You should see their caverns! They have this HUGE stone fireplace in the middle of the ENTIRE room. It's great! And so elegant. Pfft. Yeah. They're lying. They totally can tithe more. »
« …how could you possibly know that? »
« The real question is, how are you going to get my rump unstuck from the entrance? »

So. Yes. Your dragon likes to break things. She likes to go where she's not allowed. Things that can be deemed "in her way" in any form will not last. Make sure you keep your future weyr nice and open, her ledge as well. No exits blocking her from you! Tavissath likes access to all things. This all may seem negative, but it makes Tavissath perfect for certain wings and certain duties. Search and Rescue is a must for you two!

I don't want to be made pacified or made comfortable. I like stuff that gets your adrenaline going.
— Kathryn Bigelow

A burning building? No problem! She'll crash headlong into that thing, with you hanging on for dear life, to rescue whoever is inside! Collapsing walls? Awesome! She'll zoom in, on spindly legs and perfect wings, save whoever needs saving, all the while laughing, LAUGHING in the face of danger!

Adrenaline junky? Oh yeah. Risk taker? That's her. The more dangerous a situation, the happier she'll be.

The thrill, believe me, is as much in the battle as in the victory.
— David Sarnoff

Your life from impression on, Hasha, will be full of one risky situation after the next. You are her partner, after all. Her other half. Perhaps the logic to her truly illogical self. You /have/ to come on all of her adventures, it's no fun going alone. Even the few times she does wander off alone, you'll get the entire mental play-by-play.

« So I took a left, but the way was just too tight. So I'm going back now, but I think I heard something crash… yep. It's crunching under my paw. Ouch! Kinda sharp. Kay! Turned around, think I broke some more tables, s'all good, I know they have spares somewhere. It's a good thing I'm small enough to do this, isn't it? Hey! I think I see you! »
« …oh Faranth. Please don't tell me that big dragon head I see is yours… please… »

Tavissath's form was MADE for the daring. High flying, small spaces, cramped corners. In the sky or underground. Yeah, there are whers to help with miners, but /she could do it too/! Don't be surprised to find yourself looking down the dark entrance of random underground caves. Tavissath yearns to know what's going on down there! What adventures there may be!

All dragons have the instinctual knowledge of the draconic hierarchy. The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader's dragons are in charge. Than it goes down the line. Tavissath is no different. She knows this, she understands and accepts this. Maybe one day she'll be closer to the top of the command ladder, maybe not. However. She will not ever stand to be talked down too. Not by any dragon, by any rider. The same goes for you, of course! As what are you, but an extension of herself. Should a bronze dragon decide to get into her face, Tavissath will strand her ground. Perhaps a blue tries to get pushy for no good reason, well she'll be having none of that! Always, always she'll have a reason, of course!

"Tavissath, what are you doing? Why are you gnawing on Ittiseith's tail?!"
« …he /mocked/ me, Hasha! Mocked. /ME/. Said I was uncouth and savage! So I'm showing him just HOW savage. By the way, when I first bit down, he squealed like a GIRL! »

Your green is not malicious, she's not mean or cruel at any rate. She's just the type to live for the moment, live for the rush. And there is no rush, none at all, quite like the rush of a mating flight. She might have a tendency to over gorge herself on blood, the delicious thrill it gives her, stalking her prey, descending on them and finishing the kill! While you may not have much of a fight on your hands as far as keeping her away from the meat, you will need to make sure you watch how many times she bloods. Closely. As stated, the thrill and the hum that courses through her veins upon sucking those beasts dry. It's just too much!

Those of us who refuse to risk and grow get swallowed up by life.
— Patty Hansen

Once she gets into the sky, Tavissath likes it fast, likes it chaotic, and likes it dangerous. She'll be a demon on wings. Circles, loop-de-loops, swirls and twirls, dodging and ducking. You green will fly as high as she possibly can go, before just /falling/ to the ground, tumbling head over tail, catching herself just in time! It'll be pure madness, but Tavissath wouldn't have it any other way. It'll take a sheer genius, a dragon cunning and stealthy to be able to snag your green. She's is truly just that good.


There is a crackling, burning sensation that tingles through your mind every time Tavissath speaks, Hasha. Your mind heats up, goes aflame, then allows a balmy breeze to cool down your overheated thoughts. She's fire on fire, dancing and licking flames continuously at your conscious and subconscious. Bold and reckless in her speech as she is in how she lives. There are no womanly scents or soft, pastel colors when Tavissath talks. She is a wildfire, barely contained, the smell of burning wood and smoldering earth permeating through every inch, every poor. Strong, vibrant reds, bright not bloody, encircle around cyclones of yellow and orange, like a living, breathing flame.

The inferno will ebb and flow, according to her mood. If Tavissath is happy enough, her mindscent and mindcolors will simply be as soothing and enjoyable as a campfire. Throw on some marshmellows, and all would be well. Though in the middle of a rescue mission, with danger all around, the intensity that is your dragon will spike to new levels, causing the sky of your mind to rain fire and the world around your subconscious to succumb to the raging pyre of debris.

She's assertive, bossy, and has no issues when it comes to raising her mind voice, or also letting loose a few dragonic noises. Trumpeting and rumbling, all sorts of noises for all sorts of moods. All this shows true in how she speaks; a woman's voice, no little girl here.



Our egg theme this cycle was, you guessed it! Board games. Your egg in particular was based off of the game Mousetrap! The wonderful A'dar writing it

You said you wanted a name that wouldn't break your brain, not too long, but perhaps a bit more on the average side for length. So we hemmed and we hawed, took things apart and put them back together and came out with Tavissath! Tavissath's name was derived from 'pelastustehtavissa' which is Finnish for the phrase "To the rescue!" It seemed appropriate! Ixie came up with her name, with help from Ysa and Korvok!

Our hatchling theme, if you haven't guess it yet, is Games Children Play. In particular, your Tavissath is based off of the game Red Rover. Her need to dive headfirst into battle, smash through walls and doors alike come from the idea of children being sent over and severing linked arms! She is and will never be one to be forced to play for the other side, cause the links stood instead of breaking. She will always, always break them.

So very much of Tavissath's personality comes from the game red rover. Her more in-you-face attitude, her need and desire to smash down all obstacles in her way. She's also based off of adrenaline junkies. That need for speed, that need for more. Something to bring an edge to Hasha's life, always going for that next risk and dragging her poor rider along with. In the mind's eye, you can almost see Tavissath being picked from the line ("Red rover, red rover, Tavissath come over!"), see her sprinting over, head lowered, ready to break the weakest point of the line! Tavissath, in all her mildly suicidal wonder, was created by Ixie.


Name Tavissath
Dam Ellamariseth
Sire Kinseth
Created By Ixie
Impressee Hasha
Hatched September 26, 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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