Royal Blue Sominath

Egg Name and Description

The Last Stand Egg
A black and gray haze envelopes this egg. Thick, and murky, it swirls around the smooth edges, circling and twisting in monochrome. It suffocates nearly all other color on the majority of the shell, sticking out against the sands like a sore thumb. At the bottom of the egg, the black turns to blue, then purple, then a bright red in quick succession. Spines of this red and orange lick around the grains that keep it firmly seated in the sands. On one side, cutting through the dull grey darkness of the edge, is a bright pale yellow light. Golden and beautiful it blots out the ugliness around it and draws the attention of anyone lucky enough to gaze upon the egg's correct side.

Mindtouch Messages

A Gentle Saving Grace
A Gentle Saving Grace floats into your mind softly. A small presence that grows to fill your consciousness. At first you feel trapped, pressed up against your own thoughts. Pressed and pressed, then suddenly youre pressed out of your own thoughts! Youre free! You feel like youre flying. You can see all of Pern! The world opens up before your eyes.

A Gentle Saving Grace comes to an abrupt stop. Theres something else here. Hot, even for the sands. The Grace pushes against it with you; a cooling breeze against the heat. Youre filled with adrenaline suddenly. The fight or flight response, and youre ready to fight! Behind you, you can feel others, getting ready for battle! They close in around you and you speed off towards the enemy, crushing them before you!

A Gentle Saving Grace rides with you, triumphant from the battle! The crowd around you seems to fall away though, and the hotness grows. Grace is suddenly pulled from you as the heat grows hotter and hotter. You can feel yourself sweating! As you go to pull your hand away, you can feel the presence burn up before you and vanish.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
The Last Stand Egg is making its last stand! Its not hatching. Nope! It wont even wiggle a little!

Crack Message
The Last Stand Egg refuses to hatch! Its going to sit here all night and not even crack!

Hatch Message
The Last Stand Egg gives a heaving sigh and then bursts outward, and pieces of shell are knocked away as the dragon inside is freed! Alright alright, its hatched already!

Hatchling Name and Description

Royal Blue Hatchling
There is something particularly noble about this well-proportioned blue, though it's hard to pinpoint just what it may be. Perhaps it's the set of his eyes or the sweep of eyeridges; maybe it's in the inquisitive cast of his muzzle or the elegant curve of his neck. More likely, it's in the rich blue of his hide, a royal shade of cobalt that's fractured with streaks of lapis lazuli. His head and headknobs are crested with a crown in that bright blue, with the brilliance weaving between his neckridges like ribbons. Those splinters of lapis lazuli grow wider along his forelegs until they terminate in claws of that selfsame hue. His latter half is strikingly different, rich hues devoured by a darkness that leaves his hindclaws hewn in ebony. His wings are as a cloak of char, a blue so dark it might as well be black and framed with charcoal. Flecks of ashen hues scatter themselves across those darkened sails and spill out over his haunches before they vanish beneath another swell of blue-tinged smoke. The smoky shades gather and deepen along the aristocratic length of his tail, choking out any hint of brightness.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
Theres a flash of heat, and the sands seem to melt away before you. They drip into a dark swirling pool of purple, then maroon, then brown. At first you think maybe youre getting dizzy. Maybe youre about to pass out from the heat, or maybe one of the hatchlings has mauled you and youre bleeding out on the sands. But no, you dont feel any pain. And the heat is gone? Youre suddenly very aware of the blue creature standing before you, looking into your eyes. And then, you hear a deep baritone voice address you. « Hello, San. I am Sominath. » It says nothing more, but you know that this blue is now yours. Also that you are feeling hungry. No, hes feeling hungry? One of you is hungry! Or perhaps both.

Personality / RP Tips

Sominath is a quiet, brooding sort. He isnt necessarily mean or unpleasant, just very quiet and reserved. This may be quite unsettling for San at first, as hell have to listen to the other weyrlings talking about all the things their dragons were saying. And also hear about the dragons talking to each other. Sominath will seem to have little input, but the smokey blue is really just a better listener.

When he does speak, he means it, and he gets right to the point! This sort of bluntness might not make him many friends amongst his peers at first, even if he really means well. San will have to guide him into a more socially acceptable way of communication. Eventually the others will learn that he likes to listen! Which means they might talk his ear off. But Sominath will take this all in stride, and offer everyone supportive feedback.

Not everything is bad about Sominaths quiet demeanor, though. For some reason it will seem to factor into the blues unnatural luck with just about everything. He might be involved in the weyrling pranks just as much as the next dragon, but when time to dole out punishment comes around Sominath for some reason is left off the extra chore roster. He somehow always gets the choicest cuts of meat during dinner. And those horrible itchy cracks in the hide? Never happen to him! Of course he wont -always be the luckiest one of the bunch, but hell enjoy more than his fair share of mysterious good fortune!

Sominath isnt a big fan of change, and this will make weyrlinghood especially difficult, since lessons change every few weeks. Hell find a particular way to arrange his couch, and will make sporadic adjustment to improve it. But they will all be small, and if the two of you change weyrs, Sominaths couch will look exactly the same way as it did previously. Same will be true when it comes to feeding. Sominath will prefer a herdbeast of a particular size and build every time, and may spend much longer circling the pens to find the type he likes.

The issues with change will largely dissipate as Sominath gets into a wing. Regardless of the wing he is assigned (it will be up to San which one he wants to graduate into), Sominath wil be very serious about the work.

Flights will be something Sominath takes very seriously as well, when he decides to chase. Hell put every ounce of effort and endurance into the flight, and end up exhausted whether he wins or not. Should San take on a lady friend he will be quietly supportive, and never the jealous type.He will come to view family and fatherhood as part of Sans responsibilities, should he care to partake in either.


On the occasions this mind decides to speak, it dark and deep baritone fills your mind like rumbling thunder. Its dark, deep shades are constantly projected into your mind though, so you can feel his presence even without an over-abundance of thought speak.


Hi Cotton Candy!

This clutchs theme was Gods and Deities! Sominaths egg was based off of Andraste from the Dragon Age Video game series. Andraste was a slave who led her people against their oppressive magisters. Eventually she was burned at the stake when she was betrayed by her mortal husband. She was chosen by the Maker (God, essentially, in the DA universe) to be his bride and is assumed ascended into godhood. The egg desc was inspired by Andraste in her battle garb, and her burning at the stake.

For Sominaths personality, I incorporated Andraste in with Dream from Neil Gaimans The Sandman. Andraste and Dream are both sort of tragic heroes and I wanted to accentuate that in the theme. His name comes from somniatis, which is Latin for dream.

Bhaal wrote Sominaths desc, keeping him nice and mysterious (Thanks, Bhaal!).

As always, Sominath is yours and yours alone. What weve written here is to give you ideas on how you might play him, how you actually do is completely up to you! Please feel free to change or update some or all of him to your hearts desire. Thanks for sticking it out with us as we try to get Ista back off the ground!

<3 Zion


Name Sominath
Dam Gold Eulweth
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created by Zi'on
Impressee S'an (Stephane)
Hatch Date 2015.02.14
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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