Time of Testing Blue Sisketh

Crooked and twisted, the form of this dusky blue dragon is far from visually pleasing. His head is elongated, top lip drooping down to a beaklike point tipped with grey, while his eyes are sunken and seem permanently lidded by the excess folds of hide around them. His steel blue shoulders hunch forwards making the overgrown points of his neckridges flare out like spikes, and though his forelimbs are crooked and almost unnaturally thin, there is no doubting the sharpness of his obsidian talons. His stomach is lean, though it seems to have extra hide that hangs in folds along his length. His rear limbs and tail are somewhat thicker, though they too seem wasted and pale, his tail tip shading more towards bleached bone than a true blue. Even his wings have not avoided this blight; they hang limply from the spars, seemingly tattered along the trailing edges and tinged with rotted brown and black.

*Line art by Kaljaia; colors by L'ton

Egg Name and Description

Fulfil The Prophecy Egg
The entire surface of this ovoid is covered in a strange hue of deep purple. There appears to be a series of natural highlights running across the shell in sharp straight patterns that makes the egg look more angular than it really is, as each section is picked out in lighter shades to create an impression of a crystalline facets. Up near the top of the shell there is one long thin section that looks out of place when compared to the rest, it is a much deeper shade of purple and makes it look like the shell is damaged, or a shard is missing.

Hatching Message

Once the claw withdraws inside the shell the Fulfil The Prophecy Egg goes still again until a series of cracks start to fork out from the hole in the egg to the accompaniment of a very deliberate tapping. Once the egg is completely covered in cracks there is a pause before the egg collapses into tiny shards as its occupant cowers in the hollow with an angry hiss.

Impression Message

From across the sands a pair of sunken eyes fixes on you and a blinding flash of light makes the world shift around you as a faded sepia image of a group of candidates on the sands enters your mind. « I knew you would come. Do not be afraid, I am here to help you. Yes. » Hisses the big blue hatchling. As a taloned claw extends towards you the sibilant whine continues with the addition of a growling ache of hunger in your stomach. « You have been chosen. L'ar lives together with Sisketh in peace. Please? »


Lear, dear Lear, what have you got yourself into? Your life is about to get tipped upside down, turned inside out, and become a whole lot more complicated than you could ever imagine. Sisketh hatched with a plan, a plan to rule the world and make everyone bow down to him. He may be blue but he has designs on weyrleadership - or will once he's old enough to realise that it's something he will not be able to manage other than through manipulation and a lot of luck.

When he is young he will take time forming any sort of friendship, if you can even call them that. He picks and chooses who he spends time with, fawning over those who he thinks will be able to be useful to him and more or less ignoring the others. If anyone dares to push him a little too far in terms of bothering him, or even worse dare to try to touch you without his permission, his neck will go down a little making those overlong neckridges even more prominent, his wings will flare, and he will hiss at them angrily to « Back off spithead! » He's not exactly the friendliest of creatures unless he thinks it will get him something and any alliances made, even from an early age, will be from a political point of view rather than true friendship.

A chorus of whines, both internal and external, will greet each weyrling classes. He doesn't like being told what to do, and the idea of any of the others besting him is not one that he relishes. His vocal whine is something that will take a lot of getting used to. He whines when he's happy, when he's thinking, when he just wants to annoy people. It's pitched just right that it will set most people's teeth on edge, and when he does it in the middle of the night you may well find it hard to sleep. You will also probably find that when he's plotting, he'll be at his loudest. Hopefully you will eventually be able to distinguish between the noises, but never take even that for granted.

As he ages he, unlike most, will not fill out to match his hide. It will always be loose, ragged, and make him look rather dishevelled and unpleasant. His forelegs will always be a little twisted and though it doesn't stop him from walking it does give him a very distinctive shuffling gait. His wings are slightly better, though he would far prefer to manipulate someone into hunting for him than to actually fly. It's not that he is incapable, quite the opposite, but he has a very fine mind and will use it to his advantage at every opportunity. Should he ever be introduced to Zaruath it will either be instant liking or loathing as similar minds meet.

Mating flights will be a prime example of mind coming to the fore. He will not rise for every green that goes up, picking his moments carefully and sometimes even waiting to see who will chase before committing himself. In the actual flight he will wait, and wait, choosing his timing when he can swoop in and snatch the prize. He won't think twice before lashing out with tail and talons to knock another competitor out of the running, and you can bet he'll howl and plot the downfall of anyone that dares to do the same to him. He may try to end flights early if he can get close enough to the green, hissing at anyone who comes close or dares to rebuke him.

His life is about little triumphs, things he can snatch for himself, and if that means waiting his whole life to sneak a wingleader position then he will do it - and plot the downfall of the current one in the process. The weyrleader needs something? You can bet he won't be far away whining, fawning, making himself suddenly indispensable. It's all part of his grand scheme that you are now being dragged along with.

One triumph that will elude him is Search. For some reason he cannot, or will not, Search on his own, preferring to steal candidates from other dragons at the last second. This will almost always result in some hiss argument with the dragon that found the candidate and depending on whose dragon it is you might be shocked as he suddenly backs down, hunching low and submissive. Don't be fooled, it will not last long till he tries again.

Cunning, manipulative, perhaps a little twisted in mind as well as form, but Sisketh is not evil. Evil would not allow you to touch him, evil would not whisper how wonderful you are and how devoted he is, evil would not curl up with you on a cold night. Do not mistake his ambition for anything other than it is, or his affection for you for something else. You are his boss, the only one he will allow to be master of him, with maybe just a little whine to remind you he's got his own mind.


Inside Sisketh's head is a dismal place to be, there is a quiet background hiss present all the time, one of those barely audible noises that will often just grate on your nerves once it's been pointed out. When he speaks; everything livens up to a brighter shade of dreary gloom from his whiney ingratiation when he's speaking to others to the constant spiteful muttering of his schemes, though you'll probably only ever catch the tail end of it as he shuts up when he finds you listening in. His imaging always comes over with a sepia tinge to it, just another melancholy insight to his mindset.


The theme for this clutch was The Works of Jim Henson and, as you so rightly guessed, this egg was based on the Dark Crystal. The Dark Crystal is a cult 1982 fantasy film directed by puppeteers Jim Henson and Frank Oz, creators of The Muppet Show. Although still marketed as a family film, it was notably darker than previous material created by them. The story focuses on Jen, the supposed last of the gelflings, the gentle Mystics, and the dark and twisted Skesis. It's a classic tale of destiny, good and evil, and well worth watching.

You asked for a dragon that wasn't "fluffy" and that is exactly what you got. The Chamberlain (SkekSil) of the Skeksis is cruel, twisted, and manipulative - something that we've tried to marry into the world of Pern. Amusingly when we were searching around for personality traits we found a description of him as being - "… part reptile, part predatory bird, part dragon". Now he's all dragon.

As with any dragon Impressed on game this inspiration is by no means set in stone. Tweak him, mould him, make him fit you perfectly. We're all so very glad to have you here at Ista. We had a lot of fun with this clutch, and we hope you have a lot of fun with Sisketh.

Leslyn & C'nor


Name Time of Testing Blue Sisketh
Dam Gold Ankepith
Sire Bronze Donzayth
Created By Leslyn & C’nor
Impressee L’ar (Lear)
Hatched 22 March 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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