Enchanted Moonlit Midnight Serwynth

Whimsical whirls of starlight bloom over serene midnight dragonhide, the scattered pastel flourishes a radiant contrast to the deep, tranquil night. Chalky sky blue kisses this petite dragon's head, blooming between the twin headknobs to extend soft rays to caress the darkness around each eye. Fragile form is highlighted by the lingering twilight, soft shade dwelling on the dragon's underbelly and echoed with hints of lavender to marble each neckridge. Darkest blue is the delicate wingbones, elegantly arching, draping an enchanted wingmembrane pulsing waves of icy crystal catching comets of moonlight in its midst.

Egg Name and Description

Dappled Greens Egg

Hatching Message

The Dappled Greens Egg shudders as hairline cracks ripple through the swirls of emeralds and forest. Yet it is the fuzzy green blanket that gives way first, parting to reveal an egg goo covered, dark hatchling: Enchanted Starlit Midnight Dragonet.

Impression Message

Colours seem to dance before your eyes, crystalline blues and greens glowing in slow secession. As they gain momentum, they increase in clarity and you can sense emotions with each flash of colour — curiousity, joy, and enough energy to make you want to leap into a dance! Just as the intensity grows to an exquisite pain, it disappears and your sight clears. But you can still sense the dance, close to your heart, and words swell, a rich tenor that thrills you to the soul, making the hair stand up on the back of your neck. « On my heart you have cast a spell, So in yours I'll forever dwell: My name is Serwynth. »


Serwynth has been inspired by the Magician's Apprentice segment of 'Fantasia'. He's a cocky, cheerfully cheeky but slightly lazy dragon that has big dreams for You and himself. His ambition dominate his thoughts; his mind is always working, always pulling up greater task that they could achieve together. He'll be sunbaking, apparently asleep for a while, before suddenly a thought will reach out, to pop into Yisay's mind: « Do you know what we should do? Become Weyrleaders. That's what we should do. »

His dreams aren't always possible, but until he's convinced otherwise (which will take a lot of work) he'll push for you both to go out and do it. Now. If he had it his way, You wouldn't even be able to stop to get dressed in the morning. Unfortunately for him, some of his attempts don't always work. In fact, they can be absolute disasters at times. However, he only suffers momentary sadness, before deciding on the next Herculean Task.

His ambitions, however, are not quite unchecked. You see, Serwynth doesn't like repetitive tasks. He loves trying new things, meeting different people, being different places. The same old things fills him with boredom. And he'll make sure that you're aware of it. « Can't we do something different? We've been on this sweep lots of times! Lets go to High Reaches and find snow! You need cooling down after that kiss you had with C'ren before we left, anyway. » In order to achieve great things, you sometimes have to do boring things. Serwynth is aware of this.

However, he's not happy about it; the inclination to Achieve Greatness is at war with his tendency to Avoid Boringness. This means that Serwynth has the unfortunate trait of cutting corners. « No one will notice if we say we interviewed S'spect, after all, I bet he didn't do the crime. » This isn't to say that Serwynth doesn't have lots of energy — he's got enough energy to light up the whole Weyr — he just doesn't want to channel it into something that he's done before.

A sense of curiosity helps drive his Search For New And Interesting Things. He wants to know how everything works, what things are, where they've been - but once he believes he's covered all he wants to know about something, he'll move on to the next thing. Sometimes his questions can be quite embarrassing. « How did you end up having that child? I don't remember you doing anything. Are you sure he's yours? » It's a good thing that you won't have to repeat all the facts about The Birds and the Bees twice — after being momentarily fascinated, he'll decide that's enough, and start asking you about what runnerbeasts would taste like.

Serwynth has a bit of an attitude. He's cheeky and imprudent, and is sure that everyone appreciates it. He's the dragon who greets the proddy golds with « Looking a bit shiny today, aren't you? Got an itch you need scratched? » He doesn't stand on rank, and doesn't like it when you do, since (after all) you two are destined for great things. Lord Holders? They're colleagues! Joking around with them is normal, right? So, if you've Important Personages to give a lift, he isn't beyond faking his wings giving out, or swooping rather too close to the ground.

Serwynth does treasure you, and he can be very protective. Teasing, he can understand, but if anyone should try to hurt your feelings - or even hurt your feelings without them realizing it - they might find a blue dragon looking down at them with swirling red eyes and showing off big teeth that he wouldn't use, but isn't beyond trying to scare people with. » Don't listen to them! You're beautiful. Anyway, look at her clothes — obviously, she wouldn't know beauty and style if they were sitting on top of her. Those colours should never be seen together! « He mightn't actually know much about what he's taking about, but it must be a true anyway. He adores Yiasy, and though he teases and jokes, its always present on his mind, an undercurrent of love that Yiasy only needs to look to see.

Growing Up
Serwynth has a thirst for learning, however the instant that he believes that the Weyrling lessons are getting predictable, he'll be almost impossible to contain. "Shhhh, listen!" « I'm tired of this. Lets go chase herdbeasts! » Unfortunately, however, repetitive practice is what Serwynth is going to need to get everything coordinated and moving together. Yiasy is going to have a difficult time trying to get him to practice, and will have to dangle the carrot of flying in front of his nose to stop him from going off to try something else.

Wings, legs, tails, forelegs there's just so much to try and control, and poor Serwynth wants to do everything at once, so he's not going to take it slow! He'll be the dragon who is tumbling over at every opportunity, and he'll even manage to imitate some impossible-looking yoga-type tangles. Eventually, though, everything will click — and from that moment on, he'll be a picture of grace. Uh. Some of the time, anyway.

From the first moment that Yiasy touched his egg, Serwynth has been enchanted, his curiosity provoked. Yiasy is the one thing that he'll never get tired of, and he's got big dreams for the both of them.


Soft greens and blues dance over his mind, a crystaline version of the northern lights. The dance will increase in speed and intensity as his emotions do, and sometimes a breath of icy air can seem to accompany the glorious colours. His voice is an intense tenor, pure in tone, so pitch-perfect that it can sometimes send the hairs upright on the back of your neck.


Serwynth is based on the Sorceror's Apprentice Scene from Fantasia, and his name was derived from 'Star and Magic' in Welsh. The Dappled Greens Egg being based on The Big Kiwi.


Name Enchanted Moonlit Midnight Serwynth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By Lymera, egg by J'ey
Impressee Y'isian (Yiasy)
Hatched 08 September 2002
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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