Justice of the Storm Blue Savoireth

Everything about this blue seems to be legs and tail, with the exception of a small bit of roundness that forms around the dark blue of his midsection. Storm clouds gather over the length muzzle of his lanky form, settling as a smattering of dark blue-gray over the bridge of his nose and the tips of his headknobs. A light drizzle of deep rainy blue touches along his slender neck, trickling down into a pool that collects between his shoulderblades. Thunderheads form across the upper portions of his tapering arms, deepening the blue from a dark cornflower to a midnight blue across his paws. Light highlights of sky blue touch the tips of his ridges, while a deep mist of navy brushes over the expanse of his belly, ending at the tip of his long spaded tail. Pure water falls from his shoulders in the form of expansive wings, the sails nearly transparent with a wash of powder blue.

Egg Name and Description

Mistaken Frets Egg
Wooden colors splinter over the deceptively smooth shell—oak and rosewood, cherry and polished ebony. Rather than smooth whorls, they form jagged angles against each other, clashing and breaking into a million tiny needles. This egg gives the impression of having been smashed and then glued together again, badly, delicate inlay turned into a helter-skelter mishmash of fragmented hues. It is a surprisingly large egg next to the few others, swollen like timber on a humid day, but sits canted to one side as if tossed there and forgotten.

Hatching Message

Mistaken Frets Egg gives an uncertain wobble, as though the creature inside were testing something once more. Then, slightly more confident, it begins to shake violently. Soon, the shell has broken apart, dropping Justice of the Storm Blue Hatchling to the sands.

Impression Message

Something's in your mind. Not a thought, no, but something cloudy. A cloudy presence that touches along your mind, probing, feeling and looking uncertainly. Once it's settled itself, a smoky, charismatic voice echoes throughout your brain. « Laria? My Laria? Why is it so hot and dry in here? » The smoke encloses your mind in a warm embrace, spilling out feelings of love and care for only one person: you. Then, as though it were an afterthought, it speaks again with a mellow, calming tone. « My name is Savoireth. I am YOUR Savoireth. And my belly feels like this cavern: big and empty! » And indeed, you feel something too: hunger. Hunger radiating from the little blue hatchling that is staring at you with its whirling eyes.


"Though with their high wrongs I am stuck to th'
Yet with my nobler reason 'gainst my fury
Do I take part. The rarer action is
In virtue than in vengeance."
Prospero, Act 5.

Would there be a single word to describe Savoireth, it would be 'eloquent'. And if there were two words, 'gentlemanly' would also fall into his category. He is calm through whatever phases him, though one should watch out should he ever become angry or upset. He is utterly devoted and kind to those he considers friends, though he can tend to be slightly cold-shouldered to those who are unkind to him. Still, he will never stoop to the level of vengeance or revenge. Virtue is much more noble than hatred. Those of nobility hold much more power than those of hatred. Savoireth is full of these words of wisdom, ready to console or speak well of any bad situation one of his friends might be in.

The charm dissolves apace,
And as the morning steals upon the night,
Melting the darkness, so their rising senses
Begin to chase the ignorant fumes that mantle
Their clearer reason.
Prospero, act 5

Should enemies ever arise, however, Savoireth's simple calmness in the face of a storm would be enough to turn an argument his way. Most often he'll begin by describing, in detail, the weak points in the other dragon's argument and how his side of the story is much superior and leave it at that. Most of the other dragon is so befuddled by the amount of description and big words that they back down almost immediately, leaving Savoireth as the sole winner. Thankfully, he is nice enough not to get into many arguments amongst dragons, as his calm nature makes it hard for him to take offense to things. Instead, he takes an analytical prospective on things.

« Really, Brownth, there is absolutely no way that the sky can be a shade of cerulean. It is truly a shade of powder blue, such as I, and nothing more. Examine me and then examine the sky. They are equalities. It is not enough like the lake to be equated to watery blue. »

Oftentimes, though, it is Savoireth himself who is breaking up little spats between his clutchmates, consoling each one and soothing the raging tempers with his lulling voice and magical charismatic ways. They are more likely to listen to him and forget exactly what they were arguing about. Savoireth only likes to do what is best to keep those whom he likes from fighting. Afterall, that's what friends are for.

Now my charms are all
And what strength I have's mine own,
Which is most faint.
Prospero, epilogue

Knowledge is power. This'll always be Savoireth's motto, no matter if he is young or old. Deep within him is a well of knowledge that is ready to burst forth with fountains of information. And whenever someone needs information, there is always Savoireth. Good, kindly, intelligent Savoireth. Unfortunately, one can never tell if the information he'll be saying will be useful or useless. It's almost as though he searches his mind and merely repeats everything he knows about one particular topic. Sometimes he might not know the exact answer to why something happens, though he DOES know a lot of other things about it. Amidst all his talk, he might come up with a theory for the answer all on his own. For instance, someone might ask a question about grass. Savoireth, always willing to be the helpful one, will answer. However, whoever asks it better have a dictionary at hand.

"Why is the grass green?"
« Grass is a trianguloid structure that grows only where the weather is pleasant enough to support it. When it is dead or burnt, it turns yellow. Thus, it must use this greenness to survive somehow. »

Words. Words. Words. Words are something that Savoireth loves to toy around with. Be it the sound of them, or perhaps the magic they're able to produce when woven together in the right manner. Long words are his favorite and he'll be forever prodding you to teach him new ones to use in his daily vocabulary. Not that it helps much, as most of the other dragons will be clueless as to what this long word means. Though Savoireth, always meaning the best for his friends and loved ones, will often only use long words when he wishes to make a point. Or if he wishes to make a show of his intelligence, if need be. He loves trying to teach his new findings. Not to mention he always tries to put a new piece of vocabulary into a sentence, just to try out how it sounds.

« Greenth, you're being quite intransigent today. Yes. Yes. It means you are being very uncompromising or stubborn. Fascinating isn't it? Intransigent! »

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Ye all which it inherit, shall dissolve
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind.
Prospero, Act 4

Stories and telling of tales are also something that he enjoys. He who knows of what happened in the past will be better prepared for what happens in the future. Or atleast that's what Savoireth thinks. Of course, he has a slight problem with telling EXACTLY what happened. Only Savoireth could turn a story about drills into what would seem like a battle raging throughout the sky during Weyrling lessons. And only Savoireth could add little tidbits to these stories, which he considers little magical 'extras' and 'zest'. Though sometimes it's a small addition, like a different color dragon, while other times it's a large addition, such as a large troupe of Renegades coming to attack the Weyrling class. Savoireth wouldn't let anyone but you know that he merely adds them as his memory fails to recall the EXACT details of what happened. Still, he finds it quite fun to add. And they're quite fun to listen to, as well.

As a youngster, Savoireth will likely be almost unbearable with his questions. Afterall, he yearns for knowledge and learning about anything he can possibly wrap his brain around. The first week will be full of philosophical questions about inane things, such as sleeping, eating and chewing, as well as grass and the sky. It'll be a problem, for some, to answer some of his questions.

« Exactly what is going on in our heads when we chew? »
« Why is grass pointy? »
« Does smoke think before it curls as it flies into the air? »

Obviously, sometimes you will lack an answer. That's alright. Savoireth likes thinking out things for himself, too, and making up bizarre theories about things. Like about the smoke? …

« Smoke curls because it is utterly dizzy from rising from the fire and is unable to balance itself. »

Of course, these are odd answers, but most of his answers will be based on only what he has learned so far, which will be few things at first. As he grows, however, his thinking will increase and he will learn more and more as you answer more and more questions. Once he is fully grown, his questions will mostly be answered by his own investigations and curiosity, but he may ask something now and again.

One more thing he'll learn as he grows are his favorite things: words. Lovely words. Words for every day life. As a youngster, he'll much enjoy tongue twisting words around to hear how they sound in his mind. As he grows, he will try even more difficult words and will continue to ask you to try to find new words for him to learn. Don't be surprised if he has you studying old texts to try to find some obscure word for 'flying'. The only problem with this is that you might start to have problems understanding what he's trying to say as he's trying out these long vocabulary words.

« Laria, I am superlatively rapacious and voracious. Please sustain me with some victuals! »

Thankfully, as he learns how to use these words, his sentences will gain more bearing and sense and he'll learn that long words aren't for everyday use much to the delight of those who regularly converse with him.

As he grows older, flights will become a common thing amongst those of his Weyrling class and those of the rest of the Weyr. Savoireth is no stranger to females. He loves weaving poetic words to speak to them, even though some females might find this dreadfully annoying. He does tend to be quite wordy in his flirtations and will pick desirable attributes of the female dragon and make odd little poetic verses out of them, even though they might be lengthy. How many ways can Savoireth explain the loveliness of a green's glowing hide? Many many ways. It might get tiring to hear him repeat this over and over and the females might find it annoying as well. Even so, some females might find his gentlemanly and charismatic attitude very attractive. Still, this doesn't put him at a disadvantage. His lengthy and leggy physical characteristics make him a great opponent against the larger colors in green flights.

Savoireth immediately bonded with your personality, as it's quite like his: caring and kind. He knew he wouldn't fit with someone who was angry, mean or generally disrespectful to those who are nice to him. He was also innately curious about you the moment he hatched and just found you to be very intriguing. And, wanting to learn more, felt that he could spend the rest of his life learning more about Laria. The true Laria.


Misty. Foggy. Savoireth's mindvoice is somewhat of a mystery in its feeling. Oddly enough, it's not a cold mist, but a warm one, swirling and coiling about as he speaks in a low tenor. There's also an element of water amongst the mist, bringing an calming and soothing effect to his mindvoice, as though one were listing to running water or a bubbling brook.


Savoireth is based after the main character of Prospero from Shakespeare's play, The Tempest. :) Prospero is a magician, a former Duke and, near the end of the play, an intelligent and caring person. Savoireth's name comes from the word 'know' in French (savoir), as Savoireth and Prospero both love knowledge. His Hatchling name, Justice of the Storm Blue, comes from the fact that Prospero and Savoireth are both very good at dealing fair justice in arguments and wrongdoings, while 'storm' merely plays on the fact that the title of the play is 'The Tempest'. All things relating to Savoireth are by Tylia, while the egg name and description were made by Hassaleah.


Name Justice of the Storm Blue Savoireth
Dam Gold Mhiyath
Sire Brown Jerubbesheth
Created By Tylia
Impressee Laria
Hatched May 1, 2005
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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