Silken Melodies Green Sareyath

Velvety olivine hues are draped over the fragile perfection of this green dragon's body, from the tip of her headknobs all the way to the extreme narrow length of her tail, with its many ridges and points all decorated in deep green. Highlighted in brighter green, her eyes seem outlined in the darkness of her face, a sisal silkiness to that illuminating hue as it touches across her hide in careless abandon to point up the sleek length of her body, the compact measure of her shoulders and even the muscled grace of her haunches. Deepest olive green gloves and boots mask her feet, both fore and back while hiding the darker midnight hues of her nearly black talons. Elegantly patterned are her wing, with her 'sails a translucent expanse of membrane stretched over nearly insubstantial wingspars highlighted just a touch lighter and providing a dizzying display of green hues when she opens them.

Egg Name and Description

Thick Green Booger Egg
A bright green the color of a green dragon rising, this swirling egg's surface shines with moisture. A deeper green towards the sides of the egg make it seem almost opaque, darkest where its thickest. Tinged with brown along the top and turning to a more sickening yellow to the bottom, sand sticks to its underside where its' once touched, as though the sand were stuck, soaked wet to it.

Hatching Message

Very slowly, the Thick Green Booger Egg starts to move, its shell seemingly adhered to the sand and not able to roll as well as its clutch siblings. Finally it gets enough momentum going to move, and suddenly after that, shards begin to fall of in piecemeal fashion. First a green tail pokes out, soon enough followed by back feet and then the rest of a small green dragon as she sits on the sands for a moment to rest. Finally, enough of that and she's off to explore, and not so incidently find her lifemate.

Impression Message

Girlish laughter floats through your mind, the first inkling that something is about to change in your life. Another giggle before finally, the alto voice speaks, in a warm purring sound. « Raysha. I nearly missed you. And that wouldn't have done at all.» Contentment, just like honey wells up from the one before you, « And surely, as much as I, Sareyath love you, you also love me? » Not hardly waiting for an answer, she tries to lead you away. « I smell something tasty, just this way. Come on now. We don't want to be late. »


Sareyath begins her life as she means to go on, by hook or by crook her purpose in life appears to be to find the answers to everything. And although dragons are incapable of lying, this little lady is very adept, from an early age, at bending the truth a little. «No, my dearest, I didn't eat Lisle's boot. Everyone knows that boots are inedible, don't be so silly.» /chewed/ yes. Ate? Don't be ridiculous. This twisting of facts starts out so innocently, because truthfully, she only wanted to know what it was like to snort pollen, or how long it took for a packtail to start to smell bad enough that she herself could scent it. It wasn't mischief, truly! Or so she would like to think of herself. You will rapidly discover this little lady has a talent for feigned innocence, and clever manipulation of situations, and sometimes dragons and a certain level of intellectual intrigue. She's not adverse to saying, in her velvety purr, that really the weyrlingmaster could -do- with being loosened up, or that Magoth needed a lesson in humility. If this can be clarified as a sense of mischief, she is surely a besmirched and slandered lady! Isn't she? Only you and she will know how deep her manipulative streak goes.

This curiosity for discovery and the pushing of boundaries will only grow as her mind acclimatizes to life on Pern and with you Raysha, gradually becoming a palpable thing in it's own right. If there's a question -you- do not know the answer to, believe that it will not take long before she's found a lead that will possibly lead to the answer you seek, and she too seeks. But wouldn't you know it, an question answered inevitably leads to another question posed. Some might find her confounding, some infuriating, as she finds herself in the days of her growth, and her own personal style. She will always though, defer to you, if you should tell her to stop. If … only for a while!

And speaking of /style/, Sareyath has it in aces. From the day she first finds out how to walk without clumsiness, she will be a thing to watch, in the ocean or the skies, when finally she flies. On land? Well, you'll never see her rushing around. It wouldn't do for her to trip over her own feet and make a fool of you and herself, so expect early on, to be taking a peculiarly sedate pace when not in an absolute rush. «What better way, my sweetest Raysha, is there to cultivate the best possible image? If they think us both the picture of comportment, how could they /possibly/ find flaw with us? Patience my pet, is a virtue. I heard that somewhere. What is 'virtue'?» Oh yes, she'll be quite happy to play the game, walk the walk, even talk the talk, to get what she wants for herself and for you, which is to be just where all the answers are: The heart of the machine.

When she nears maturity, this social gadflyism may well blossom into a full blown talent for what others might think of as Serendipity. Expect, when finally you and she have come to a maturation in your relationship, to be just where you need to be to indulge the fancies of high society /and/ low. She will want to see how everything inter-relates, to make notes, and although her memory does not retain all the snippets of intrigue, and public gossip as much as she would like, some things are simply instinct. She will likely always live in the now, for these moments, because that is the time that matters. It is and always will be, up to you to balance this out by thinking of the long term schemes.. erm! Plans! We meant plans really.

Why did Sareyath choose you? Well, for starters you looked like a lot of fun, and as that's quite important in her life, it was one of the things that lead her to you. She's looking for someone to explore with, someone to share every aspect of the grand adventure that life is. Perhaps, you're not going to be quite ready for her enthusiasm, but don't worry, she has more than enough for the both of you.


Melodies of a courtly gathering interlaced by a husky voice overlay a constant, quiet whispering of voices. The Stevie Nicks of dragons, she always has something of a come dance with me quality to her speech. Rustles of sisal and silk might accompany a conspiratorial tone, whereas the sharp /CRACK/ of an opened fan the measure of her distaste. Pleasure tastes like sweetest icewine at the best of tables, and anger the sting of a slapped face. Never are her emotions overwhelming, but just because of the subtlety, doubt not that she knows well how to make her intentions known.


Your Sareyath, was created by several different folks. Among them, Anvi, Saelis, X'an and Iason. From this, we hope we've constructed a composite whole for you. Unfortunately, only one of us, X'an had read anything by David Eddings. So we hope that we've managed to provide what you were looking for in a dragon, with our combination of Sherlock Holmes, X'an's take on the Belgariad and Mallorean and and Iason's take on fitting it all together. Her name is from the Pashto word, sursarey which means red headed, which while she is not, Raysha certainly is. Her description was based on this picture.


Name Silken Melodies Green Sareyath
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Kalerriarth
Created By Anvi, Saelis, X'an, and Iason
Impressee Raysha
Hatched 29 October 2004
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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