Unprepossessing Suppurate Creature of Wisdom Brown Rhyrith

Egg Name and Description

Answering The Call Egg
Drab and dreary would be two things that describe the general appearance of the main color of the egg, white but a faded white that has not been touched upon in ages. Faded colors of yellows, twisted and splattered upon the wall in such a manner that it appears grotesque once one knows the origins of the stains. Tints of rusty oranges touch along as well, mixing in with the yellow and giving way to some deep reds that also touch the base of the egg which is a tiled dull gray. The scenery is twisted, viewed through a fish eye lens that gives a false sense of reality, twisting and distorting all that it shows. The scene focuses upon one thing, a wall of gray with three visible doors and the third being far more prominent than the rest while a distorted shade of tan seems to reach out and appears to be knocking on this door. Not once, not twice, but three times.

Mindtouch Messages

The Grin In The Darkness
The Grin In The Darkness surrounds the mind in darkness, then a light flickers on. A horrible florescent light that has been covered in too much grime too really shiny any light on the situation. The walls of the room appear white, a dull white and you begin to approach a stall whether it is your intentions or not. Your gaze is drawn behind you and figures are beside you, dark figures with no features except for the grinning smile that appears upon their lips, white teeth shining through before their hands urge you forward. So, you turn, your hand lifting and then slowly you knock on the door. Your lips move, but you do not hear the words you respond. More sounds, a response from within the stall and you are left with a choice. Open the door or run away?
&MT-2 Rhyrith=returns to the scene where it left off, your han

The Grin In The Darkness returns to the scene where it left off, your hand still upon the door. Do you hesitate in your task or do you push valiantly forward without a touch of fear? The door opens and you see nothing there, noting right away before you look to the toilet in which a black blob begins to emerge. Slowly, the blob reveals itself as a head in which it continues to grow and you notice that this is a young woman, considering you through the black, wet locks of her hair that appears to be drenched in something that isn't quite water from the way it clumps the hair together and drips forward. Her head lifts and her eyes consider you. You are left with a choice. Run from this egg? Push forward to see what more this mind has to offer?

The Grin In The Darkness returns the scene once more. Against your better judgment, you move forward into the stall with the door closing behind you as the woman continues to rise from the toilet that is before you. Perhaps your knees knock, or your fear scents the air either way, it draws her attention even further upon you and her lips curl into the most wicket of smiles. They move to say something before her hand lifts and rather than reaching for you her hand is held as if she may chop something in half. Which is exactly what she does, for you begin to realize what exactly she said. 'Where are my legs?' echos through your head and slowly, the light begins to fade but the presence of the other mind is still heavy in your own. Do you dare to linger at this egg with this mind?

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Answering The Call Egg doesnt move so much as it looks as if it may be bubbling, movement rippling along the shell of the egg but there isnt much fanfare behind the event. It probably isnt all that exciting to begin with. Look elsewhere. Nothing to see here, people.

Crack Message
Answering The Call Egg certainly seems to be oozing, now, the bubbling certainly not being a dragon moving in there. Or is it? Thin cracks form and ooze spills out along the shell, dripping down onto the sand below. But really, look elsewhere! Nothing happening here, people.

Hatch Message
Answering The Call Egg cannot hide the fact that it is, indeed, Hatching any longer. The cracks soon become more defined and the hatchling within begins to claw its way out. Eventually it bursts and comes to reveal a rather odd looking brown Hatchling.

Hatchling Name and Description

Unprepossessing Suppurate Creature of Wisdom Brown Hatchling
A skeletal monstrosity is this creature from the madness. No mere illusion, ribs are clearly seen beneath the bistre colored hide. Soft russet colors the grooves between each bone of the ribs, giving more depth to the already clearly defined. The rest of him is quite the same, shoulder bones heavily protruding while the joints in his forearms and forelegs are drawn into attention for the fact that they appear so large compared to the bones that hold his frame together. It appears as if he may lack any sort of muscle until the gaze is drawn to his paws. Large paws with large claws, making the rest of him look quite disproportionate. A thin, long tail is notably one of his odd features, also looking quite as jointed and skeletal as the rest of him. For the final touch, large disproportionate wings hang down beside him and oft drag against the ground when not held properly in place upon his back. Touches of burnt umber rest along the headknobs - which are elongated and quite wider than most - making them look similar to the ears of a felines but entirely stationary.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
It starts with darkness, darkness that completely fills your mind until there is nothing. You see nothing. You hear nothing. Perhaps you have been struck down? But the soft sound of a chuckle begins to drift into the inner reaches of your mind and then, in the darkness you see the formation of a grin that shines light into your mind with those pearly whites being the main source of light. Then, it draws back and the grin becomes smaller, sitting there in the darkness. « K'drozen. » A soft hum, considering this. « That sounds just about right. I am Rhyrith, but, you should know that by now. There is much more talking to be done, boy, now it is time that you open you eyes and take the first step. I hunger. »

Personality / RP Tips

"Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here."
- Cheshire Cat paraphrasing Confucius

It is true that every adventure requires a first step, but it is also true that every adventurer needs a companion; someone to guide them when things get rough, to give them the advice they need when they seek answers to some puzzle that troubles them. Rhyrith is this, your companion, your guide, your mentor - of sorts - who can give you the devices to answer the questions that you must solve, yourself. At times, he may seem like a distant watcher of your life and others he is the first one to jump to your defense and to provoke action.

Being uninformed is the same as wandering in the dark in a room full of knives - you're never really safe and you'll simply hurt yourself as much as you can hurt those around you. Rhyrith does not believe in letting such things remain as they are, to you or others. « K'drozen, you do not seem to understand what lay before you, do you? Inform yourself, prepare yourself with knowledge and brandish it to defend yourself later. It is the least you could do, I'm sure. »

Rhyrith does not see how being different than others can affect you, each person has their differences - that is what makes them who you are. Bad things do not happen to you because you are different, but simply because you are ill informed. He will not hesitate to remind you of this fact. « K'drozen. You are not hurt because you see this lesson different, but simply because you did not prepare yourself for what the difference of your understanding could mean for you. Make to better yourself before facing your next challenge. »

There is no reason to face pointless pain, your endurance of such things will not better you as a person. Should you be pressured into such things, he will be quick to quote such and question you as to why you think such things are /important/. « Really? What good comes from the senseless endurance of pain? It does nothing to better you in the future except to remind you that pain is painful. Do not face such worthless encounters. »

There are so many paths in life, so many ways you can take and Rhyrith will be quick to remind you that while you may think a decision is best, there are many paths that you may want to consider as well. « Think carefully now, Does this path you consider lead to great things in the future? What endeavors do you see coming from this? You are certain, then. Very well. Keep your face forward and take the step. No more hesitation. » He will rarely be the voice to sway you from your decisions, unless it is truly wrong, because he wishes for you to learn from what you do and to take in account for every single step you take.

A quote that will never be far from the voice in your head, something that he will say often to remind you to take in your surroundings and learn from each situation. « Observe, learn, and react. You are not yet aware of everything you face. When you are, you may react. But do not dawdle, you must be swift in your reaction lest all worry that something addles your brain, boy! » You must learn to do this all in the matter of seconds in which it may take you to think of a reaction to what others may say. You will have a million things to do in those seconds and you must do it with precision, should you wish to avoid lecture.

Your Rhyrith is not a hard worker, but he works when he must. He prefers to lounge rather than working at the harder obstacles on your own - especially heavy lifting. Should you struggle and not find a way to manage on your own, he will likely - begrudgingly - give you a hand. « You should consider yourself lucky that I took to helping you, you'd have been at this all day if I had not. It is best to solve it yourself, next time. »

Rhyrith expects that you should be able to do many things on your own, not to rely on others when you struggle or face a hard challenge. What are they for other than to overcome and to stand on your own two feet to handle the issue. « Do you really need to ask for help for this? It is so simple, K'drozen. Think. You will figure it out. »

Confidence is a must, this is something that he will teach you through his guidance. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is a fierce push for you to /understand/ what it is he wishes to see you become. But, he may never fully reveal this desire. Confidence, however, does not come without rash behaviors at times - this is something that he seeks to have you avoid. « Rashness proves nothing. But, I suppose if one were to insult you to your face, then there is no reason for you to hesitate. Never leave such unchallenged, just as if you would face what you fear. » Every fear must be confronted, as well as the things that offend you. Rhyrith will never sit by to let you take abuse from any other - even if this may lead you into getting into some fights.

In flights, Rhyrith has no particular taste. Gold? Green? It matters not, every female is a riddle or a puzzle to be solved and he would like to be the one to solve the answers. Even if the female in question happens to be one of the less desirable or her rider happens to be someone you aren't particularly fond of. « You may have missed something. There could be more to her than you know. This is the best time to figure it out - if she does not have us swiftly removed, that is… Ah well, that is something to be riddled later, is it not? »

Your Rhyrith is for you, K'drozen, and you alone. He is your guide, your faithful companion and the first step on your adventure. Where he will lead you? Well, that is for you to decide as he is never really the one taking the lead.


The general setting of this mind is pure darkness, especially when he first enters the scene of ones mine. Then, the formation of a grin begins in the dark with the teeth being the only source of light starting out quite large before fading into a more reasonable size. The scenery after that usually depends on his moods, but, more oft than not: it lingers in the pleasing, relaxing. A giant bed, made for him to curl upon in his mind and to simply relax. His voice is a smooth purr, deep, gravelly but entirely masculine and wise beyond his years.


Kaldrozen! Welcome to Weyrlinghood in Ista Weyr. :)

Let me start off by saying that your Rhyrith is yours to play however you want, the tips are something simply created that you can change at your will. I hope you enjoy playing with him and enjoy your future endeavors.

Rhyrith draws his name from the phrase rhyme and riddle as the character I based him upon is the Cheshire Cat from American McGees Alice! His egg was based off of the Japanese Urban legend: Hanako-san.

And finally, your Rhyrith was written by Arisa! I hope that you enjoy him. :) There will be more to read on the wiki page, simply quotes and such, but I feel that it adds to his character.


Name Unprepossessing Suppurate Creature of Wisdom Brown Rhyrith
Dam Gold Nziekilth
Sire Bronze Ittisieth
Created By Arisa
Impressee K'drozen (Kaldrozen)
Hatched September 23, 2011
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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