Smashing Exemplar Of Fortitude Bronze Raonardoth

Egg Name and Description

Haunted By Reflections Egg
A gun metal sheen coats over this fat and squat egg, from apex to the wide flat bottom. Unrelenting, every angle and side has been painted with this solid chrome rendition. Those that move by it will see their shadows uncover the eerie nature of the egg, for only in unnatural darkness will the shell give a glint of what really lingers on the surface. This surface, persuaded by darkness, reveals like a curtain drawn back from a haunted place a plane of monstrous things. There in lies thick veins of gilded green-gold, streaked like lightning raced over the entire breadth of the egg. Divided within these wrongful rivers of gold, are specks of the deepest crimson blotched in pairs of lurking eyes. Ominous shapes phantom over the spaces not touched yet by gilded green-gold nor blood laced crimson, instead are cast like a wisp of spirit in a variety of grey tones throughout. Still, shadows never fall the same way, so these ghoulish reflections may never show the same thing twice.

Mindtouch Messages

Crystal Tumbler
Crystal Tumbler jingle jangles into your mind, announcing itself with an ever pleasant mirth of tintinnabulate noises. It becomes hard to focus. Here it tumbles. There it rolls. You get pretty close to forming some sense of shape to what it could be coming so merrily along. Maybe a ball of light? Aww, too bad. Just when you can see it for one, the thing unfolds and reshapes, doing this constantly, becoming something you simply cannot grasp. Lithe creature isn't it? Just always out of reach, as it should be. You would touch, wouldn't you? A prick of pain in the head can be felt if you'd admit to wanting to touch and another if you deny it! Watch but do not touch. Admire but do not envy. Hold but do not keep. It leaves in a joyous chorus that to you sounds like someone shattering a glass next to your ear.

Crystal Tumbler leaps and twists back to whence it left last, the sound of tinkering following in its wake. Do not be alarmed! A fix here, a tap there, and there should be no more gritty glass noises. Temporary, perhaps. Like the sensation of spinning which leaves one laughing and sick at the same spell. Hop, skip, bend, twist, bow, tumble and roll. Too hard to focus again, isn't it? Distractions like a heat built mirages consume you. A ball of light again. Then a transparent blue light fluttering by like a banner before your very eyes, only for it to become the very apparel that you wear. Change if you can accept it. Laugh if you are humoured. Fly if you have wings! A tumult of popping noises redoubles in your hearing as it leaves, like a whole crowd was throwing bottles against the ground for fun!

Crystal Tumbler takes a graceful leap from whence it left last, floating in long gaited strides, placed precisely between the shards of glass left strewn out haphazardly within. A piece of the puzzle rights with another. Sand fosters a hold. Heat binds. A tinker of a bell, a rattle jangle of chimes. Your mind can start to focus again. Though it will not grasp at any forms that can be seen by the eye. The mind will only hear the faint sounds of rustling wind, the mind will sense the heat. The mind will feel a slight prick of pain. Most certainly, crystal will tumble, glass will shatter, a merriment will be held. The path is before you, pick a direction.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Haunted By Reflections egg suddenly jolts from the dune that it rests within. A harsh movement that has the egg rolling a ways from where it was originally seated. The walls of the shell start to expand and retract, fighting to keep the monster on the other side of the mirror from breaking loose.

Crack Message
A vicious lance of talons slices through Haunted by Reflections egg, the shell showing a jagged rip from one end to the other as if something struck it with a fierce blow. Shards of gun metal shell sprinkle to the sand, chips continuing to fall off at a most steady pace. Greenish talons poke out for an instant, the weapons that inflicted the substantial damage withdrawn into the sheath that is the shell. Ooze drains out from the point of impact, leaking onto the sands. It is obvious this one is seconds away from hatching…

Hatch Message
Shards are flung outward as Haunted By Reflections egg can no longer fend off the attacker, disintegrating into thousands of pieces as a few kicks and thrusts of dragon feet bring the house down!! Egg goo and shell are strewn out in every direction, potentially flying as far as the candidates stand. He was fierce! Standing victorious over the remains of his grey tomb, is a massive dragon, flaring wings to pop off the final half shell stuck on his back.

Hatchling Name and Description

Smashing Exemplar Of Fortitude Bronze Hatchling
Tarnished copper oozes between the solid plates of burnished armour, swathing this dragon's heavy set flanks and wide chest with gilded hints of greenish-gold. He is a mammoth of a beast, solidly set with thick muscle that protrude to make him appear twice as broad as any other. Proportionate in extreme is this dragon's gargantuan head, with a jagged jaw line and wide set nostrils positioned on an arching down swept muzzle. An obscene guile is emblazoned by a bluish band wrapped around his eyes, much like a shoddy mask meant to cloak one's identity. Beady eyes rest under craggy outcrops of shadowing eye ridges, creating further intimidation by mere appearances alone. Coppered head knobs and neck ridges become dappled with gold and muted red russet bronzes. This muted dappling becomes more striking along the edges of his lengthy set of wings, transitioning to flame red-orange at the tips of the spars. Vast wing sails are painted in sweet champagne, a color that finds itself replicated on his underbelly. Six other green-blue coppery bands mark him: one around each leg's lower joints. Then there is the matter of his feet, comically outsized from his body with their long chubby digits and sea green talons.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
This moment is not like the rest. Your senses are heightened to a point that life seems to crawl around you, while you move at the rate you normally would. You can hear a couple of your friends chatting away to you, see the way their lips smack together with each sounded word, watch as their eyes blink and their expressions make their face move. Your eyes flash some where else and you can pin point every precise thing that people say, looking from one to the next and hearing each word, regardless of the distance or noise that would normally block them from your hearing. « Your mind is open… » a word of guidance as you continue to experience your new found sensations in those precious few moments « Your heart is open… » You can smell the heat of the sands, feel each coarse grain that has stolen into your sandal, feel the way the sweat glides down your back. You can hear the slightest jingle and sprinkling of crystal shards. « Feel what is right… let it hold you…» Your hand comes across a hard but supple shape, imprinting on you how it…no…how /he/ feels, « Yes. We are one now. I see you. You see me. We are a team.» You look now to a bronze head that your hand is grazing across, « You may call me Rao. Though most should address me as Raonardoth.» A band of yellow flitters across your mind, some decision being made, « You should be addressed as O'zi. » Your heart beats with his now, you can feel how his two patter along with yours. He's in your blood, in your mind, all sensations are one. For a time. « It ends. Our first moments together. But we'll have a lot more time to study this. » A pause as the world catches up to you « Come. Let us eat. »

Personality / RP Tips

"We turtles don't know the meaning of the word defeat."
- Leonardo

"Do the words GO SUCK AN EGG hold any meaning fo ya?"
- Raphael

Even divided into two fronts, the epitome of strength and endurance is delivered in Raonardoth, whose physical brawn does not hinder the intellect lying under the surface. With an iron will, Raonardoth rarely looks upon life with dread or a sense of foreboding, instead while self-doubt might make him pause, he does not turn away from the obstacles that life will undoubtedly throw toward him and you alike. He takes on a role of a champion rather than soldier in this. With a prevalent trait of natural charisma, he'll draw respect from those around him, naturally thrust into the lead more often than not - stepping forward when all others are leery about the task set ahead. Ironically, he becomes modest when anyone, dragon or rider, points out his natural leadership ability. « No one ever said that I was the leader. »

Life conspires against him, alas, no matter the rhyme or reason. Raonardoth is fated to be the one to take the plunge while everyone sits back and watches the outcome. So there will be expectations. He was the first to break shell, the first to march across the sands to find his life mate after all. He must be resolute in all things, a shining example. Yet, even the first challenge of finding you brought an inner clash to fruition. There are two sides to every battle and balance is hard to maintain throughout life, something your Raonardoth will live by each waking hour. It was evident when he came for you.

This continues into weyrlinghood and into the rest of his life, for better or for worse. You'll notice this "ying-yang" trend is often beyond your control and how you handle it affects him in turn. For example, he could choke on a piece of meat and while it may be a close call, he'll calmly acknowledge to take his time on the larger pieces if you coach him gently, but if you shout at him for not being careful he'll turn into a hothead and prove irrational.

Consider yourself Master Splinter in his early weyrlinghood. Everything you do and say will reflect upon how he grows into an adult dragon. Your words and actions will be like a pebble thrown into a pond. The only problem with that is he'll be like an old dog unable to learn new tricks once you've already set him in his ways. That's not to say that Raonardoth is daft in that he cannot move beyond what he's already been taught, he'll just have old habits that will be increasingly hard to break the older he gets. Such is, Raonardoth will be the loyal down to earth student during the 'mental' exercises, while during physical exercises he needs to be reigned back in for his overzealous foolery.

At least he refuses to be a loner. There is a constant need for him to surround himself with a group of buddies - be it human or dragon. He works a lot better in a group than going at it alone. It will not be uncommon then for him to be seen with two or three other dragons. He could end up deciding for the group what to do or just join in the festivities, depending on his mood. The key is that he knows the other dragons well enough to judge when he should push or go with the flow. It'll be a fine line that he walks to balance friends with what is right or needs to be done. There will no doubt be days when other dragons or people clash with him, or when you clash with him, destroying his inner semblance of balance.

These clashes will be loud. It'll be hard to miss the confliction harbouring in the bronze, calm assertive logic vs. a reckless temper-fuelled passion. It's in situations of outer conflict ( his loyalties are questioned, his rider is teased, someone is purposefully hurt) where the real rage emerges. His anger fractures the surface of logic, often causing him to throw a tantrum loud enough for everyone to hear. And it will shock everyone asunder! The result will often leave him stalking off somewhere to cool off, resorting to destroying something inanimate while trying to regain his composure, abruptly feeling stupid for it. « DAMN! DAMN! » Eventually his other side will balance him out again, having to pick up the pieces broken with a subdued and often times remorseful regret.

In flights, Raonardoth will bear his passion as the irrational part of him outweighs the logical. This wayward gung-ho leap before you think motto will become pronounced rightfully so when he's chasing a female dragon that you're strongly connected too. Have a crush on her rider, have a desire to be Weyrleader, just want sex? Well, if you say yes to one of those during a proddy cycle that comes face to face with Raonardoth, expect him to put all his energy into catching. It might be easier on him if you encourage gold chasing, because of his size, but he will try all the same for a green. Just expect him to invest himself completely in it and when he fails, he'll have that fire-head raging for a time. « Come back here! I'm not done with you yet! DAMN!! » He'll also try and use a deadpan humour through the whole ordeal, to make it easier on himself. « Why does everyone have such a hard time believing I am a good guy? » The aftermath of losing means that his collective loyal side will have to work on putting out the fire to any bridges flamed.

A win can be a mix of one or two outcomes, he can spend his time with the female for a night and let her be coming the next day, or he will put all his effort into her until the next time she flies. He's prone to crushing after all! A win with a gold means about the same, save for the fact that he'll be the guardian of those eggs until they hatch. Thankfully he won't keep himself imprisoned on the sands like his clutch sire, nor will he get overtly possessive with them. There's a steady balance when it comes to eggs, save for when someone tries to damage an egg - all hell will break loose then.

There's a final crux to this dragon's personality that may either cause you to pull your hair out or belt out in laughter. The dragon talks to himself! A lot! Whether it's commenting on the shine of his hide or nattering on like he had two completely separate views on a subject, he can be found doing it more times than not. Full conversations that hark on his own personality faults and traits. Sometimes you'll have to wonder if he should've hatched at all by these conversations.

« You are so smug, y'know that? You think that the world revolves around you, don't you? That we couldn't possibly survive without the mighty and powerful Raonardoth to guide us through our problems, huh?! Well I've got a a news flash for ya: We got along just fine without you! »
« And this qualifies as "just fine"? Risking the safety of our family? I mean come on, what were you thinking?! »
« Don't push it. You can't leave and come back expecting us to fall in line again, like your little soldiers. »
« Hey, I was training. Training to be a better leader. For you! Why do you hate me for that? »
« Whoever said I wanted to be led?! I'm better off calling my own shots, now get used to it. »
« You aren't ready. You're impatient, and hot tempered, and more importantly… I'm better than you.»
« Oh, y'know something?? I have to disagree with you on that one.»


A tumbling performer is the easiest way to describe the mind you first experienced when he was in the shell. The only difference is now he's practiced his routine and can easily manipulate your mind to experience his epic production. He'll come to use movement, sound, and color to portray himself to the world.

Often one of the foremost sounds that he'll use is the shattering of glass, subsequently followed by jingling chimes or bells. Glass shattering is his primal muse and he'll use it in a range of sound, from the soft tinkle, to a sudden *pop*, to the raucous crashing of. The more emphasis on the sound, the more weight of what he wants or demands. Invigorated by what normally could be associated with destruction, he happily repeats the process if for no other reason then it sounds totally tubular! It's like his dirty little secret that he launders openly.

Motion is a way that is strictly unique to him. Your first experience with this will be during your impression. Your senses will linked in heightened times when his emotions reach one limit or another. It'll be notably hard to keep your thoughts focused in times like these, for it'll seem like you'll be dragged into a trance while he manipulates. You'll especially feel his thoughts traipsing over your own, remarkably similar to the way your family's entertainers detract all attention with their serpentine grace. It may very well cause you motion sickness until you get used to it.

Another element sometimes plays alongside the others, proving not to help with the motion sickness. It'll come in an illuminated mass of color (often linked to his mood), which will weave into all sorts of shapes and sizes, teasing with just a glint of what it could be. He often finds himself using this to taunt the other dragons - showing them just enough to get curious before stashing it away.

Words are what he uses to make you understand when you fail to read into his dramatic display, coaxing out sentences with a gritty sound like glass being stepped on. Even so, there his words invoke inspiration when he does use them. The tone is that of someone who carefully calculates what he says and what the meaning of his words would be, knowing what weight they could carry. Anger is the only time when calculation implodes, opting for action now no matter how vile the means.


The clutch theme was Phobias and Philias. Haunted By Reflections was based off the phobia Eisoptrophobia, which is a fear of mirrors and or seeing oneself within a mirror. The mind voice was based on the sound of shattering glass, which is this eggs philia. The egg was made in full by N'kor.

Inspiration for Raonardoth was your obvious like for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I happen to adore them myself and found myself fascinated by your desire to want both Leonardo and Raphael in a dragon. It was a huge challenge, considering those two are often seen competing against one another and behave in two different ways. Leo is the type to think before acts and relies heavily on patience and practice, and pays strict attention to anything he learns. For the most part he keeps his cool, other than when Raph pushes him passed his limits. But Leo is the leader, whether Raph wants to admit it or not.
Then there is Raphael, who bottles his anger until it explodes. He also gets infuriated when he fails at doing something - like when he lead the 'Foot' to their sewer-lair in the first movie. He knew it was his fault and screamed bloody murder for it that splinter was taken hostage. He's very impulsive and prone to go off on his own. He struggles constantly with the fact that Leonardo is the 'chosen' son and the one that leads them.
So I tried my hardest to put all of this into Raonardoth - making him have a ying-yang personality and at the same time able to balance himself out. Circumstances will try to tug at one side or the other, a given, but when he's at peace with himself he can function quite well. Othertimes, he'll carry out the dialog the two 'turtles' would when Raph makes a dig at Leo's leadership. You can say Rao has a fear of failure, for the great burdens of expectation he has to carry on his shoulders.
Name: Kind of obvious but I thought it was fitting for what you wanted and sounded just right. Raonardoth. Ray-Oh-Nar-Doth. Simple huh? Just stuck Raphael and Leonardo together, with the majority coming from Leo's name to symbolize that most of the time Raonardoth is like Leo, but often struck by Raphael's traits.

If you find yourself disliking Rao, just know that you can play him how you'd prefer, in part or whole, or from scratch with out any of the suggestions. Because we're just here to have fun and I insist that you continue that fun by playing him as you like! He is yours afterall! Congratulations on impressing at Ista Weyr! We hope you enjoy Weyrlinghood!! :D ~ N'kor


Name Smashing Exemplar Of Fortitude Bronze Raonardoth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created by N'kor
Impressee O'zi (Adouzhi)
Hatch Date 06 June 2010
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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