Fearless Smuggler Brown Raficoth

Wisps of cocoa, twists of sandy sienna fall over a lightly lithe form, an arrogant tilt to a dusty muzzle suiting his compact frame. Tumbling blocks of almond are the base hue of his silken hide, rough dun dapples fighting streaks of oak along slim flanks and dapper brushes of rich seal brown wend their way down his slender neck 'n tail. Tidy limbs are lean, his earthy talons are a little stubby and his narrow haunches have a limber look to them with all four paws setting down a stubborn confidence in each graceful line. Supple grace is lent by his wings that suit his nimble frame to perfection with neat spars all dusted over ochre and soft velvet sails shaded sepia.

Egg Name and Description

Cat Egg
Tabby stripes can't hide this claim:
Trouble is its middle name.
Wiping burnished marks both here and there,
Nothing but trouble in its black sand lair.

Hatching Message

Cat Egg wobbles within its mound of sand, shifting up and down as if in time with some tidal drift. A final burst of energy from within, as if coming from nowhere, splits the burnished cream form, ejecting its contents, enveloped in brown, to the dark sands beneath.

Impression Message

The brightness of the sunlight burns into your eyes, and for a moment, you close them and see stars against the blackness of your lids. But - wait-they're moving, gathering together as they flow
into your mind. Each star is a thought, an emotion, and not your own - they reach out tendrils of light to feel you, examining and melding links that can never be broken. For a moment, a complete and unchanging love floods you, followed by a voice that explodes into your mind with unrelenting brightness. » I know. « There's a moment of silence, the darkness of space falling for a moment before leaping into warp-speed. » I'm Raficoth. You and I, we're going to be great partners, I know it. «


Raficoth is overly confident and arrogant, outgoing in the fullest sense of the word. He possesses a wry, sarcastic wit, and a reckless manner coupled with a lot of determination and no aversion to hard work - when there is an incentive! Pragmatic is a polite word for it, mercenary would be more accurate. That's not to say that he has no self respect; rather, he knows how to make a mark, and he's not afraid to use his own gifts to get it.

Fearless? To be sure. Raficoth is full of nearly boundless self-assurance. He heads into life with a willingness to risk himself and all he holds dear for some reward and he'll never doubt that he *will* do whatever it is he's set himself today. But don't mistake him; he wants his reward at the end and he'll bargain quite fiercely with all and sundry to get it before he lifts a single talon. It's simply not possible for you to get something for nothing with Raficoth; « No gifts, S'er. That would be stupid. » He certainly doesn't mind speaking 'honestly', as long as it is to his own gain.

Raficoth has a way with those around him, and while he's not always nice, and others don't always — often, in fact — really like him, let alone respect him, he usually earns support from some arenas. He is, after all, singularly good at what he does, which is get results. He's an exceptional flier, good with words, with making deals, and his lifemate will, with his prompting, eventually make a very good partner in his labours. At least, he better, because Raficoth won't let his standards drop for such an occurance.

He's slightly more hesitant with greens and golds, as if hedging whether or not they're 'taken', before exerting his own presence and influence. He's quite sure he's charming, entirely sure that he's handsome, but at the same time, not sure that some will accept him. « I'm just a brown, » he'll explain, almost quietly (for a change), to himself. When he does flirt, and chase, he's moderately successful, but his own rank issues — he's exceptionally respectful in title, even if he tends to exagerate his own rakishness in such relations — can, occasionally, get in the way.

Growing Up:
Irreverent to a fault, Raficoth may well get in trouble early on in weyrlinghood, and never quite get out of it. His ego, countered with his sarcasm make him no real friend to any dragon — and his weyrlingmasters may well not appreciate this at all. This being said, he will attempt to temper himself as best as possible, if only for Seran's sake, rather than his own. He doesn't much mind, on the surface, what people say about him; he does what he does because that's the way he is.

Very quickly, Raficoth's gifts will become obvious, and while he won't learn to fly until some time into weyrlinghood, he'll nonetheless be rapidly very good at it — although, on that note, most of his siblings will be similarly so; Lynaeth and Estrelath, especially. He has none of Lynaeth's joy for flight, however: flight is a serious business, in most cases, and it's only real speed that he can indulge in. Poor Seran better get a head for heights rapidly, because those Raficoth loves, hurtling downwards with as much speed as he can muster.

Call him infuriating, and he will be, at least for Seran, but he's still loveable in a certain, sly way, and that, too, will be obvious from when he's very young. Llysereth will probably dote on him to a point; he's everything that she's not, and, in a way, she admires that. Still, it won't be an easy ride — so hold on tight!

It was Seran's cool self-assurance, willingness to assist and support that drew Raficoth, who saw immediately that this was someone who would be beside him in all endeavours, travel through all lengths. He needed a listener, a supporter, a confidant, and something in Seran gave this — Raficoth knew, without a doubt, that this was the *only* one he could ever fly with. There's no choice, when it comes to a lifemate for Raficoth.


Supernovas of the mind flare against a backdrop of calm, calculating star-thoughts- his mind is contained light, the brightness flung across space captured and compressed. Calmness is reflected in steady glows; anger explodes with a flare of whitegold; sunset's crimson glow is caught when emotional. The sharp scent of citrus lingers in the mind when his thoughts enter, with an after-taste in the mind of lemons.


Raficoth is based on Han Solo from StarWars.


Name Fearless Smuggler Brown Raficoth
Dam Gold Llysereth
Sire Bronze Zymanth
Created By Valesa and R'yn
Impressee S'er (Seran)
Hatched 13 October 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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