Dark Lord of Life and Death Bronze Qucimth

Egg Name and Description

Ghoulishly Decorative Egg
Smooth as glass, this delightful egg seems almost to be smiling. The surface is primarily cream, but it's speckled with browns and whites as well in all shades. The shape is subtly oblong, as if resting on a flat, slightly triangular base with a bulbous protrusion out behind it. Smooth rectangles are shaded out above the edge of that pointy places, creating that creepy grin. Above that is two rounded triangles, perfect mirrors side-by-side. To either side of those spread darker areas of lighter shading, broad swaths that give the impression of depth where they sit below two large, yawning pits of darkness that seem to follow wherever the watcher stands.

Mindtouch Messages

Raucously Ribald
Raucously Ribald approaches not with caution, but with a bang. Vibrant purples and blacks flash in rapid succession as the urge builds to dance. Shoulders jerk, then back, then legs, then shoulders, then arms, a dance almost like a marionette that seems to continue, bright and energetic. And the bright smell and flavor of rum is ever-present. And… is that something poking your hip? Then, as quickly as it came, it disappears, leaving the sense of empty bonelessness behind.

Raucously Ribald returns not in the bright, overwhelming sense of everything it did before, but instead as a gentle pressure nudging against your hip. Oh, hello dere. Nudge nudge nudge POP! Then that rum-filled field of purple and black returns, filling you from head to toe. The urge to take up that jerking dance grows again, but the sense of self burrows deeper, flitting through thoughts and memories, reading your history like a book and enjoying every moment of it. It laughs, it cries, it feels your pain. It offers you a drink as it fades away again.

Raucously Ribald nudges your hip again, but it's gentler now. Dance. Let the music take you. Are you at home dancing with the dead? Then it recedes, never to return.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Ghoulishly Decorative Egg jerks and wobbles across the sands with no concern for who or what it might run into. Get out of the way or dance along, but it doesn't care if anyone gets in its way!

Crack Message
Ghoulishly Decorative Egg continues its dance, the actions getting more spastic as the focus turns from just dancing to actively trying to escape the confines of its eggy prison. It tries and tries until, finally, a crack appears, large and wide, but giving no hint to its occupant.

Hatch Message
As with all things, Ghoulishly Decorative Egg's dance must come to an end. It stills so suddenly, one might think something's wrong, but, no, its occupant simply wishes to make an entrance, first claws then head emerging from the egg until he stands clear.

Hatchling Name and Description

Dark Lord of Life and Death Bronze Hatchling
Darkness flows over this fine dragon like he's literally shrouded in shadows. A thin streamer of brilliant purple runs from each eye back, down along his lithe neck and over his back until they come to feathered ends, one on each fork of his tail. Robust headknobs are dusted in flecks of copper as are his neck and back ridges, but the rest of him is more gracile and agile. Long but powerful legs end in broad feet, ideal for leaping and bounding, and his wings are slightly larger than average, only emphasizing the image of him as a leaper and flyer. His true color only becomes visible when he spreads his wings, brightest polished bronze and brass war for dominance in swirls of brilliant color across his wingsails. There, and only there, is his darkness truly broken, though even in this sea of brightness, flecks of black and purple mar the surface: hidden darkness in the light.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
Purple and black are suddenly there, the heat of the sands replaced with the cool humidity of night and the crisp smell of bourbon just washes over your whole mind, « Ahh, yes. Finally. I've been waiting, E'shik, but now, » wild, indefinable music swells in amidst the rest, urging you, as always, to dance, « You can join the dance! Together, we will explore the world anew. »

Personality / RP Tips

Laughter and revelry define Qucimth's demeanor. Even from a young age (or perhaps especially), he'll want to get into everything and there's absolutely nothing he'll enjoy more than music and dance. He might even push the cots out of the way to make more room to dance. And, unlike many hatchlings and dragonets, while he'll be insistent on having the most of E'shik's time, he won't be wholesale jealous of other relations. Of course, this is likely because he'll be friendly with most anyone. Perhaps even too friendly. He'll touch, he'll bump, he'll twine, and to him it's nothing, just a show of affection.

Of course, those that do earn his ire will never fail to know it. His youthful temper will be fiery and hot, but as he ages he'll learn to control it and to plan. He'll seek revenge in subtler ways, pitfalls and traps or simply creating situations for them to fail will be his primary weapons. Rarely will he actually desire death for his enemies, but when he does, he'll insist that only he can choose when they die and simply allows them to live.

As he ages, though, his inner, darker side will start to come out. He has a certain thirst for justice. It's not like he'll suddenly become dark and brooding all the time, but when something does start to bother him, he'll plan on how to even the scales again. And the more uneven the scales are, the more unjust, the more he'll need, deep down, to fix them.

As a Weyrling he won't be the most attentive learner. While certainly not ADD, he'd rather be dancing and celebrating than sitting in boring classes. He'll love flying, though, and likely develop a propensity for dumping dirt on the unsuspecting below him, just because it's fun. He might even call it 'cleansing' them, for additional impact.

When it comes to hunting, he'll be quick and efficient, neither fearing nor relishing blood and death, nor will he be a messy eater. He has more important things to do, eating is simply a biological necessity. Sometimes, though, he'll enjoy the chase, the bleating, the screaming, his ability to control life and death. Yes, some days he'll enjoy that, too.

When it comes to flights, he'll always want to participate. If dragons could be bisexual, Qucimth would be. He doesn't really care, he loves everyone. Green or gold, he'll want to chase, but it's not about winning. Sure, winning is good and all, but he really just enjoys the feelings that go with the chase. Exhilaration, joy, being alive. They drive him.

If he ever does sire a clutch, he'll be the definition of a bad influence dad. He'll dote more than brood. The eggs are okay, he'll do his part to make sure they're raised up, but he'll also be prone to bringing his babies the best cuts of meat and teaching them all of his bad habits and tricks.


Two things will always typify and define Qucimth's mind: whisky and music. The smell and taste and sound all together in one pleasantly joyous amalgam. It tends to ebb and flow, but will never fade completely, and is always accompanied by black and purple, colors accentuating the truth of his being. Unlike what one might expect, black is more prevalent when he's pleased or happy and purple moreso when he's displeased, for it's the color of the dead.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Ista Weyr! We're glad to have you aboard.

The theme for this clutch was Gods, Legends, and Heroes and Ghoulishly Decorative Egg and Qucimth are based on the Loa, specifically the Guede Loa, most specifically, their male leader: Baron Samedi/Baron Samdi, often just called 'The Baron'.

The design of this egg was based on a mix of The Baron's role as king of the dead and guardian of the cemeteries and the way that skulls are often decorated during the Guede festivals. His mind voice was inspired by the funloving, over-sexualized, and powerful presence of the baron and his subjects.

Visually, Qucimth was inspired primarily by The Baron's colors (black and purple) and the juxtaposition of light and dark that he represents while his name is a combination of your mentioned hero (Oliver Queen) and one of The Baron's alter-egos, Baron Cimitere: The guardian of the cemetery and the dead.


Name Qucimth
Dam Gold Eulweth
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created by Ryni
Impressee E'shik (Eshaimik)
Hatch Date 2015.02.14
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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