Almost a Lady Green Prisath

Though on the smaller side of green, this dragon doesn't quite have the most delicate of builds, she's not really likely to ever be called dainty. She's not plump, by any stretch of the word, but she definitely has a bit of bulk to her frame, in the form of muscles. Not just muscles though, well-developed muscles, giving her almost a body-builder sort of look. Her hide offsets this build a bit, being perfectly smooth, a nice soft pastel green in shade, and very responsive to a good oiling. The way she carries herself is different /again/, as she has a tendency to frolic, to jump around like an excited child.

Egg Name and Description

Lost in Delicious Adventure Egg

Cotton-candy pink diabolically splotches the outside of this oblong egg, smarming it with texture and color that would give a baker's sweetstick a run for its marks. Perhaps it is no visual marvel, with indents, outdents, and bulges galore, but intricate color and ambrosially curved markings in the brightest, boldest hues give appeal where the shell's curvature lacks. In fact, such luscious variety of hues coat over the main scheme of pink, that its base may not be apparent at all: snake-like coils, constantly changing from purple to yellow to blue to orange, to green to red as well, dance around from base to top. They weave over odd patches of sunny-green, wrap around peppermint white, skid away from licorice-ly black, and ooze through molassesy brown, in an exotic display of likely one of the most rainbow-colored, spotlight-stealing eggs of the batch. Hopefully, the unwary do not get lost within it's hypnotic grasp, though the journey across its hardening form may, at least, be an exciting one.

Touching Messages

Lolly-licious-ness teases as it enters the mind. Like the faint aroma of bubblies from a kitchen locked to your entrance, everything delicious that you could possibly want is, suddenly, overly aware to you, and terribly out of reach. Once you're captivated — mystified — by the realization of every succulent item that you can possibly remember, from tantilizing sweetsticks to the way a lover's lips are supposed to taste, softly, a presence tries to ensnare you… soft giggles, child-like play, and the image of a long, winding road, daring of adventure: but the moment it becomes vivid, it's snatched away by a coil of black, and a malicious cackle hovering at the back of your mind. What was that about? Who knows — but suddenly, you're feeling very hungry.

Lolly-licious-ness gurgles. Plops. Sizzles. Though before, where deliciousness was smelled, suddenly it's tasted — a marvelous sense of sweetness, sticky between your fingers, encompassing you like an ocean of honey. But… the elation begins to wear thin when suddenly, something's tugging at your feet: you're getting sucked in. The wonderful taste becomes a curse, when it consumes you, doesn't let you breathe, begins to eat you instead of you eating it! Oh no! As if holding you in, you can't seem to get your hand off of the egg quick enough to breathe again—though there's nothing visibly sticky or gooey there, the sensation most definitely is. But, alas, just in time, you're free! And, yet again, darkness frees your mind, leaving you only with that poisonous laugh…

Lolly-licious-ness takes you on its journey again, wildly spinning and turning and churning around bends and corners of fluid color — first smell, then taste, now sight. Within your mind it races, taking you over hills of rainbow-like luster, with white and red pinstripes framing the sides of your quick-moving vision. Your heart begins to throb, racing to the finish line. You know you're being chased — somehow, you know. The cackling is there, always, and though supporters egg you on, though gumdrops and sweetsticks and nutty brittle have settled in your stomach, though you can see the man waiting for you at the end, holding that cupcake out to you, pointing you in the right direction, you can feel the hands grabbing at your ankles, your hair, your clothes. So close, so… very… close… just at the moment you think you're done, just before the feeling of elation of winning is about to consume you, a darn little brat runs past you and grabs the cupcake first. You lose!

Hatching Message

Lost in Delicious Adventure Egg wobbles back and forth in the sands, like a child's first baby tooth beginning to work its way free.

Lost in Delicious Adventure Egg is starting to come apart at the seams now, flakes of the egg's shell breaking off and floating to the sands, revealing for now another identical layer underneath.

Lost in Delicious Adventure Egg has been steadily shedding bits of the shell, and, finally, enough has come loose to seriously damage the structural integrity of the egg. It's about then that a powerful leg kicks a hole in the side of the shell, and the egg crumples and deflates around the hatchling, leaving her to fight her way out.

Impression Message

Almost a Lady Green Hatchling makes her way out onto the sands, moving this way and that, seemingly with neither rhyme nor reason. She noses her way in to the midst of a group of candidates, four males spanning the entire searchable age-span, and she just moves from one to the other, stopping the second time around to eye them up. The oldest is first, and he's eyed up and down, but he backs hastily away. Not him. Another bounce through the three remaining, and she stops at the second oldest, who just stands there, shaking his head. Not him. Just two left now… She eyes up the youngest, then turns to the other boy remaining, a boy of fifteen. He turns and flat out /runs/ to hide behind a pair of girls from Ista Hold. Not him. The hatchling turns back to the youngest of the four, Leonell, who meets the green's eyes calmly. He doesn't back away, he doesn't shake his head, he doesn't run and hide. It's him! He bursts into tears, tears of joy. "Oh! Oh, yes, Prisath, I'll be L'nel, just for you."


The egg for this hatchling was based on the board game Candyland. The hatchling was based on the game of Four Square. The name Prisath is a distortion of 'Princess' as the players in Four Square typically have ranks, such as King, Queen, Prince, Princess.


Name Almost a Lady Green Prisath
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Egg: Korvok; Hatchling: X'hil
Impressee L'nel (Leonell)
Hatched September 26, 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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