His antique, dull bronzen hide seems to be splattered with little bits of lighter shaded mud. This patch here is more red, that there a definite tan. It will always look like he's just gotten done running through mud puddles, even his claws are streaked and stained in different colors, this one is dusty toned, that one the dark loam of river silt. Over his wings, the murky colors they seem to be appears drizzled, and only come alive when backlit. Like a stained glass window, when backlit the membranes come alive, showing an array of bronze and copper, sienna and umber. And they are greatly sized, these wings, oversized for him. He seems short, almost stubby in comparison to his other clutchmates. Stocky limbed, he'll never be graceful on the ground as he waddle-hops around on this mission or that. Especially not with that overly long tail of his always getting in the way. Your way, his way, everyone's way.

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Name Panzath
Dam Gold Nanaith
Sire Bronze Kandaroth
Created By
Impressee C'ren (Ceren)
Hatched 31 March 2000
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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