Cheery Chocolate Cake Brown Oraddokath

The underbelly of this beast is a deep and rich brown, like well fertilized moist soil. This dark brown wash covers all the way from his chin, down the underside of his neck, over his belly and right to the tip of his tail. Sturdy hind legs with paws a bit larger than normal also bear this very dark brown, save for the claws which are an ashy orange color. The top half of the dragon is covered in a swirl pattern, not unlike a marbled chocolate and vanilla cake. The majority of the dragon is a pleasant yellowy cream color. Mixed throughout are swirls of a burnt umber color, dark towards the bottom and fading into a lighter red towards the top. The wisps melt into the cream like a mix of paint after the first few stirs; starting big and thick over his back and thinning out on his head and tail. While they maintain a chaotic pattern down his neck and back, on the dragon's head the markings are perfectly symmetrical. Two pointy swirls taper down his face over his eyes, and two stretch from the end of his gently tapered snout backwards into a ring.

*Line art by Kaljaia; colors by L'ton

Egg Name and Description

Weird As a Wherry Egg
The top of this very ovoid egg is a bright red, like the skin of a redfruit. It's a bit textured, looking bumpy and thick. The red expands outward from the peak, creeping down the sides a bit before it thins out in a drip-like pattern. The bottom of the egg is purely white, moving from a perfect circle about an eighth of the way down and around it and then to the southern peak. There's only one black ring in this white area, forming a nice white cup as its supporting base. The rest of the egg is covered in thin pale yellow stripes that swirl around without any rhyme or reason. They seem to lack a plan or a good understanding of how they ought to lay, instead choosing to settle into complete chaos.

Hatching Message

Weird as a Wherry Egg seems to be just about finished with its tremors when a claw pops out the top. It grabs around the broken edge of egg, seemingly trying to pull itself out. But instead all it's getting is fragments of egg falling into and outside of it. Then a snout appears, still covered in bits of egg and left over egg goop, it's color for now indiscernible. Tiny dragon teeth grab the side of the egg… Is it trying to eat its way free? The teeth had the same effect as the claw, only destroying the outer shell more and more. Then finally the egg, out of balance and freed from its sandy prison, topples over. And out rolls the hatchling contained within!

Impression Message

Suddenly your mind explodes in a vivid array of colors like a time lapsed video of a field of multicolored poppies blooming. Everything suddenly seems to be slowing down around you, and yet none of it seems to matter anymore. Not the heat of the sand, nor the people in the crowd, or even the candidates standing around you. Your mind is flooded with fresh feelings, new and perfect. For a moment the world melts away, and everything feels… right as this magnificent brown gazes into your eyes. «S'drev! At last, we are united! There is much eating that needs to be done, do you know where we can start?»


This dragon is craaaazy! Okay, not really. He's just a bit absent minded is all, and tends to take things literally. Too literally, in fact. And this sort of thing can land a dragon in hot water more often than not. For example, if someone were to tell Shandraive to… go suck a wherry, Oraddokath will simply wander off to go look for one. Leaving his rider to wonder where he is a few minutes later, and why he's at the feeding pens sitting on a squawking wherry.

Is Oraddokath stupid? Well… no. He just marches to the beat of his own drum. He will have trouble understanding the subtleties that come along with human to human interaction. Sarcasm, turns of phrase, slang, even lying; many of these items he simply will never understand. He will be under the impression that every lie Shan tells has some underlying mischievous purpose, even if it's a white lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings. This type of behavior will lead others to believe that Oraddokath is stupid, which Shan will know especially that isn't the case. When he sets his mind to something proper, Oraddokath can be conniving, mischievous and even… deep. But only those that take the time to get to know him will find that Oraddokath is more than just a big lovable lug.

Oraddokath is a friendly sort though. He'll have little problem playing host to a company of dragons, or breaking up arguments between his brethren. Being the center of attention will never bother Oraddokath, in fact, he likely won't even notice when he's got an audience. The brown will routinely accept things at face value. Out of the ordinary situations that others will find strange and unusual will simply be shrugged off by the brown as 'that's just the way they are'. This will be partially due to his lack of memory of the times before (hooray dragon memory!) and partially because it's just the way that he is. This may frustrate Shan at time "Why didn't you /tell/ me it was like that!?" but other times will give Oraddokath an advantage over others because he'll be able to roll with the punches while others panic. His good nature will be hard to break except in the most dire or life-threatening situations.

Oraddokath will be far from suave, being classified as more of a 'best friend' sort of guy than a lady killer. All the same, he will quite enjoy the chase as it will be a time for him to let loose and follow his own instincts. He will be quite the competitive chaser, but will rarely fight in the air. Instead of retaliation he'll choose to simply find a different path to his goal.

Feeding will always be a time of great joy for Oraddokath. He will spend an inordinate amount of time choosing a wherry or a beast for eating… normally only to go back to the first one he saw initially. He'll always be up for trying new things, even vegetables, and may try to trick Shan into cooking on occasion.

Oraddokath may take some time to grow into his skin, so to speak. At first he'll be a bit lumpy, with paws too large and unusable wings that are too big. These traits though will disappear with time, and he will bloom from an awkward and wobbly thing into a graceful and confident flyer. In the early stages though, expect him to need your help, if not so much with the physical then more of the mental side of things. Build up his confidence in the beginning and he will become a shining example of a dragon without ever developing the cocky attitude which other dragons might.

But most of all, Oraddokath will be Shandraive's buddy, his best friend, confidant, etc. He is the Sam to Shan's Frodo. He will valiantly stand beside Shan should he decide to go to the ends of Pern and will never question the choices Shan makes or falter in his friendship. There is unlikely to be jealously or anger from this dragon directed at his rider. Should Shan decide to take a weyrmate, he will be happy that Shan is happy. And if there is another dragon around he will be glad to have some more company. He enjoys the simple things because they are just that, simple. Easy to understand and easy to enjoy.


Oraddokath's mind is awash with bright, exuberant colors. His mind will switch colors randomly and for no reason, and sometimes they will run into or around each other. He is a silent firework show full of vibrant displays featuring every color of the rainbow and more. When he is happy expect to see bright yellows, reds and oranges. More somber moods will see him progressing into purples and blues, though these will also be very vivid. Be wary when his colors become washed out or grayed… this probably means he's not feeling well at all, and you should probably get him to the infirmary straight away. Oraddokath's voice itself is actually quite deep, though it's never thunderous or excessively commanding. It's a generally pleasantly smooth, like a jazz radio DJ or the like.


If you haven't guessed by now, the theme for this clutch was Jim Henson. Everyone seemed to be taking the more serious work of his, so I decided I was going to do something a bit silly. And what could be more silly than the Swedish Chef! Yes, Oraddokath is based loosely off the Swedish Chef. His egg desc is basically a plate of spaghetti with red sauce. If you're unfamiliar with the Swedish Chef or The Muppets in general I suggest you head over to YouTube to watch a few videos. Yes it's aimed at kids, but there are still plenty of jokes that us supposed adults can appreciate!

To give you just a base idea of what he's like (if you don't already know) the Swedish Chef is well.. Swedish. He speaks in what's commonly referred to as 'Bork Bork', a broken English that undoubtedly is politically incorrect by today's terms and horribly difficult to understand (if not totally incomprehensible). The Swedish Chef runs a cooking segment on The Muppet Show where unexpected things are always happening, or things are going horribly wrong. For example, during one segment the plan is to cook a lobster, and before he's able to boil the lobster he's invaded by a gang of Mexican lobsters sporting guns. During another segment a cake suddenly comes to life and he's forced to smash it with a mallet. These strange things happen constantly on the show and the Swedish Chef never seems to question any of it. Or find another profession.

The dragon name is always the most difficult part for me. I hope what I've come up with is long enough for you! It comes from two Swedish words: "oradd" and "kaka"; and translates roughly into "Fearless cake". Completely silly.

You said you wanted sort of an off the wall coloration, which is why I chose to go with the swirled cake-like design. A box of 164 crayons tends to contain a lot of shades of brown! So I figured including several of the shades might be appropriate here. Generally when I at least think of a dragon I imagine a dark top with a lighter colored underbelly. In sticking with the unusual color theme I switched this, with the lighter colors and swirl covering most of his top half. The overall design was based off a particular chocolate cheesecake swirl picture I found, with dark chocolate shavings on sides. As you can imagine, food seemed appropriate here! I've tried to incorporate Shan's love of bright clashing colors into the mind voice of Oraddokath.

As for the personality you had a couple of stipulations: not fearful and not prude. I admit that I thought having a drama-llama of a dragon would be a bit too droll for Shandraive, so instead I've blessed Oraddokath with quirkiness to keep him quite entertained! And it matched up so well with the original theme as well.

It is of course important to remember that Oraddokath is yours and yours alone. Everything here is simply a guide. Feel free to modify, tweak, or simply change Oraddokath to fit what you think he ought to be and what you would feel most comfortable playing.

I certainly had a lot of fun with this clutch, and I hope you have lots of fun with Oraddokath!

- K'ael


Name Cheery Chocolate Cake Brown Oraddokath
Dam Gold Ankepith
Sire Bronze Donzayth
Created By K’ael
Impressee S’drev (Shandraive)
Hatched 22 March 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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