Elusive Shadow of the Sands Brown Odeleth

The creamy richness of molten dark chocolate smothers the smooth expanse of this dragon's hide. His coloration lacks uniformity, the hue of the liquid 'gold' visibly lightening as it spreads upwards, a multitude of wavelets, dancing along the points of this handsome male's form. Finely formed headknobs are tinted by warm toffee shades while eyeridges are delicately enlightened with bronze flames, contrasting the darkened cocoa hues present along the rest of his smooth head. A sudden splash of paler, milky brown drips over a tapered muzzle, blending away into the darkness. Glimmering toffee highlights emphasize his lean and muscular form, melting down his limbs to near black talons, while the same pale hue brushes like carefully laid decoration along his underside. Wings are a chocolate caramel, sails sturdy and braced with dark spars, coloration darkening near his body. Luscious milk cocoa spills a sweet flow along his spine, covering the ridges along his back, silkily pooling at the tip of his lean tail.

Egg Name and Description

Masking a Secret Egg
Dark, black, mysterious - cold. The slightest inkling of life very well is blind to the eye. A twist of the angle and soon there is a suddenly glint of silver and hope..? Yes, hope. The very idea of hope comes with the sliver of brightness. Widening dramatically with the smooth change of visual sight, the silvery becomes a virtual broad expanse of emboldened white. The color is more than blinding as the effects sweep further above the oval canvas in which it covers. The mystery comes once more, as the hue dims into a silver, then a dull gray and finally black returns. As dead as it had been before, the first glance had become the last. It is as if the very shadows held something in secret. A secret that is not one to be revealed, not until the right time.

Hatching Message

Masking a Secret Egg is still split, the fissure soon widens in the next motion, claws coming out quickly to push at the shell. Eventually the shell fails completely, exposing the hatchling within to the stage that is Pern.

Impression Message

A dark presence slowly soaks into your mind, dark browns and blues wrapping like a cloak around you, a musty, dusty scent blanketing your consciousness. « You. I can help you. » A cool baritone offers, « Vesvesris. You could help Odeleth too. I have hunger. » And a bright rose red streaks through his consciousness, fading out as he bonds.


"Everything I do, I feel is genius. Whether it is or it isn't." -Rufus Wainwright

From the very beginning, your Odeleth will be sure of himself often to a fault no matter what the subject at hand is. When Ruanath is loudly questioning what an oil vat is, Odeleth will be quick to respond, with an almost annoyed hint in his voice, « It's for those of us who will actually grow, so that we stay smooth. » As time goes on, he'll continue to believe that he is owed the privilege of things - the first to eat, the first to attempt to fly, the first to try something new. He is quite likely to cause a problem if he is denied, though no one will actually believe it. Then, of course, when it actually happens, his is unlikely to be rewarded with first attempts as it isn't a behavior becoming a dragon.

"There are different kinds of love, but they all have the same aim: possession"

Odeleth is very possessive of things which he believes belong to him - whether it's something simple like his couch, or his weyr, or something with more free will, like you, or a female that he happens to catch. His couch and his weyr are his space, and he will be loathed to allow visitors unless directly invited by himself or you, and he'll prefer dark colors, though all with a sense of elegance. Throughout Weyrlinghood and beyond, he will be very possessive of you as well, questioning why you've been away so long? What are you doing? Who have you been spending time with? He's likely to get jealous of others, when you are spending a great deal of time with them.

Generally possessiveness can be overcome, with a reassuring explanation, and a promise that you'll spend the next day scrubbing him down and giving him a good oiling. Once in a while, though, it will progress to a further stage, and his manipulative tendencies will rear their head. If the other person is a rider, he's likely to chat casually with their lifemate, false statements passed along as if they are from you. If necessary, he'll even eventually refuse to take you anywhere, most likely at some inconvenient time when you are stuck high in your weyr until someone comes to get you.

"To be a girl is to be sweet, to be a sugar or a honey, to have dolls, to play house and be the mother. To be a girl is not to fight, but to wheedle and cajole, to manipulate behind the scenes and deviously control by being pretty and coquettish." -John Money

His manipulative tendencies also help him to obtain that which he believes is rightfully his. He will restore to passive sabotage to help the pair of you, whether it's mentally disrupting a concentrating pair during their first flights, or convincing another pair that they have no desire to throw their hat in for a leadership position. It will be a difficult habit to get him to break, and you may not want to, as though it can be frustrating, it will generally help you.

Physically, he moves rather awkwardly, though he'll attempt to hide it. Most of the awkwardness disappears once he's in the air, and he'll look forward to being able to fly, for once he can, he'll do so constantly. In the air, he prefers the dramatic - quick, steep dives, sweeping turns, and loops - he's definitely in it for the attention.

"She's beautiful, and therefore to be woo'd She is a woman, therefore to be won" - William Shakespeare

In mating flights, he'll look to 'sweep her off her feet' with the dramatic, offering enticing suggestions in his sweet baritone voice, and woo her away. If he succeeds, he'll be quite possessive of her, despite her wishes, which may cause strife between yourself and a fellow rider. However, if he fails, the female is written off his list, and her rider off yours, at least in his mind - until she rises again.

Why did Odeleth chose Vesvesris? He saw great potential in her, that he felt he could twist to his own needs, and thus be a mentor for her. He saw in her naivety someone he could protect, someone who could potentially love him no matter the problems he has, and someone that will always be loyal.


His mind is musty and dark, grey and tan spotted over each other, like old blocks falling apart, while patches of moss green fade in and out. While generally the muted hues of a dark lair and the unseen shadows, occasionally, when something catches his interest, a bright rose red will flare up, streaking across his mind. His mind is characterized by a musty smell - dampness contained within a small space, circulation lacking. It may feel unbearable at first, but it time it will fade, and you will get used to it. His voice is a sweet baritone, in stark contrast to the rest of his mind, warm and inviting.


This cycle's egg theme was 'Musicals' and the Masking a Secret Egg was M'kan's interpretation of the Phantom of the Opera. Given that you wanted a Phantom dragon all along, I'll spare you the details of the musical. ;) Your Odeleth himself is based loosely on the Phantom, and like the Phantom, is not outright evil - instead he lies in the grey area that is hard to define.

You asked for a name that began with an O, and after searching for musical ideas, we came across the Greek word 'Odele' which means Melody. And so, Odeleth (Oh-Deh-Leth) was born.

As always, Odeleth is your dragon, and you may choose to play him as you will, but I had great fun making him, and I hope you enjoy him.

L'ton (With creative input from M'kan)


Name Elusive Shadow of the Sands Brown Odeleth
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Nemmenth
Created By L'ton, with help from M'kan
Impressee Vesvesris
Hatched 28 May 2006
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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