Pride Of The Federation Green Nunieth

Egg Name and Description

Adventures Are Forever Egg
Half-buried in the black sands of the hatching grounds, this enormous egg nevertheless manages to out-shine the glittering grains that surround it. Its surface is a prismic dance of ever-shifting light, never the same place or pattern twice. Every angle is only a deeper mystery of rippling reflections, no matter from where it's viewed, and delving down into its shadowed underside reveals only darker, more curious facets sliding into a myriad different designs. To the touch, the shell is smooth, however, despite the fragmenting shards of cool color that shimmer across it in an ever-eternal display. It boldly proclaims itself with a sparkling exterior that glints and glimmers as if polished to perfection, ready to put to shame a thousand mirrors with its radiance. But as gleaming as it is, its true value nevertheless lies safely within.

Mindtouch Messages

Bold New Frontier
Bold New Frontier is a silence so deep, so impenetrable, that it seems to go on forever. Gone is the warmth and light of the hatching sands, gone are the radiant colors - all is darkness, so complete and so cold it might as well be Between. Yet even in this unending vastness, there is a sense of order, of something entirely alien and unknown, but unquenchably curious. It envelops you without hesitation, an unexpected examination of itself, as much as you, cursory glimpses of what's on the surface taken with meticulous precision. And then it's gone, perhaps to analyze its findings. Or ponder its next move.

Bold New Frontier begins with a single solitary note, like a lone dragon's keen, all alone in this shapleless night, but clear and strong, seeming to echo toward you from some vast distance. Following its crystalline call, tiny motes of light appear in the emptiness. At first so faint as to seem impossibly out of reach, they come into sharp focus, all around. As if swimming in a sea of them, they shine like a thousand glows, tiny specks so bright it might almost be painful, yet at the same time piercing through the darkness, and through your surface thoughts, like a knife's blade. And with the rising light, comes the single note, joined now by a second, a third, a fourth.. each stronger and clearer than the last, cutting away at the mundane, as if trying, with calculated determination to find something.. beyond. But any sign of discomfort has it abruptly pulling back. Maybe to plot further, less intrusive studies.

Bold New Frontier is no longer a solitary note, but carries the force of a full orchestra. All of Harper Hall couldn't match this mental music, if indeed it could be called such, the keening chorus at once defiant and desolate. Yet no real emotion can be conveyed, it all seeming somehow an emulation. A mere reflection of remembered reactions. Indeed, what it pulls from your own memories is echoed back toward you, a confused mix of haphazard feelings, trying to pick and choose the right ones, and then testing your responses. Whether it's doing it right or not, there is a detatched sort of interest, the real precence behind the facade, desperately attempting to figure out itself. And you. But mostly itself, using you as a template, awkward and oblivious to what should be, but after a time, of sorting causes and effects, it merely recedes quietly without any kind of fanfare at all.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Adventures Are Forever Egg gives a tentative tremble. It swivels one way and the next as if looking for someone to say it's alright to start hatching now.

Crack Message
Adventures Are Forever Egg seems to have found solace in the sounds of its companions hatching, or something similar. Theres another tentative tremble as it experiments with the shell wall, a scraping and then a crack that runs from a puncture in the side of the egg and splits up the top.

Hatch Message
Adventures Are Forever Egg has been carefully cracking the sides all around it while other siblings have been escaping or wiggling about. At last there are a series of cracks all going up towards the top from which, like a jack-in-the-box, a head pops out. Well that was easy enough. The hatchling attempts to stand up out of the shell but it tips and dumps the little gooey thing down a small hill of sand where it rolls to the bottom. After a moment absorbing what has just happened the little creature stands and shakes the sand off to reveal herself.

Hatchling Name and Description

Pride Of The Federation Green Hatchling
The hide of this dragon is a bright emerald green, so vivid it's almost jewel-toned. Portions of her are highlighted in paler, eye-catching hues, along her headknobs and the back of her neck, and over strong shoulders, lessening slightly as it sweeps down toward her tail. She's large for her color, with big eyes and faded ridges, her legs not too long or short, with wider than average wings, the membranes dusted with even lighter coloration, so that they stand out against the rest of her, even when folded. Her talons are of a similar hue, and very sharp. Overall, her shape matches her size, with muscle evident here and there, softened by the bright shades of green that cover her.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
Twinkle, twinkle, in the night. The stars come out to play. The sands, the candidates, the eggs, all fading slowly away. And alone, in the infinite blackness, with only the pinpoints of light for company, there is a silence. Deep, profound, deafening. It settles like dust over you, and everything is still, save for the distant glimmering of impossibly bright lights. Brighter now, so much brighter. Burning across your vision in brilliant display. Until a single, solitary note breaks the endless silence, strong and bold. It is joined, now, though, a perfect harmony, rising together back toward the sands, and the others, not alone, not simply one note in the vast silence. But a harper's tune full of life, of vibrance. The melody of your Nunieth, finally having found you. « Renne » is carried on an elated beat, « Curious. I think this is hunger. » And that would be followed by a sudden feeling of emptiness your stomache.

Personality / RP Tips

Nunieth is a funny sort of dragon in that she is most definitely a dragon. Why is that funny? Well most dragons have almost human-like quirks derived from their companions or perhaps even from touching, but Nunieth, she doesn't seem to have too many of these.

However, like her inspiration, Data, this doesn't mean she doesn't want them.

She will be exceptionally inquisitive as a young dragon, intent on learning all she can about you, her Renne. Including enjoying for you to give her a pet name or other more human things like baths, comfy pillows, cooked meats. Some she will decide she doesn't like (such as cooked meats) but some she might actually prefer. Weyrlinghood she may seem a bit of a freak as she goes through these experimentations, but with you by her side she is not easily put out by any teasing. In fact she will be more likely to stand her ground, dragon-style.

As she gets older, however, she will find this unacceptable. After all, you do not brawl in such a manner, so she must learn to temper these feelings. Or at least, learn when it's acceptable to behave in such a way. But try as she will she just can't help her instincts.

This will be very beneficial when it comes to flying. Nunieth was BORN to fly! It is her greatest instinct and she is a very much a natural at all that comes with it. Given some of her earlier quirks this could cause issues between her and others such as Esameth, who's condescending nature and hugeness makes her the most qualified to pick on and start fights with Nunieth.

But one thing that could gain acceptance of her by her sister gold is probably her most unusual trait of all: Intelligence. Most greens are seen as being flighty with the memory of a goldfish. Not Nunieth. Nunieth is incredibly intelligent and gifted at remembering things long past down to the location and time when it happened or was said. She can also remember exact phrasing. This can be very unnerving to most and sometimes comes out an inappropriate times too. Think of Sheldon's eidetic memory in The Big Bang theory. She's something like that when it comes to remembering things. Her knowledge is also fed by that curiosity to try 'human' things, as was mentioned before. As such she would likely end up knowing a great deal more about humans and human behaviors than even you, Renne.

This could be an issue for mating flights. She may take over choosing a partner for you, convinced that she knows what's going on with your human hormones. She will try hard to grasp the idea of love of the human kind, but all she can really understand of it is her love for you and she certainly doesn't want to mate with you! So it will take patience and understanding between both of you to come to an agreement on who is most acceptable to be your weyrmate.

She will be a challenge to catch in mating flights themselves. After all she is a natural flyer and shows it to the very best in these instances. This, her general fearlessness and great memory would make her a natural choice for the search and rescue wing. With you by her side, she knows anything is possible!


Nunieth's mind is a glittering starfield that stretches onward ahead of her thoughts, each opinion and emotion punctuated by bold notes of an internal orchestra. Some can be vibrant with enthusiasm, others low and deep with thoughtfulness, while still others take the middle ground of sweeping elegance, when she's feeling her best. Upset and confusion can bring disharmony, making the bright pinpoints of light in the darkness twinkle and shimmer, or even wink out altogether if she's in distress. A building temper can be accompanied by the rising roll of drumbeats thundering across her mindscape. The harsher the tone, the more unyielding her temperment, but eventually, all melodies descend into soft contemplation, her mind at work busy pondering. But while there's sound, there's feeling. It's the silence that will be most profound, the notes quieted so that even she can think, distant recollections and realizations emerging with a silence so great it might feel deafening.


Our these for this clutch were gemstone eggs and AI or Artificial Intelligence dragons. Yours had the gemstone of diamond for an egg with the AI hatchling based on Data from Star Trek.

This egg was a collaboration between T'eo and Cenlia. Cenlia made the egg and mind as well as described your Nunieth. T'eo is responsible for the RP tips, name and hatching messages.

Nunieth's name comes from Data's creator, Dr. Noonien Song and the hatchling herself shares many of Data's traits including the desire to be human and the restrictions being a dragon means for that. We mixed some of Data's loyalty and other traits with traits you were looking for in a green to flesh her out. Her description is inspired by your desires as well as a moonlit emerald.

We hope you enjoy her but of course these RP tips are just a guide. She is yours to play as you will.

Congratulations and welcome to Weyrlinghood at Ista!


Name Pride Of The Federation Green Nunieth
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Tzimisceth
Created by T'eo & Cenlia
Impressee Rene (Reanna)
Hatch Date 2014.04.12
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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