Wood Witch Which Would Bewitch Green Nakueath

The woods have eyes. Multifaceted eyes. This green's hide, from the hooked curve of her muzzle to the tip of her long tail, is a deep, vibrant, hunter green the color of fresh pine needles in a primeval forest. An even darker green, almost black, settles over wide, heavy browridges, imparting to the expression beneath a brooding quality while a light blue, silvery hue outlines the thickness of both headknobs like shafts of moonlight. More silvery blue moonlight dapples over the length of her neck, down to a pair of massive shoulders, so weighty with muscle as to make her seem hunch-backed. And upon that sizable expanse are a pair of enormous wings, sturdy ailerons the yellow green of budding leaves, holding firm against the tumultuous skyscape of swirling, storm green mist and lightning flashes that are actually wingsails. The tempest continues to swirl and eddy about her blunt spine ridges, finally dispersing like the memory of a nightmare as the vapor reaches her sinewy haunches. Or does it, for her talons are as dark and thunderous as the promise of a violent squall and sharper than the most cutting wind gust.

Egg Name and Description

Halfway Through The Wood Egg
Dark and moody, mottled and streaked by rich hunter greens greens, chocolate browns and dreary greys, this ovoid is the spitting image of a meandering path through a primeval forest. The impenetrable foliage on either side of the dirt track is uninviting enough but the lighter striations of the shell as it expands, paints crooked claw-like branches across the surface that reach out hungrily to capture any who dare come by. And, speak of the devil, a gathering of five shadowy figures huddle close together, featureless profiles turned in different directions as if each one were trying to figure out which way to go next. Being lost in these woods doesn't seem like a picnic but, despite their bleak surroundings, a sense of hope emanates from the quintet. Maybe they're making a wish…

Hatching Message

THWOCK! Whatever is inside the Halfway Through The Wood Egg has had enough. It's the last rocking. It's the last verse. It wants out. Now. I WISH…more than ANYTHING…More than LIFE! The eggs must hatch on the sands today!! I wish to hatch on the sands today!!! And now the creature gets its wish. Another loud THWOCK from within and the shell cracks, several seams developing on its dark surface. One more THWOCK and the seams push apart, setting the young green dragon free to wander as it longed to. But not yet. For the moment she'll sit in contemplation of the chaos around her, eyes whirling fiercely red as she glares at the gathered candidates.

Impression Message

BANG!!! The loud mental sound effectively deafens you. CRASH!!! Now you are sightless as well, trapped inside your lightless mind. Then a flash of lightning pierces the darkness, sharp, white hot and blazing. « Nice. Not good or bad. Nice. Perfect. » The feminine voice that comes to you through the darkness also brings a glowing ball of yellow, a swirl of red, a glimmer of gold, a streamer of white. The colors then caper about each other in an exuberant dance before settling abruptly. « I'm not good, bad or nice. I'm just right…about you, Nik'i. I've been wishing for you and now, you are mine. » A pause as hunger begins to filter in along with the sounds and sights of the sands. « Back into the wild world you must go, but not alone. You are not alone. I, Nakueath, am with you. » Was that a rumble of thunder or an empty stomach? « Not to mention hungry. Feed me, boy! » And the world returns to you, albeit subtly changed with a green hatchling staring fiercely into your eyes.


HATCHING TO WEYRLING - "Into the woods without regret, the choice is made, the task is set."

It may take you a while to notice, but Nakueath, even in her youth, is a dragon with two sides. On the one side, she is happy, life-loving and sweet. Her other side, however, is darker, more thoughtful, some might even say moody, but you know better…or rather you will learn to know better in time. She's not unhappy, simply thinking, planning, seeking paths that are clearer to her mind when she is quiet and still. And you, Nik'i, are to play a great role in those plans. Your interests will become hers, enthralled by the ocean you love, the island you adore, the people you are surrounded by and the beaches where you spend so much of your time. These things will become her fairytales, stories about a 'once upon a time' before she came to you, and she will ask you to tell her again and again about how you learned to surf, the names of the different fish you know, dolphins you've met, etc. She will be particularly amazed by surfing, believing your ability to be a willful control of the force of nature that is the ocean, a belief that may grow into a fascination with the more spectacular forces of nature (large waves, storms, fire and volcanic eruptions specifically) and ways to manipulate these forces (surfing, sailing, building fires on the beach, turning lava flows or cooling them before they can cause damage). To her, these forces are magic, beautiful, powerful and ultimately controllable. She will long to perform such magic with you, the source of her own perceived power. You are the spell and she is the castor, and together you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Weyrlinghood with Nakueath as your lifemate may seem surprisingly uncomplicated to most observers, possibly causing you some envious looks from those with more difficult bonds. Unlike her more mischevious brothers and sisters, she's naturally easygoing and quick to learn, picking up what is wanted and expected of her almost without effort. « So you want me to pick up your image and send it back? Alright. » *image sent back crystal clear* « There. Easy. Next? » This ease can be a double edged sword for you. Sure, you'll have more time to play since Nakueath makes everything seem so effortless, but those who ace every test given, with little real study, can find themselves overwhelmed later on when the work becomes truly difficult. It may be wise for you to make sure she practices -all- her lessons, especially the ones she blows off as "kids stuff."

Another possible problem is how your weyrling master may perceive you. He/she may expect you to do well quickly, and in that assumption, give you harder trials before you are quite ready for them, or hand you responsibilities you'd rather not have, for example asking you to assist some of the others in picking up the day's lesson. You may be forced to mature in some ways that you didn't expect from riding a chromatic dragon, and this may change your perspective on life. As for Nakueath, she won't like being hindered. She has a selfish streak about her time and yours, and anything that infringes on that time will annoy and anger her. « *sigh* Why do -we- have to suffer for -their- stupidity, Nik'i? Can't they just figure it out themselves? We're missing the best waves of the day. » You'll need to learn to keep her egocentricity in check. Reminding her that she can and does make mistakes ("I don't know if we -should- catch those waves yet. That last sending -was- a little blurry."), will pull her focus back to the side of logic and reason, where it should be.

ADULTHOOD - With the awkwardness of childhood behind her, Nakueath's yin and yang (sweet and easygoing/egocentric and power hungry) have developed in just the right amounts to make for a very interesting lifemate. She -is- the epitome of the word 'balance', with an intrinsic knowledge of the necessity for both sides of herself, good and bad, to exist. She will have learned from you when to be kind and when to demand, when to offer help and when to turn her back and take some time for you both. You will find it hard to over-extend yourself with this one always in your mind. « You need a day off. Let's surf. » "But we have…" « Forget what we have. We're going to the beach. Now. » But, by the same token, she will not let you slack off on a whim. She will work hard and play hard, and do both for your sake, though not necessarily at your request. The magic of nature is now tempered by some understanding of how the world works, but she will never quite loose her fascination with it. She'll seek out a volcano and circle it, observing it for signs of eruption, or sit just inside her weyr, watching with fiercely whirling eyes as a powerful storm passes over Ista. Even when you surf, you may catch her watching the waves you ride from the corner of your eye, staring with a mixture of wonder and pride before diving under for a leisurely swim. And don't be surprised if, even after turns to know you inside and out, she still occasionally asks for a 'fairytale' of your past before bed.

MATING FLIGHTS - There is only one time where Nakueath's selfishness becomes too strong for even you to control her, and that is when she's proddy. Her easy, laid-back nature is almost entirely eclipsed by her more egocentric needs at such times. Now is when she feels her true power at hand, the power to seduce, manipulate and bend others to her will, an ability she will attempt to wield over any males in her vicinity, dragon and human alike. When she finally rises, her flight is aggressive and challenging, pushing her chasers harder and faster with near vertical assents and plummeting drops, all to see just whom is strongest, fastest, most daring. She will only take the most powerful male left in the sky to her and you may find you're waking up with more than a few brown and bronzeriders because of that preference. However, the sheer daring-do of many a blue may seduce her with their chutzpah, the smaller males more often taking the greater risks and thus proving to her that they are truly giants at heart.

WHY ME - Nakueath has been expecting this question, but to answer it, she must take you back to when she was in the darkness of pre-hatching, a place she doesn't quite recall except for a feeling…a longing for something…a wish. She wished to -be-. And to be, she needed something to -be- for, something to concentrate all her power on, something to teach and to be taught by. And that something, that -someone- was you. « A child, a prince and a wolf, all in one human. That was how you felt when you first touched me. And in that touch I knew I'd gotten my wish. I'd found, in you, all the meaning and mystery life could offer. I saw that the risks of the dark, wild world outside my shell, were balanced by its wonder and beauty. And together, you and I were meant to share in that balance and thrive. »


Nakueath's mindvoice is rich and feminine with the smooth, easy tones of one who has rehearsed her words before your conversation even began, eliminating and rewriting sentences silently before speaking to get every nuance of a feeling across in the most beautiful and impacting way possible. Only when she's angry or proddy will her language become harsher, coarser, less practiced and her vocal nuances will develop a hoarse, grating sound as well. Her mindtouch is a spellbinding mixture of blood red banners, corn yellow threads, milk white streamers, and golden sparks, all combined to thrill and amaze you with its beauty and power. If she deigns to bespeak someone, you may find she enjoys toying with other minds, dazzling them with this cacophony of colors and textures until A) shock and awe set in or B) you tell her to behave. And she -will- behave…after an amused chuckle at the other person's expense.


Nakueath's egg description, "Halfway Through the Wood" was inspired by "Into The Woods," a kooky, comedic and thought-provoking musical look at classic fairy-tales and just what happens after 'happily ever after.' What I tried to capture in words was the moment at which the five main characters find themselves at a crossroads, a place where each must make a decision that will ultimately change them, for better or worse, and lead to a (hopefully) happy ending…a place where this young personality within the shell was as well.

Originally, I blended the personalities of two characters to derive this infant mind: the hopeful, wistful, wish seeking Cinderella, and the colder, analytical, harsh wisdom of The Witch with just a dollop of Little red Riding Hood's exuberance for good measure. Your green could have grown into any of them, but there was something about The Witch that I felt really suited Nikai and your desire for both a balanced mind like yours as well as a counter-point. She's (in my humble opinion) the most balanced and down right interesting character of the show. Her story is anything but black-and-white, her motives shift from horribly selfish to surprisingly tender, and her opinions force one to wonder if she's really all that wicked or simply the smartest of them all? If you like musicals, I recommend renting "Into The Woods" highly. Smart, funny and witty (leave it to Stephen Sondheim, the lyrical genius, to write a 'rap' that even -I- could like), it's just an all around wonderful ride. And Bernadette Peters absolutely steals the show. If it's not your cup of tea (not everyone can stomach people singing -almost everything-), you can check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Into_the_Woods for a really good synopsis of the story, cast listings and even some lyric excerpts (did I mention Stephen Sondheim was a genius? Read the proof! XD). Okay, now that I've done my part to contribute yet another royalty check to "Into The Woods" producers…

Nakueath's name (pronounced Nah-koo-EETH), I'll admit, was a tough one for me. I wanted to incorporate my "witch" concept with your desire for an "islandish" theme (yes, I took the Hawiian hint and ran with it. XD), so I used the power of Google to lead me. The closest thing to witch I found was Kahuna anaana, the name for Hawaiian healers believed to have the power to pray a person back to life or into death. These "witch doctors" performed their spells using Lauu Kahea, their word for spiritual or faith healing, a concept that works very well with my ideas for your green's personality and interests. Sadly, I tried and repeatedly failed to combine these words into a good name that A - didn't scream "HAWIIAN DRAGON" at the top of it's little lettery lungs or B - became frighteningly unpronounceable…until I looked at those lovely N's and thought of Natua, one of my favorite dolphins from Dolphins of Pern. How could I have a dragon who loved the water and not be inspired by a creature whose very name in archaic latin means "Mariner"? Well, I didn't have a T, but I DID have a K and so Nakueath was finally born. I do hope you approve.

Ultimately, Nakueath is yours to enjoy. NONE of what I've written below is set in stone. She is yours to play and develop as you see fit. What qualities evolve, how they manifest or even IF they manifest, is up to you. May she teach and inspire you in RP as much as she taught and inspired me during her creation. - Franses, A'rtomus and their Sondheim lovin' player.

PS - Just remember it was -you- who requested "Super-Green!" Mr. Fifth Element… "Careful the wish you make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take - wishes come true…" Children Will Listen from Stephen Sondheim's "Into The Woods" ;)


Name Wood Witch Which Would Bewitch Green Nakueath
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Nemmenth
Created By Franses and A'rtomus
Impressee Nik'i (Nikai)
Hatched 28 May 2006
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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