Unimaginable Depths Blue Nabilth

Midnight blue covers this dragon from the tip of his snout to the very end of his tail, and while he is average in size it is difficult to judge without measuring by his constant movement, never able to keep perfectly still. Dark hide vaguely resembles a cloudy pattern, smothering his form from over his ridges down the sides of his body, and only notable when looked at from up close. Even with his somber color and sharp looking eyes, the rest of him is physically softer around the edges, with a gently rounded muzzle to the sweeping curve of his tail tip; even talons look blunt on the ends, worrisome for hunting larger and tougher prey.

Egg Name and Description

Insatiable Four Egg

The appearance of a tranquil lake spreads out on the surface of this egg, blue and clean, clear and pure. A few green spots indicate either plants or small amphibians there amongst the blue waters. And a few pink-white spots like flowers float there, too. However, along the middle of the egg, arranged in an even ring, are four large spots - one orange, one green, one shocking pink, and one yellow. They appear to have their mouths wide open, and vortices near the open mouths—as well as the white dots that appear to be falling into them - seem to indicate that they're actually INHALING the water. Oh no!

Mind Touches

Whirling Vortex pulls you in quickly, as soon as your fingers touch the shell. The sensation of falling, spinning, and whirling out of control overtakes you. It's a dizzying feeling…but all the same, a strange exhilaration is there. Is it yours…or that of the egg's?

Whirling Vortex seems to surround you, pulling you into the center, and whirls past your mind, eagerly lapping up any and all thoughts you can throw at it. It wants to know everything about you, and in its eagerness, it may be pulling at your mind too hard. It just keeps pulling at you, wanting to know more and more. Your name. Your life. Everything about you. It wants it all, and greedily grabs at your thoughts.

Whirling Vortex finally pulls you fully inside it. However, as soon as you feel yourself falling down into the source of the vortex, you find yourself exiting it. The whirling and spinning stops, the pull and grab of the vortex is gone, and your awareness comes back…so suddenly that the dizziness remains for a moment more. And then it's gone.

Hatching Message

Insatiable Four Egg starts to spin! Round and round and round it goes, where it'll stop, nobody knows!

Insatiable Four Egg is starting to wobble from side to side in its relentless spinning, now and then wobbling so far as to actually fall against the sands, before righting itself. The shell manages to aquire a few cracks and dents from these falls.

Insatiable Four Egg is spinning increasingly erratically, and the recently acquired cracks and dents in the shell are certainly not helping any. Holes are starting to appear in the side of the shell, more and more pieces are falling away. Eventually, the egg splits, the base remaining in place, the center section laying around the shell, in fragments, and the top section perched atop the hatchling's head.

Impression Message

Unimaginable Depths Blue Hatchling seems a little dizzy after all that spinning, and is having a little bit of trouble with a stubborn bit of his shell, which rests on his head, obscuring his eyes. He staggers blindly towards the candidates, letting his other senses guide him. There, over there, is that boy /laughing/ at him? He takes a few unsteady steps in one direction, then stops, and turns. He hears something, there. A… a girl! Crying? He turns about and plods slowly in that direction, lifting his feet /very/ carefully on the sands, so as not to stumble and trip. The girl is headbutted, and she nervously removes the shell covering the blue's eyes, to find them staring up at her. "Oh!" she says, blinking back a fresh onslaught of tears. "Oh, Nabilth, no, these are /happy/ tears!" Nedami insists, as she leads him to food.


The hatchling for this egg was based off of the board game Hungry Hungry Hippos. The hatchling was based on the 'Blindman's Bluff' game, a variation of tag. One player is blindfolded, spun around three times, and then has to tag another player, who will be the blind man next.


Name Unimaginable Depths Blue Nabilth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Egg: A'dar; Hatchling: X'hil
Impressee Nedami
Hatched September 26, 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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