Imperfect Mimicry Blue Mimonseth

Does this hatchling still have his egg attached to him? The same crisp icy-blue shade remains the dominant color over this small and delicate dragon. His body is long and thin, looking almost fragile with graceful limbs and a whip-thin tail that snakes out behind him, tip cracking. A rough band of cobalt blue colors the point where his narrow wings meet his body with thin lines of gray-blue radiating outwards from it, wavy like veins rather than the cracks that marred his shell previously. The lines continue to travel on his wings, never touching his body, and breaking off into thinner and more numerous sections as they proceed towards the outer edges of his wings.

Egg Name and Description

On Thin Ice Egg

Totally covered in an ice-blue color, the egg looks as though it is covered in a thin layer of ice. However, the shell is not translucent, and it does not allow its occupant to be seen. The whole surface of the egg is a singular expanse of that cold, icy blue-white, but for two things. Around the equator of the egg there is a thick band of cobalt blue upon which the egg seems to rest in the sands. And at the very top of the egg there is a single red figure perched seemingly atop a small red square. Cracks seem to spread out from underneath the figure, black lines in the perfect blue-white shell. Luckily, the egg is not actually cracked.

Mind Touches

Cautious Steps tiptoe across the fringes of your mind. So delicately that it's hard to even know they're there. Cold envelops you, wrapping around you like a frigid blanket of snow and ice, chilling to the core. But the embrace is secure, if chilly, like a hug.

Cautious Steps circle a little closer, with you securely held by the chill within. They descend deeper, traveling the thoughts you have at the front of your mind. What do you have to show them? Who are you? Where are you? What are you? Gaining confidence, the steps come closer to the being that is YOU.

Cautious Steps have finally reached YOU, the inner you. Curiosity overtakes them and they circle about, echoing through your mind. What will they discover? You don't know…because the embrace of the cold suddenly gives way, and the ice underneath you breaks, dropping you back down into yourself as the steps fade away.

Hatching Message

On Thin Ice Egg seems to be melting in the heat of the sands, as the sizzling hiss of water evaporating accompanies it as it wobbles slowly back and forth.

On Thin Ice Egg starts to crackle in the heat, seemingly unchanging, as the cracks almost perfectly trace the crack lines already on the shell. Here and there, the lines deviate slightly, it's not perfect.

On Thin Ice Egg is really falling to pieces now, as the cracks have begun to extend beyond the markings on the shell. The upper half of the shell crumbles a bit now, and falls to the sand in many many pieces, leaving the opening free for the hatchling to emerge.

Impression Message

Imperfect Mimicry Blue Hatchling makes his way forth, leaving his eerily similar, and yet not quite identical, egg behind. He heads straight for a group of weyrbrats, one of whom steps aside. The hatchling matches this side-step, and the candidate shuffles backwards. The blue copies this, as well, which piques the candidate's curiosity, and he takes a cautious step forward. The dragon matches it. Another step, forward and to the side, and the dragon matches that, too! The candidate, Soltimor, eyes the blue, and the blue eyes back. They both blink. "Oh, Mimonseth, yes, I'm hungry too!" cries S'tim, leading the blue off to the waiting food.


The egg for this hatchling was based off the board game Thin Ice. The hatchling is based on the game 'Simon Says', with Soltimor/S'tim taking the place of Simon, sort of. The dragon copies, whether 'Simon said' or not, hence Imperfect Mimicry as the hatchling name. The desc is obviously taken - also imperfectly - from the egg's desc. Seemed to fit.


Name Imperfect Mimicry Blue Mimonseth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Egg: A'dar; Hatchling: X'hil
Impressee S'tim (Soltimor)
Hatched September 26, 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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