Arboreal Summer Green Merenth

A warmly gilt sun turns brilliant the deep greens of this sleek dragon's hide, like a crisp summer fruit beaded with condensation. Stipples of pale sage mull down the smooth length of her neckridges, dappling the caliginous emerald that bathes her lithe torso in softly mottled colours reminiscent of a watermelon's smooth rind. Meanwhile, beneath the cool shelter of her rounded belly, streams of light bedeck the deep hues to turn flecks of silver to a radiant finish, like beads of moisture creeping down the base of her neck. Saturated in viridian is her tail, the virescent hues gleaming against ripples of a darker shade, as if a sweet juice dried to a stain upon the slender tip, echoed within her talons of soft ivory. Wingsails flair, as pale as summer grapes, turning darker towards the tips of her trailing edges, where earthy ripples rest like discarded seeds, touched in the watermelon red that dusts the firm lines of radiant pinions.

Egg Name and Description

Veined Lactescence Egg

Hatching Message

Shivering beneath the frenzied efforts of the hatchling within, the Veined Lactescence Egg rolls over onto its side, a few hairline cracks matching the veining upon the pale orb. As it rolls more steadily, back and furth as if being churned into butter, cracks grow larger, spreading across the egg's entire surface before they take over entirely - shattering the shell. In its wake, covered in the tiny shards of what was once her home, lies a dark green hatchling.

Impression Message

Whisps of watermelon, strawberries and other fruits begin to make their way into your mind, a curious, cautious presence making itself known on the outskirts of your mind. Flickers of green, pink and white begin to come to life on a grey background you didn't realise was there. There's a momentary pause, and the heat beneath your feet fades as a green muzzle comes to a halt at your feet. Looking up, she seeks your eyes. « I never felt like this before… Another at my very core. Merenth am I, my love I give, for as long as I live. » As she speaks to you, where there were two souls, they now weave into one, inextrcably linked for the all of time.


If Merenth were to be described in only a few words, they would be 'graceful', 'caring' and 'extroverted'. She doesn't start out this way, totally, so you'll have to check the growing up section for more details - this mainly speaks about when she's fully grown.

The epitome of grace, Merenth is envied by most of the dragons in the Weyr for this alone. Able to turn on a wingtip, a tailtip, or any-tip at all, she has a fludity of movement on land, in the air, and in the water that is quite remarkable. Many of the males will admire her for this but she'll take it all in her stride. Suprisingly, she's quite modest, and is content to let the compliments slide off her back. Sure, she might preen a little under the attention - who wouldn't - but in the end, it won't affect her ego, which is firmly in its place. True to her form, she is sleek and lithe, and 'dances' in a fashion, wherever she goes. A waggle of a rump here, a bobbing of her head there… She'll bop along to unheard music.

Kind and caring is she, especially when it comes to the well being of others. « I can't eat this herdbeast. Do you think that those in High Reaches might need it, since it's so cold, and they'd have their animals almost frozen? » She'll often put herself and her needs /after/ the needs of others - Should a dragon be injured, she'll offer words of encouragement and won't leave until she's sure that it's safe to… even if that means that she goes without food herself. She won't be afraid to go to her daddy, either. From the egg, she'll love the towering bronze, Zippith - or that's how she'll see him. He's the great lighthouse to lead her home everytime something goes wrong, and she won't be afraid to go to him. Especially if she needs anything.

An extrovert is she, but not in the traditional meaning of the word. Where she won't talk anyone's ear off, or introduce herself to /everyone/ on the face of Pern, but she will introduce herself to new people, and she will speak to people of her own volition. Especially males who she decides are speical, or different in some way. And any that share her sense of grace will be watched very carefully. You'll have to be careful, for any males that she does take an interest in, she'll fall in love with easily, even if they don't reciprocate the sentiment. She won't learn, either, no matter how often you explain to her that she should be more careful - she just can't help herself. She's what one might call the eternal hopeless romantic. « No-one has ever made me feel like he does. » …Remember Dorernth?… « Who? » Often she won't remember her past romances, draconic memory being as it is, but when she does, she'll be sure that it was different that time.

She genuinely likes to help people, and deal with people, which is a rare trait in humans, let alone dragons. If someone's struggling with a load, she'll offer a muzzle… and if people need a ride, no matter their station, she'll go out of her way to take them. « Adareri… It's on the way. We can take them easily. » Nevermind that you're headed to Fort, and the people wish to go to Xanadu - she won't care in the slightest.

Music, for her, is something of a passion, even if her steps are better than her voice. Her croon isn't unpleasant, but if she goes out of her 'range', it becomes downright wince-worthy. No double-octave renditions for this lady - she knows that she's better at aerobatics, and should you ever get the chance to play music loud enough for her to fly to it, it'll be a sight to see. She'll spiral and twist as the music does, creating an aerial dance that's seductive, even if meant not to be. She can't seem to understand why the males look at her so.

Proddiness will be an interesting experience, for the both of you. The dance that she weaves daily will become downright seductive. This won't be very readily apparent, but it's the 'first stage' of her proddiness. She obviously progesses through the stages quickly, with the second being outpourings of emotion to any male that will listen. If you're having any problems, you might want to keep them under tight control when you're sure that she's beginning to become proddy… and it'll be hard, since she's not very regular. At times she'll be three sevendays early, and at others, more than a month late. Finally, she'll get angry that nothing that she does ever comes to any help to people (though this isn't true, no matter what people tell her, she'll think it) and then she'll take to the skies.

When she does take to the skies, her flights will be something that most of the Weyr will likely come to see - her aerobatics alone will cause gasps of astonishment from the crowd. She'll be tough for the males to catch. Should they lead her in the wingwork that she dances, they might have something of a better chance, but most of the time she'll be able to twist of out a bronze's reach - Merenth will most likely be blues, and she won't resent it either - any graceful enough to catch her will be worthy indeed.

Growing Up
Merenth's kind, down to earth nature is evident from the very beginning, even if other facets of her personality are not. When Petryth overeats, she'll be the one (other than his rider) to sit beside him while he wears it out and offer her sympathies. Of course she'll be fed, but that won't be at the front of her mind… only the well being of the poor bronze will be considered. She herself won't overeat, but rather be very particular about her meat choices. « No, no. Not that one. It's too fatty. » She's concerned about her appearance now, but as she comes out of her shell, this will diminish.

What isn't clear from the beginning is her extroverted nature, and her grace. The first needs to be brought out, and the second, she needs to grow into. When Merenth is learning to walk, to fly… she won't be full of elegence and grace. She'll step on your toes. She'll fall into the other dragons. She'll turn around and run into a wall. Such is the wonders of growing up. Her limbs will be slightly out of proportion to her body, and the inability to compensate will hinder her. She'll get embarrassed easily because of this, but when she is fully grown, she'll come into her own, for what she's previously been overcompensating for will be there. The change will be rather gradual… so gradual in fact, that it'll seem like a suprise when she does turn around, her her tail flicks just /so/ to keep her completely balanced. « Oh, that? I could always do that. » Yeah, right.

Merenth will need to be brought out of her shell as she grows up. She's protected - both by you, and by her 'daddy' - and she'll be a /little/ introverted to start with. With her clutchmates there will be no problem - to her, they are family - but to other dragons, there will be a little difficulty. As she learns to speak to more and more people, and creates a social network, she'll become more of an extrovert, though not the a great degree. She'll always be quieter than Zreth, but not as introverted as Ahreluth. Her first flight will be an interesting one, as it'll come out of the blue, and quite a bit earlier than is to be expected of a green… you won't see it coming, at /all/.

Merenth knew that you would be there. You had to be there. You're the one to draw her out, to dance soul-to-soul with her. You'll explain to her why humans don't seem to care for one another the way that she cares for both them, and her draconic counterparts. There's just one more reason - she knows that you are right for her, and that you'll always be right.


A gentle alto is Merenth, at least when she's not waxing emotional. When she is flustered or showing more intense emotion, she sounds more stung out, and her words tend to cry upwards, as if she's unsure of what she's saying. Usually, her mindtouch is confident but at the same time delicate - just as a dance step. The colours that comprise her mindvoice are few, but striking - everpresent is a background of grey, with flashes of pinks, whites and greens, as the need for them arises. Don't let that fool you, however - they greyness does not equate to dullness. When Merenth is talking to you a cornucopia of smells are avaliable to you, and they're all fruity. From watermelon to grape, to strawberry, and a mixture of them all, they're present whenever Merenth is in your mind, and linger after she leaves.


The egg theme for this clutch was 'Big Things' and the Veined Lactescence Egg was based on the 'Big Cheese' and written by Lydiere. Merenth's personality is based on the character 'Frances (Baby) Hoffman' from Dirty Dancing, with additions and tweaks, and her description is based on the watermelon that she carries up to the staff residence. The name Merenth comes from the dance called 'the Merenge' (Sometimes spelled Merengue). It is pronounced 'ME-renth' with the 'me' being pronounced as in 'men', and 'renth' as in 'rent' with a th.


Name Arboreal Summer Green Merenth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By Lydiere and G'wain
Impressee A'reri (Adareri)
Hatched 08 September 2002
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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