Guardian of the Small Brown Meluth

Rich red sandstone coats the hide of this stocky brown dragon making him a brick wall in colouring as well as in size. His legs appear criss-crossed with darker lines, the sparkling texture of granite seeping up from his talons and marking out a brick-like patterning that fades over muscled haunches and vanishes completely as it hits the lines of his body. His neckridges are oddly squared, and his tail is thin for his size - more flagpole than useful appendage. Two dark stripes flare out from his snout, each thickening as they sweep across his face so that they band across his dark eyes and down his neck. His wings are likewise striped, though less noticeably so. The same odd striping occurs all the way along his wingspars, but the sails themselves are pure terracotta.

Egg Name and Description

Ring of Cheers and Jeers Egg
On one side of this rather averaged sized egg is a large, almost rectangular patch of green, stretching from near the narrower end, and dropping far enough that the bottom end is hidden by the pile of sand in which it sits. There are a few paler markings upon this field, though the real contrast lies with the spattering of red and white dots that seems to have taken over the remainder of the egg, a scattered pattern interrupted now and then by black squares, like cavernous entrances, and bands of cream that separate it into sections. At the very top, barely attached to the green, is a line of gold, curving around on itself.

Hatching Message

With an almighty crack the Ring of Cheers and Jeers Egg shatters, sending shards of egg flying in every direction. As the huge brown dragon that had once been inside flexes his wings, it becomes apparent why this egg came to such a sudden end.

Impression Message

Despite the heat of the sands around you, a sudden summer breeze blows through your head, clearing away all doubts and worries and replacing them with a feeling of comfort. A weight brushes against the backs of your legs, a touch being all it takes before your mind fills with a wave of love. « M'iken, turn around. » He's there behind you. Inside you. With you, almost as if it has always been so. « Wipe your face, we have a lot to do. Food first, then we must have a long talk about things. Come. » He turns to look towards the weyrlingmasters, glancing back over his shoulder at you and waiting for you to take your place at his side. Though he doesn't speak his name you somehow know with everything you are that this is Meluth, guardian and friend.


Meluth is, from the first, a natural parent. Which can be fun if you need someone to look after you, but can be very annoying when /you're/ trying to teach /him/ things. Weyrlinghood could prove to be rather a confusing time while you try to establish just who takes on which role in the partnership. Thankfully it will eventually settle down so that you are a team, best friends as well as companions, and then some of your problems will be over. Unfortunately this means other problems will begin instead.

As a young dragon he will have a tendency to look after everyone that he comes across - you, the other weyrlings, the other weyrling dragons - and it's the one trait you will never be able to school out of him. He loves young ones of every race and is more than happy to let them crawl over him and play around him. If anything he seems to have infinite patience with them, though they will soon learn if they have earned his disapproval. This innate caring ability may well result in you gathering a fair of firelizards just for him, or having children of your own be they birthed or fostered, or even taking you down the route of weyrlingmastery - he is perfect for the job after all.

Meluth is a dragon of surprising strength, able to kill most herdbeasts with one blow of his powerful front feet. It will make hunting rather easier for him, but also gives him a rather odd hunting style - while most dragons swoop at their prey he has a tendency to walk up to them and just knock them over. That's not to say he can't fly, he can and he's rather good at it, but if you have a method that works so well perhaps a little eccentricity is allowed.

When he ages enough to take an interest in females you will find him showing an odd aggressive streak. It will be rather a battle of wills to make sure he only bloods, and some of the manoeuvres he makes during the flight could well be dangerous for the other males. Flights seem to be the only time he has any sort of a temper, and you may well find yourself losing sight of your own feelings in the struggle to keep his in check. After the flights it is as if a switch had been flicked - the red mist fades, back comes the calm and personable dragon you know. He will always stay with the female if he wins, and of course if she'll let him, long enough so that they can talk and get to know each other for a while. Should he ever be lucky enough to win a gold flight he will insist on being there throughout the gold's pregnancy, and treat the candidates as children needing guidance and care - he is not one to try tricks and scare tactics on them. Of course should one step far enough out of line they will be warned. 3 warnings and they'll be ejected to think about their attitude.

As a Search dragon you may well have to try to hold him back from Searching everyone he comes across, if he finds anything at all he likes in a person - and let's face it that's pretty much everything - then he'll be asking them to stand.

Meluth will gain quite a number of friends throughout his life, though will never seem to 'settle down' with any one dragon. Your own partners will be scrutinised carefully, and should he find something to not approve of you will find yourself once more encountering his disapproving tone. He can be won over, though it might be a long fight depending on what he finds wrong with them, he only wants what's best for you after all. He finds you perfect, why should you deserve less in someone else?


Meluth has that 'parent voice', the one where you know within a second of hearing it that you're in trouble, but even then there lurks a hint of laughter that suggest perhaps he's not quite as angry as he sounds. His words are chosen carefully, tailored to the audience and spoken in a calm baritone. He's never one for bright colours to accompany his thoughts, even when truly angry, choosing to linger on warm autumnal reds and browns, with maybe a hint of raspberry thrown in on very happy occasions.


The egg theme this clutch was colleges and universities. The Ring of Cheers and Jeers Egg was based on Camp Randall Stadium, at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Camp Randall is a very large, and very loud, college stadium, and the majority of fans wear red to support their Wisconsin Badgers.

For the dragon you asked for overprotective, but left so much scope that I could not resist having a little fun. If you'll forgive the incongruity of basing a male dragon on a female character your Meluth is based on the Badger Mothers of Redwall. Redwall Abbey is the main setting for a series of books by Brian Jacques, and though they are probably aimed at children/young adults I still find them wonderfully enchanting stories even at my crumbly old age. Or perhaps I just have a soft spot for talking mice? For more information on the series head over to, or even get the books from the local library.


Name Guardian of the Small Brown Meluth
Dam Gold Noleandrath
Sire Bronze Illusiath
Created By Cai
Impressee M'iken (Maiken)
Hatched 10 February 2008
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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