Timeless Enigma Green Melsariath

Egg Name and Description

Sealed with a Bow Egg
A healthy array of beige tones have settled upon the majority of this egg's shell. Deeper shades suggest depth and dimension where otherwise there would be none, kissed with a rosy blush of life itself at imagined joints. For curled in the fetal position upon the hull seems to be nothing less than then the image of a completely nude human figure. She hugs her knees to herself - fleshy bulges of color tastefully implied - sandwiched between chest and thighs. One hand appears to clasp the other at the wrist, over the top of her feet. Around the back, protruding vertebrae clearly made out along her spine leading up to a distinct mound of rich deep burgundy. So detailed one might swear they can make out the curl of her ears and even the pale pink polish to both toes and fingertips. Her face is hidden, pressed between her knees. What may very well stand out the most is the crimson band around her throat, with a nearly velveteen appearance. The color darkens and drips down with a glistening sanguine sheen.

Mindtouch Messages

Fate's Crimson Thread, Woven In Time And Space
Fate's Crimson Thread, Woven In Time And Space flutters into your mind with the ambience of children playing, their laughter full of everything that's joyous. Your troubles melt, tension unable to resist giving way for it. There is no pain here, no sadness. Nothing that bothers you seems to matter as avians begin to tweet sweetly to one another in the branches of healthy young trees now standing not too far away. Tiny buds of the palest green set them apart from one another, their number lost in how they stretch out for as far as the eye can see. New life is here, and a sense of renewal. Spring flowers sprout and bud, pushing themselves up threw the soil with a promise of the beauty yet to come. Something brushes against your thoughts, tasting and testing, exploring your most distant childhood memories. That time you fell and scrapped your knee, what songs your mother may have song over your cradle, or that game you liked to play the most. A sense of wonder and approval washes over you before the scene and the presence fade leaving you standing upon the sands once again.

Fate's Crimson Thread, Woven In Time And Space weaves itself into your mind with restful images of warm lazy Summer afternoons. All around you tall stalks of golden wheat sprout up out of nowhere, beginning to sway back and forth in an earthly wave. Trees suddenly loom ahead, their canopies lush and thick with deep restful green leaves and the promise of the cooling shade to be found beneath their branches. A fluffy white cloud overhead moves lazily across an azure sky, as your bathed in the light and heat of the single life-giving star shinning above. Flirtatious giggles mingled with rumbling laughter wafts to you, the source distant, accompanied soon there after by the swish and stomp of someone being playfully chased though long grass. The presence returns, reaching in and touching the parts of you that might of ever fallen in love. Those firsts are examined closely in as much detail as possible. The first time you held hands, the first time you kissed, and even the first time you made love. What did you feel during this time? The eagerness, the nervousness, the swell of tightness to your heart with but a smile. Ripples of curiosity are replaced with a flush that heats the cheeks, and without warning the sands return leaving you only with a feeling of longing and embarrassment.

Fate's Crimson Thread, Woven In Time And Space loops infinitely around you in darkness, and the distinct odor of dampness. Before your eyes, the void explodes brilliantly in the vibrant color of Autumn. Out of focus at first, but quickly sharpening to reveal themselves as the many leaves on trees, the ground below their strong thick trunks, brown and bare. Their branches rubs together and groan with each icy-kissed gust of wind, dislodging a flutter or red or yellow. Patches of large orange gourds lay about sporadically within your view, intertwined with thick twisted vines. Flocks of avians fly in a v-shape across the sky, honking to one another as they make their way off to warmer places. A child is heard squealing in delight somewhere out of view, a man and woman heard to softly murmur nearby. What they say is difficult to make out, but their own laugher soon intertwines with the child's until forming one single note of perfect harmony. Once again the feather light touch of the presence has returned, seeking out your hopes and dreams for the future. Family? Friends? What makes you happiest or will make you complete? Just as subtle as it came, the presence departs and leaves you once more to the dark sands of the hatching cavern.

//Fate's Crimson Thread, Woven In Time And Space coils in a pool of satin worn and old, but satisfied with all that has transpired. A single snapsnot captured of each interaction thus far appears, framed and hung like pictures on a wall. As you look at them as you would cherished memories , emotions swell of love, laughter, and family. These are precious, and should never be forgotten. The cold becomes noticeable now, but deeper then just the chill experienced before, seeping into your bones and causing joints to seize. From above, delicate white flakes descend, drifting silently to collect at your feet. In what might like only a few seconds, its started to form piles. With a frosty breath that nips at your ears and nose, a scene of snow and ice unfolds. Trees with branches bare, icicles hanging down from them. The wind howls somewhere, low and lonely, but when it fades away there is nothing but the cold and the silence. It stretches on and on, fatigue setting in, and the urge to curl up and sleep overwhelms you. As you struggle to hold on, a kind of peace comes over you. You've lead a good long life, but it's time to move on to the next. There is no fighting it as your strength ebbs and the cold doesn't seem to matter anymore. Your drifting, the scene darkens until there is nothing but the dark. No thought, no body, nothing. A single heartbeat later, your standing in the sands with the egg before you. //

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Sealed with a Bow Egg shivers, ever so slightly. But nope, it's not going anywhere.

Crack Message
Sealed with a Bow Egg shivers a little more, but this time there's a little extra oomph, and that smooth shell wrapping starts to come undone, fine hairline cracks appearing across its surface.

Hatch Message
Sealed with a Bow Egg outright shudders, but this time the tremble only grows, till the thing almost shakes itself apart! Actually, it /does/ shake itself apart, and in no time at all, with fragments of shell flying, a new-hatched dragon arrives on the scene.

Hatchling Name and Description

Timeless Enigma Green Hatchling
As if bathed in all of the morning's brilliance bursting relentless through a thick canopy of foliage, dapples of honeydewed mist swirl over the wings and head of this shapely creature. The resplendence of light melts away into a hazy mesh of scalloped sage at headknobs and sails, before drifting along the curve of her ridges all the way down to the fork of her tail. Curly fronds of fern spread out over her chest and ribs in a feathery display, their implied heft causing the thinness of tender young shoots to droop ever so minutely to just rest against the pine of her underbelly. A shadow of ivy wraps around her neck, tail and all four of her legs - but so faintly, its almost indiscernible from the dance of mint and lime that blend in and out of one another upon her silken hide. A seamless melding of moss thickened willow graces the darkness of her paws and talons - kissed with flecks of chartreuse and a mysterious luminescent emerald sheen. Despite the delicateness that her coloring suggests, beneath that deceptive covering is a wiry musculature that bestows a lithe quality to her frame. But it's her complete and utter lack of hard angles which allows the roundness of her to be fully realized in a distinctly feminine fashion.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
A trace of a song, faint and far away, sweeps you off the sands and draws you into darkness, wrapping you in a glimmering cloak of anticipation, pulling you in closer, tighter. It may feel as if there is simply nowhere else to go, that you will merely fold in against yourself until there is nothing left but the tiniest speck. Then, all at once, an explosion of light, bursting in a crescendo of joy and excitement, reaching outward, infinite and immeasureable. As if inspiration born, all the raw, unrealized potential is suddenly wrought into purpose. And sauntering out of the warring light and darkness, coalescing in fragments of star-kissed amusement, « /Hello/, sweetie. » She flows seamlessly through your thoughts in a stream of twinkling points, strung like notes upon a measure. « Whew! I must have been waiting forever, and yet here you are. » As if shaped perfectly for it, she slips into the little box of your mind, something vital awakening deep within, taking up residence where truly, it has always belonged, « And who am I? Your Melsariath. Now and for all time. » The darkness recedes, leaving behind only the softest light, like morning sun through a forest canopy, « Come along, we've a lot to do. Oh, the things well see, the adventures we'll have. What sort you ask? » A twinkle of stardust winking in the wake of irrepressible mischief, a mere whisper in the very back of your mind, « … /Spoilers/. »

Personality / RP Tips

Life. Just got a heck of a lot more interesting, Darma. Some days, certainly, will be worse than others, but from this day forward, you are running. For you've begun the greatest adventure of your life, and indeed, some days, it will feel like it could never end. For Melsariath, it may very well feel like /every/ day is that great, big, unending adventure, with little time to catch your breath. Especially when she's young. But as you both mature, and find yourselves, strengthening the bond between you, you may come to treasure those days all the more. For the way she sees the world, for all her sometimes reckless daring and carefree-seeming nature, she knows that every story - even yours - must end. But like River Song and the Doctor, would either of you, for even a moment, ever accept it? The day you walked off those glittering sable sands, the wind truly stood fair, and while likely nothing more dire than Nziekilth's bad breath posed much of a threat to either of you, that feeling.. that blessed day, will always be the most special. And your lives together have officially begun. Live it, Darma. To the fullest.

Like all new weyrling pairs, you both will have challenges to overcome. Some of Mels', luckily, will quite probably fade with time, though life itself is sure to present challenges enough for the both of you on its own! When she is very, very young, Melsariath may not like the idea of being confined or trapped /at all/, and may get upset if you're somewhere she cannot reach. Especially if it's in some small, enclosed cavern somewhere. You'll have to be quick about the bathing caverns! And might be getting meals delivered to the barracks by the drudges long after most of the others have become accustomed to being separated from their bonds. It's not that she's clingy - quite the opposite - she knows you'll always meet up again somewhere sometime. But there will be a period during those early months where the idea of you not having the utmost freedom might bother her. She'll probably grow out of it, however, especially once she's large enough to escape the barracks herself, for extended periods of time. For your Melsariath is a being that cannot be caged. Even if she may accept confinement to one place or another. Her heart will always yearn for the next great adventure.

Which may bring you to another hurdle during weyrlinghood. She is a bit of a rebel, in her own cheeky little way. It's endearing, for the most part, and who is going to be able to stay upset with her when she cants her head just so, amused and confident at the same time, always with a witty remark or other for anyone truly vexed with her. Oh, she'll probably have her share of minor mischiefs, with a penchant for it that will outlive the fears of her youth. It may seem that Mels is always in trouble, with outbursts of reckless, but largely harmless antics, but you'll find that beneath all the irresponsible behavior is a keen intellect and a will strong enough to match the fire of the stars. For while she might appear on the surface to be carefree, she will excel at any task put to her. Flight formations? Oh, she might stage some daredevil stunts on the way up, but once called to action, she'll pull it off perfectly, with an added flare and almost effortless precision. Flaming practice? « I've got teeth, you've got a chunk of firestone - let's burn something! » But there's method to the madness, and you - only you - will be able to peek beyond the facades, beneath the casual irresponsibility. For there, you will find something far more interesting than the lighthearted tease she often comes off as. For she is an ever-growing mystery wrapped in layers of purpose and playfulness, and sealed with a kiss. She always has her reasons, offered in cryptic, playful phrases, even if you may not comprehend all of them - or any of them sometimes.

« …But I wouldnt dream of making it easy for you. Hehe, where's the fun in that? »

But with her wit and will, she's always got your back, though her know-it-all attitude may bring on bouts of good-natured bickering, with her clutchsiblings and superiors, and even sometimes yourself. Like an old married couple, it's all in good fun, and more often than not, only serves to renew the connection between you two. And once you've gotten used to her quirks and eccentricities.. oh, the tales you two will write, the story of your lives rich in feats of daring and unbelievable escapades. For in your Melsariath, you will have found the perfect partner in crime, an enigma of light and serious, who is as much a mystery to you as a constant, eternally loyal companion. No distance separating you could break that bond, no amount of time apart could lessen it. For every moment spent together renews what she already knew - that you are her Darma, the only one in all the weyrs in all the world for her.

« Whew, life of the wingrider, never knew it could be /such/ hard work. »

Once the trials of weyrlinghood are behind you, you may find you've little time to be bored, or even idle. Oh, she can relax as well as anyone, but even the most mundane patrols or sweeps will be turned into adventure. Indeed, most things the two of you experience will be an adventure of a sort, another step into the unknown, another chance to have ..a lot of fun. And this, of course, includes flights.

« Prettyboy, you're with /me/! »

Melsariath is flirtatious. But when she begins to glow, it won't matter who the male is, if she fancies him, she will make sure he knows it. That is, for as long as she remembers who he is. And in this respect, you may find her most unique quirk. Whereas her memory may fade, yours will endure, and there will be great joy in keeping those memories alive - whether by sifting through the details of your mind, or having you keep an actual journal. Every word, the good and the bad, will be cherished. For in life, it's not the end that matters, really, is it? It is the journey.

« Like I said on the bowl floor, you might want to find something.. to hang on to. »

And so, when she rises, it will be something for the record books. Some greens are flaky, some are showy, some are born acrobats. Malsariath? She is, quite simply: spectacular. Her chases will be the stuff of legends (or at least, in her own mind), every feat of daring one can imagine in the air - she will do. And the boys? Oh, they will /follow/. And together, you just watch them run.

« What in the name of sanity.. have you got on your head? »

As teasing as she can be, when she sets her mind to something, it often happens. This may include, among other things, changes to your appearance, or something she thinks you ought to have (or /not/ have). And she won't be shy about sending whatever it is into little pieces with her tail or teeth. Though in the case of the former, her charm will probably prevail over any rough handling to get you to do things. She could even, if she wanted, become something of a leader if she put said charms to work on others. Or a right-hand-gal, at least, always ready to take on whatever challenge, always seeming two steps ahead of everyone else. It will be up to you to direct her to a purpose - whether that of rank or wingrider. Of search and rescue or maybe transport. Your ambitions (or lack thereof) will shape her, and may take you down some surprising roads. The possibilities, really, are endless.


The fabric of space and time converge in the deepest recesses of the mind. What might seem at first as a cold and lonely place, becomes apparent as a vortex of light and infinite wonder. A heart so bright it burns across countless possibilities, each more dazzling than the next. It can still wrap around thoughts with the warmth of a summer's day and the security of ground beneath one's feet. A steadfastness that promises that this is where to find what you are looking for, that all wrongs will be made right, in the end. A weave of dense stars that can twinkle with elation, or can sear with the heat of a thousand suns with rage. Unpredictable, yet playful, meteor showers rain across the dark, bringing joy to sing against the silence. Breathtaking as a supernova or merciless and unyielding as the solar winds. Unfathomable and mysterious as the universe itself, but beneath it all, just as unsure and hopeful as a tiny blue world turning slowly in the playground of the heavens. An endless enigma, in a realm of possibilities so immeasurable, one may never know truly what lies beyond, but may glimpse here and there the infinite wonder of it all.


Melsariath is brought to you by D'len, Cenlia, and S'gam! And is based on the character River Song from Doctor Who. The egg theme this cycle was scary stories, and her egg was based on the tale of The Red Ribbon. We hope you enjoy playing her, and as always, she is yours to mould as you wish!


Name Timeless Enigma Green Melsariath
Dam Gold Nziekilth
Sire Bronze Ittisieth
Created By D'len, Cenlia, and S'gam
Impressee Darma
Hatched September 23, 2011
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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