Royal Shimmering Crystal Green Lyrinth

A veritable storm of liquid crystal green, the dragonet before you seems to never stop moving. But, she hardly seems to be like many of her sibilings, who charge about with reckless abandon. Nay, this young lady's movements are smooth and refined, as though she were savoring just how the light gleams off of her resplendant hide, taking care to catch the ambient light of her surroundings in just such a manner as to make herself seem even more attractive, if that is at all possible. A dominant forest green in color, at least in shade, it becomes rather difficult to ascertain specific patterns of any lighter color within her hide, due to an almost reflective, or glistening quality that it somehow bears. Forever appearing as though wet, it makes her stand out like a gleaming shard of crystal, eye catching in the extreme. Nonetheless, careful glances reveal spicular patterns of a lighter, emerald greens that wave through her back and across her muscular hind limbs in jagged, sweeping patterns, themselves backlit and underscored by more subtle lines of the very lighest of greens. Her face is perhaps the most distinctive part of her, the forest colored green slowly fading into a lighter, emerald color around her lips and below her eyes, themselves standing out like crystal beacons, alert, and intelligent, not seeming to miss a thing.

Egg Name and Description

Magic Fairytale Egg

Hatching Message

Quite suddenly, the Magic Fairytale Egg shatters under the strong blow of a draconian nose, a shard of shell flying several feet before it comes to rest in the sand. The flash of green skin is seen, as the rest of the egg splits, and the hatchling tumbles ungracefully onto the sands!

Impression Message





Name Royal Shimmering Crystal Green Lyrinth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By
Impressee Lileu
Hatched 21 April 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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