Blood on the Moon Bronze Lupiciuth

The stealthy umbrae of night's deception slink across Lupiciuth's midnight hide, a cloak of hazy obsidian that serves to only partially conceal the bloodied bronze beneath. For indeed, the dirtied crimson undertones suggest something of the elixir of life, and are most evident around his eyes and along his underbelly. Shadows thin over high points, revealing polished bronze along neckridges, headknobs, and prominent conjunctures of limbs. They thicken, however, as they sink into the lowlights and valleys, coagulating into murky pools of ink. Silvery moonlight illuminates and dilutes his coloring along spars and wings, revealing a span of crisp sails that promise lethal flight. His frame suggests his purpose; that of a killer, and he is therefore a compact composition of muscle and sinew.

Egg Name and Description

The Creamy Brown Warmth Egg

Hatching Message

The Creamy Brown Warmth Egg gives a vigorous tremble, the sand around it erupting to the air and spraying away with the light wind. Suddenly, the egg stops it’s turbulent movements and is perfectly still, before another rumble wracks through the shell, splitting it and sending egg shards in all directions. A loud roar (or as loud as a dragonet can roar) of victory can now be heard as the small bronze steps forth, eggs shards dripping off of his brazen hide while his head is held tall and proud.

Impression Message

The touch is so light and smooth that you can barely even feel it, but the rather awkward and new feeling is, nonetheless, still there and apparent. It becomes stronger and stronger as the other entity becomes bolder and bolder. Soon, the heat of the sands and the roaring crowds in the stands can no longer be heard. Your entire world spins in countless circles, all centering on the lifelong bond forming. « There is only one for me. » The voice slowly creeps in, leaving a bit of a chill that is soon warmed over with radiating adoration. « And it appears that you and I are forever going to be one, C’rro. »


Physically and psychologically powerful, he's more than capable when it comes to sophisticated wit and charm when speaking to fellow dragons, though he can tend to be a little blunt with truth. « I'm making you angry, huh? Yeah, I do that a lot, don't I? I enjoy it, friend. You're just too much fun. » His comments may sometimes hurt or frustrate other dragons, but Lupiciuth is one that believes that his fellows must know their faults, because only by knowing them will they be able to better themselves.

You're acting like a pack of rabid dogs. And that, gentlemen, simply will not donot if you expect to survive a war. - Lucian, "Underworld"

He is a born leader, the alpha-male of his pack. He will be the type of dragon that will force the both of you to strive for your all and be all you can be. To work longer and harder than the rest of your weyrling class, and in the future, your wing, is his goal in life. Though every leader needs a 'second, and that's exactly what he sees you as, C'rro. The two of you are a pair, and in so that means your bronze will have a strong devotion to that of sticking by your side and proving, even be it if your wrong, to make sure the point is still given.

And it seems all his hard work and dedication really pays off, as he exudes a sense of wisdom and farsightedness in all matters. He has a very lucid understanding of the fact that his purpose is to fight Thread, and that Thread is the enemy. This allows him to put aside many of the petty arguments and contemplations that occupy dragons of his age, and instead to strive for unification against the prime target: Thread. Though there is a slight problem, due to the fact that Pern now lives in a time that is Threadfree. Nonetheless, Lupiciuth knows his enemy and his instincts tell him to keep himself honed just in case if there is ever a dire need for him to raise his head to fight.

But this certainly doesn't mean he is slow to anger. In fact, its somewhat of a battle for him. Lupiciuth is not one to be ordered around like some undisciplined child, even in his youth of a dragonet, especially when it comes to the first few tries of flight.

« Distractions are just people's excuses when they don't know how to fly properly. »

He demands respect! After all, he is a bronze and he knows it. When put in a situation of frustration and anger, he tends to struggle when containing his rage and momentarily forgets your feelings. « I guess I forgot to ask if you were all right amongst all the confusion. » And he tends to get frustrated a lot, mostly with the incompetence of others. He does his best and works his hardest, and he expects the same from everyone else. When others fail to give it their all, he experiences a good amount of irritation.

I guess it never occurred to you that you might actually have to bleed to pull off this little coup. - Lucian, "Underworld"

Now, to others, your dragon's personality may come off rough around the edges, but deep down inside him lies a world of secrets that he tells no other. Well, no other but you. Lupiciuth will only truly open up his mind and heart to you, C'rro. Though he will have a tendency to do this at inopportune times, such as the middle of the night or when you are entertaining a significant other/friend.

« C'rro? Can I tell you something? »

"Lupiciuth, please! Not now, not while Saelis is here!"

« But I have to let you know how I feel about this one green. She's everything I want! »

*sigh* “Alright, tell me about it."

Your bronze will have his heart set on one green or gold and one only until he finds the next. For him, there will always be a different 'one' who is perfect for him. However, when he is infatuated with this current female, no others can take their place. When the female starts to lose interest, is when Lupiciuth does. That way, he can stay as faithful as possible and not hurt any hearts as he professes (to you) his undying adoration to the green or gold of his current choice. Because of his loyal nature, he will be that much more determined during flights, more so when his beloved is in the air and glowing. However, if it is a random green or gold, Lupiciuth will join only for the chase and the fun, and not so much for the glory of winning. Though if it is in you to want him to win a certain flight because you fancy the dragon's rider, he can easily be convinced to give it his all yet again.

Ideas and suggestions you make to Lupiciuth are always keen to investigation and he mainly approves of what you have to say and do. Just like Lucian in Underworld, Lupiciuth will become a sort of trademark to the Weyr - he'll be known for his wisdom and courage; When in flight, when fighting thread - He's your one and only man for the job.

Growing Up

Lupiciuth is a little different from most dragons in his patterns of development. He will start out considerably larger than his clutchmates, especially in the wingspan area. As he matures, his body will catch up to his wings, and for a while, it will seem they are a little too small for him. Unfortunately, this will occur around the time you two begin flying, and so he will want to spend a considerable amount of time swimming, an activity that will help to strengthen his wings a bit without putting them on display. It won't be too long, however, until everything balances out. And when that happens, he'll begin to take charge over his clutchmates, since they won't quite be the complete package that he is. But they will continue to grow, and he will remain small. This does not daunt him in the least, but it is a simple truth that he will never be among the larger of the bronzes.

When it comes to the females of his species, Lupiciuth will be almost immediately aware of them. There will be no gradual transition; shortly after he realizes that the golds and greens can be his friends, he will realize that they can be his lovers. He'll spend a considerable amount of time getting to know them all, but eventually he'll fall, and he'll fall hard. Due to his inherent high level of maturity, he's very prone to monogamous relationships, and will never really partake in the flippant courting of several females. Not to say that he won't flirt, because he will. He's a charming dragon, and certainly smooth. But he'll have focus in this aspect, as he does in all aspects.

Why C'rro?

If there was one thing and only one thing Lupiciuth was looking for out on those sands, it was a second in command. But in you, C’rro, he found so much more. From the moment you both linked eyes, your bronze knew that you are the one and only person that he can really rely on. With you he knew he could tell all his secrets too, with out having to worry about his reputation of leader being tarnished. You’re the partner he needs in life, and there is no one who could take that role, in his eyes, but you.




Name Blood on the Moon Bronze Lupiciuth
Dam Gold Vaerlanth
Sire Bronze Kezhoth
Created By
Impressee C'rro (Corron)
Hatched June 16th, 2004
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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