Velvet Midnight Blue Louith

Midnight blue washes over this young blue dragon with the soft caressing tones one would expect from the finest weaver's velvet. Moonlight hues of palest silver trace across his topline highlighting eyeridges and headknobs before falling across neck, back and shoulders with sparkling highlight. From silver to waves of azure and sapphire, the evening hues of blue darken to a midnight black that shadows chest, belly and legs into inky darkness finished by the wicked curve of ebony talons. His small wedge shaped head is delicate and refined, complimenting the sinuous curve of his neck. Long sloping well-muscled shoulders and a lean body add to the overall feline appearance of his form. Inky pinions outline a deep cobalt shimmer across his wingsails, which reflect like an early night sky covered with stars flashing across it's wide expanse. His tail is unusually long and slender, balancing out his graceful elongated form. Though youth causes the occasional bobble, strength and grace are there just waiting to blossom with maturity.

Egg Name and Description

Flying Flame Egg
A rather small egg compared to it's clutchmates, this sphere definitely draws the eye. Brilliant flamelicks of sunburnt orange, glowing crimson and saffron yellow streak across this egg to surround it's large curves as if it were being consumed by a huge bonfire. Oddly enough right in the very center of the chaos is a spherical blob of burnt umber that seems to draw the flames down to it as if it were the source of the riotous color. Here and there are stylized little symbols that look for all the world like indigo representations of musical notes. The little symbols seem to make this wildly colored egg seem cheerful where it might otherwise have seemed frightening.

Hatching Message

Flying Flame Egg wobbles, then hops twice before a little crack is heard and spiderwebs swiftly appear and spread all over the surface of the egg. The egg is still only a moment before a sharp movement sends it spinning just before it explodes outward sending a shower of eggshell and debris across the sands and leaving behind a beautiful blue hatchling on the sands.

Impression Message

When you first feel his presence it's a subtle nudge, a cool evening's breeze asking for attention. The feeling slowly becomes stronger until you feel the warmth of dawn's light, soft on the horizon, the scent of warm earth drifting up towards you. Soft spring hues seem to slowly appear around you, cool blues, bright greens and delicate wildflower tones rioting across the warm earth. The sensations all meld slowly into you and around you until they are part of you, it is then you hear the soft melodic tones whispering « We are one in spirit, Rhiamin, may we walk together? »


If there's one word that describes Louith it's Feline. As a hatchling and a weyrling, his movements are more kitten-like than particularly graceful all the time. He definitely likes to stalk things and has an urge to pounce things that may need to be quelled for safety's sake. However, if you explain to him that he may harm someone with his pouncing he should understand and will, most likely, turn to stalking as a favorite past time. Given that he's somewhat on the small side, he takes great joy in the fact that his size makes him very maneuverable. This also lends to his ability to stalk. Dark hide, fluid and silent in motion means that he's forever popping up in places you don't expect. He delights in surprising others with his stealth abilities. His unusually long tail always seems to be in motion when he does so lending, again, to that feeling of feline fluidity.

In general, once mature he will enjoy physial contact /from you/, however, others are not quite so welcome to pet and cuddle. It's not that he doesn't like others, he just takes time to warm up to them. He will always be cautious of other humans until he's seen them more than once. Dragons, he may be more willing to get close to, but again, he prefers physical contact from you above all else. And, no matter his current age, he will be forever looking for you to help reach that itchy spot right between his wings, it's driving him crazy!

Growing Up:
As a hatchling, Louith is always into SOMETHING. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it's not so good. His insatiable urge to know /everything/ may get him into places that he shouldn't be. You may find him and his mind wandering on to other things when the weyrlingmaster is trying to give a lesson. «Nutrition.. blah blah blah.. I eat herdbeasts, what else is there?» Though if the subject is something such as flying, which is rather exciting, he'll be hyper focused and excited. But, very impatient. «I bet I could fly now! Pleeeeeease, can we fly now? Why not?? I bet that weyrlingmaster tried to fly before he was supposed to..» He's somewhat of a goofy little guy now, always wanting to play. Not at all ashamed of being silly. «But things look more interesting upside-down!» If any of his clutchmates try to embarrass him into acting more normally, he is pleased as punch. And usually this 'peer pressure' will only result in him acting even more silly just for fun. «You're just jealous you can't do this as good as me!» He does have his sensitive areas, one of them being his tail which as a hatchling will be a bit accident prone. It's /so/ long and he'll take a bit before he gets it under control. He'll also be very paranoid about others stepping on it. His tail is a tender spot and he will never let anyone touch it but you. As a matter of fact when he does bump, bruise or scrape it you can expect him to end up in front of you, tail in his forepaws, creeling pitifully. «Did you /see/ that?? He stepped on it on /purpose/!» He's sure the entire weyr is out to step on /his/ tail just to be mean. Often when you and he are still for any length of time he'll wrap his tail around you, not to be possessive, but because he knows if it's near /you/ it won't get stepped on! He also isn't very fond of females, and is pretty sure that cooties exist and girls spread them and that's /bad/. He doesn't want any girls giving him 'girl germs'! Though this will change as he matures, he will be a late bloomer in that respect and probably the last of his clutch to become interested in flights. As he grows up, he will learn the difference between play time and serious time. He will, however, never lose his love for stalking nor the occasional tendency to be outright goofy.

Louith is a very active dragon mentally. His thirst for knowledge is insatiable. And he doesn't want to know /just/ what something is and what it does. He wants to know how it works and why. « But where does the light come from? Where does the electricity go when it's not making the lights glow? How come some lights are brighter than others? If electricity makes the lights come on, what makes the glows baskets glow? Why don't they have a cord? » The questions /never/ seem to stop. Thankfully, he does pause in the barrage sometimes. Of course, when he does you can be rest assured he's thinking of something that he'll eventually insist upon you answering for him. He will definitely push you to expand your own horizons just to stave off the flood of questions he throws at you. As Louith grows you will find that he is somewhat of a daredevil. He enjoys the fact that he's extremely agile and loves to fly at breakneck speeds while executing daring maneuvers in the sky. You will have to be his voice of reason from time to time as his competitive spirit sometimes goes beyond even his capacity. «Why not? I bet I could do that turn with inches to spare and not get a scratch… yeah.. but it's not /that/ sharp.. really. What does Sadronth know anyway, he's just too chicken to try it.» Also, while he is a very competitive fellow, he is not a poor sport. Indeed, he enjoys playing games whether he wins or loses, it's the feeling of pushing himself to excel that really gets his juices flowing. He also enjoys helping others to excel, it makes him happy when he is able to help someone with a difficult maneuver or a hard to grasp concept and have them understand in the end. «Dip your wing like this, see? There you go! You're doing it! You're doing it! YEAH!!» Outside of all his mental and daredevil tendencies, Louith is also somewhat aware of his own physical appearance. He feels he's quite the attractive fellow and because of this is always interested in that next bath or oiling. Heaven forbid he ever find a speck of /DUST/ on his immaculate hide! Should circumstances necessitate him enduring extended periods of time without a perfect hide you can expect to hear grumbling. Not exactly a whiner in this area, he still tends to have a 'kick the can' attitude about not looking utterly cool at any given moment. « She would have liked /me/ better if there wasn't this smudge on my hip, see? It doesn't shine like Sadronth's hide does.» This bit of arrogance is probably one that you may need to gently temper from time to time so that it doesn't go out of control. Once he's matured, when it comes to the matter of the ladies, his usual excuse will be some small imperfection that if he can fix he /knows/ they'll like him better next time. He /is/ after all, pretty darn suave. And indeed his love for stalking /does/ make him quite the attractive dragon. He is also very sensitive and tries his best never to hurt anyone else's feelings. Should anyone hurt your own feelings he'll be very protective. To him, you are his world and he can't fathom a reason why anyone would want to harm you mentally, emotionally or physically. Unconditional love will always be there to support you without smothering. He will walk beside you and encourage you in all that you do. You are his best friend and his partner in crime. There is nothing he won't do for you.

When Louith is young, his first reaction to flights is going to be along the lines of «Oh sick! Why would I ever want to do THAT!! That is completely disgusting!» The dragonic version of «COOTIES!!! She got cooties all over me!!!» However, as he matures, and he'll be late to do so when it comes to mating urges, he'll come to see the light. As a matter of fact, he'll be quite the eager fellow at some point. «Did you see that /tail/? That hide, oh and those /eyes/… *sigh* She's the most beautiful dragon I've ever seen… huh? who? Oh yes, she's nice too, but she's not /here/ right now» For Louith, he'll feel very differently about flights than he does about normal affections. He will eventually find that special green lady that curls his tail and with whom he'll enjoy contact with on a regular basis. However, the idea of flirting or talking with /only/ her is absolutely absurd to him. In his mind, when a green glows, she becomes the star of his night! He must have her! He will use every trick he can to gain his lady fair for the evening. Be it aerial prowess, verbal entreaty or soothing song. Louith will be quite the persistent chaser in a flight. Definitely not one of the faint at heart and never one to give up unless he's given it his all. The next day if he won he will be friendly towards the female and view her with fondness, however he will not be overly amorous since she is /not/ his special friend. If he has lost he will be quietly going over the flight in his head to decide where he went wrong and correct his error in future! «Hrm, perhaps if I hadn't banked so sharply out of the bowl.. wasted time following up, maybe cutting directly towards the sea would have cut down some distance» Well, at least until some new game comes along to engage him. However, that doesn't mean his special lady friend is any less in his eyes. He just matter of fact feels no urge to restrict himself to one dragon in flights even though he may be emotionally attached to only one. «That's only for golds and bronzes, foolish creatures, who are not self assured enough to share their affections with others.»

Why Rhiamin?:
Louith was very cautious about his choice of lifemates. He felt all the minds around him reaching out to grasp him and possess him. It was only yours which held back and didn't seem overly eager to own him. It was this caution that drew him to you. He knew that such a sensible person would never steer him wrong. And he felt in you the love for the wide open spaces that he /knew/ were out there to find. He could also sense in you the strength and cunning of a hunter, traits he himself wanted to explore and develop. You were simply the perfect partner, teacher, and companion. You were one he could walk beside in life. One who would share life instead of forcing it upon him. You and he are kindred spirits, plain and simple.


Louith's voice is a lovely tenor, deepening to a light baritone when he is expressing strong emotion. Save for when he is a hatchling, there is nothing harsh about the audible sound of his voice. Were you to hear a sour note from the mature Louith, you would know something is terribly wrong. However, be ready for the unusual sounding tones as a hatchling and weyrling. Until he matures, well… let's just say Louith tends towards the minor keys in his youth from time to time. One moment it's the most lovely sound you've ever heard, the next it's more akin to the the sound a feline would make when it's tail is stepped on. This is the one thing that will truly embarrass Louith and you may have to sooth hurt feelings if others tease him about it.

Louith's mindvoice is very organic. Your mind will be filled with the smell of warm earth freshly tilled in early spring. There is a sense of early dawn light, that soft warmth that comes just before the sun is fully up, pleasant without being glaring. There are cool tones to his voice in smell and color, the way things smell after a rain and look in that perfect spring moment when everything is lush and green. His voice is not intrusive, it's inquisitive, but respectful in the way that it's presence melds with you. He will never try to pry into things you feel private about, though he may ask if he feels strong emotion. But the presence of him is reassuring and gentle, inviting close contact with gentle touches and respectful distance. If he is angered, however, his mindvoice flares sharply, reminding you of volcanic pressure threatening to erupt and smell like the heat of fire too close, singing clothes and hair. The passion of mating will alter his voice as well to the sound of rushing water, waves or waterfalls and it will smell of salt air or lush foilage. Laughter for Louith is bright like sunlight filtering through the trees and the scent of wildflowers on a hillside. When content he will feel like a gentle evening breeze with the cool scent of night air drifting across you. There are so many tones and scents to Louith's mindvoice it will be always evolving, but always organic and expansive.


This egg is inspired by the game Hot Potato. In it's modern form, the game of Hot Potato is played somewhat like musical chairs. There is a time limit to be able to pass the hot potatoe and it's usually marked by the length of a song. Whoever is holding the potato at the end of the song is eliminated until only one is remaining and that is the winner. The original version of the game dates back to 1888 when the game was played by passing a candle quickly while chanting. The person holding the candle when the flame finally was extinguished by the ever quickening movement was eliminated until only one remained as the winner.

Louith was inspired by the 2002 Arts and Entertainment adaptation of Lathe of Heaven by Ursula LeGuin. He is embodied by this passage: Those whom heaven helps we call the sons of heaven. They do not learn this by learning. They do not work it by working. They do not reason it by using reason. To let understanding stop at what cannot be understood is a high attainment. Those who cannot do it will be destroyed on the lathe of heaven. —- Chuang Tse: XXII – Quite simply Louith is a creature who knows the value of just existing. While his inquisitive nature pushes him to learn and understand the world about him, he has no urge to bend it to his will as the character George Orr from Lathe of Heaven could do with his dreams. Like George, he understood that there was a big difference between being able to do a thing and having the right to do a thing.

This is not normally something I see included, but since the name was inspired from a different point of view than the dragon as a whole, I'm explaining it. Velvet Midnight Blue just made me think of Louis Armstrong, jazz legend. That lovely voice and Velvet Midnight Blue just seemed to fit. Hence, Louith. In pronounciation, Louith sounds like Louis just replace the 's' with a 'th' and there you have it. :)


Name Velvet Midnight Blue Louith
Dam Gold Llysereth
Sire Brown Petryth
Created By Ez’ial
Impressee R'in (Rhiamin)
Hatched 01 March 2003
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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