Sharp Sighted Investigator Brown Locarth

Anticlimactic in color, this dragon is covered in a very uniform tan brown throughout his entire build. And what a plain build it is: average in size, average in weight, or perhaps able to be called slender. However, average, average, average. There are two features in this plain brown that stands out: his wings and his eyes. Overly large wings, ridiculously exceeding what would naturally be proportional for his body, drape over his frame like a coat when at rest, looking like smooth darker tanned suade. And his eyes! Bright, whirling, and striking with a curious intellect as they constantly change in color with his varying moods. It does not matter whether this dragon displays anger or pleasure, they keep a constant whirl and brightness, only increasing as he drinks in his surroundings from the moment of hatching till the end of his days.

Egg Name and Description

Dead Boddy Egg
Riddled with information, a code to crack, this shell provides all the answers if one were able to study it for an extended period of time. The systematic coloration splits several sections with their individual stories, sketched onto the smooth surface and whose details need closer examinations. The apex is a gaping cavern, mimicking the one in which the egg resides, with a scarlet spot pacing its way down the center and a coil of thread weaving its way out, coiling to the next destination; a mustard figure stalking behind shadowy bookcases with a lighted candle. Each tattooed story links to the next in a mysterious sequence, waiting to be read and solved.

Mind Touches

Scattered Evidence is eerily silent at first touch, not giving any impression that there is anything inside of this egg, or at least anything awake. Nothing. Except the silence begins to grow more suffocating, extending out some paranoia, and shortly you begin to hear the taptaptap of footsteps in the back of your mind. Was there something behind you? Beside you? The moment the footsteps are focused on, they stop.

Scattered Evidence pitterpatters its way back into your mind, searching around the edges, dropping little things here and there. Small images from recent items you have come into contact with, growing from the mundane things like papers and rags to fire and knives from the kitchens. Always skimming on the edge, always out of reach, it eludes you at all costs.

Scattered Evidence leaves quite a mess behind! Even if it is your own thoughts, churned up so that they were difficult to focus on. Faces from your recent past spring forward, flashing quickly from one to the next: drudges, friends, Weyrleaders, lovers. And then, faintly at first, you catch the whiff of something strong, hard to distinguish, until it rises up and the scent smacks you right in the face. There's no mistaking it, even if you've never smelled it before: stale, dead, overpowering and rotting.

Hatching Message

Dead Boddy Egg flops about on the sands, with a slowly building sense of urgency. If you haven't cracked the code yet, be quick!

Dead Boddy Egg is moving faster now, and a steady tapping sound comes from within. Forget cracking the code, it's time to crack the shell! A hairline fracture appears on the side of the shell, quickly followed by another.

Dead Boddy Egg has been patient enough, if the code is still a mystery, that's just tough, the egg is hatching, /now/. There are several fractures against the egg now, the structure of the shell is weakening. One final line appears, and then half the shell caves in, leaving a hatchling in its wake.

Impression Message

Sharp Sighted Investigator Brown Hatchling lumbers forward from his shell with calm measured steps, or as calm and measured as a young dragon can be. He swings his head this way and that, eyes scanning the candidates curiously. What does he see? He settles his gaze on one section of the sands. Brown hair. He peers closer, his gaze intensifies. Brown hair. Green eyes. He moves towards that section of the sands. Brown hair. Green eyes. Name starts with… P! He tilts his head to match eyes with the candidate, the candidate Pelleran. The weyrling P'ler meets his gaze. "H-he, he says his name is Locarth!"


The egg for this hatchling was based off of the boardgame Clue. Locarth's hatchling name and impression pose were based on the game of I Spy, the desc came more from the hatchling name, the investigator, the stereotypical trenchcoat-wearing private eye, who never misses a clue. His dragon name comes from the name Edward Locard, one of the founding fathers of criminal investigations.


Name Sharp Sighted Investigator Brown Locarth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Egg: Ysa; Hatchling: X'hil
Impressee P'ler (Pelleran)
Hatched September 26, 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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