Wild Magic Assassin Bronze Lledrith

Antique hues glimmer as they tumble over this dragon's bulky body in wild abandon. Tawny bronze, silver-tinged walnut, and rich nutmeg rippling in wisps of colour that hide glistening droplets of a dangerous crimson in their midst. Hints of thyme and other herbs entwine over his head, misty vines in a veil-like lattice of growth that fades to a single strand over his neck, leading towards the underbelly like a forgotten trail lost within the wilderness of bronze and brown. In a ragged, uneven row over his thick neck, aged ivory gleams: neckridges, as sharp as canine teeth, and dripping with hints of copper that seem bright against the pale hue. Ginger flickers over his hulking shoulder muscles, almost a whisper of a golden memory, gathering at the roots of his wingbones before lifting in a joyful, elaborate pattern. As it nears his wingtips, the brilliance is so strong that it seeps into the wings and sails only to be tossed away by a storm of murky colours, as sinuous bright veins, venerable beauty scattered amongst the shaded darkness of anger. Equally serpentine is the long length of his tail, the tumultuous tangling of tints giving it a life of its own.

Egg Name and Description

Warm Cuddly Blanket Egg

Hatching Message

The Warm Cuddly Blanket Egg begins to grow, fuzz stretching as an internal stress begins to push. Small shakes begin to rock the egg, growing, and gradually small clumps of baby blue begin to crack and fall, tumbling to the ground. One massive shake, and it's over the comfort of a child's blanket shattered, falling to the ground to reveal: Wild Magic Assassin Bronze Dragonet

Impression Message





Name Wild Magic Assassin Bronze Lledrith
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By
Impressee V'rence (Vearence)
Hatched 21 April 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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