Extravagant Tastes Brown Lijenth

Large and bulky describe this brown from head to talons, all the way to the tip of his forked tail. Light mocha spills down over his squared head, dripping and dribbling all the way down his jawline. A frothy cream color picks up on the underside of his head and flows down to a deep and broad chest to fade into a dark, rich chocolate that covers his whole neck, dappling the top of his skull and long headknobs. The rich chocolates of his neck swirl over his shoulders and lighten as they traverse down strong and muscular forelimbs to paws tipped in cream talons. Continuing down his back are varying shades of tawny that swirl fluidly in with caramels and chestnuts over his defined muscles and haunches like a hot drink, only to cool into calm, dark browns at his feet. There, those hues slowly fade into his defined tail from his abdomen. Wings are topped off with dark mochas, while the undersides are a rich caramel.

Egg Name and Description

Enduring Wall of Power Egg
Grey crumbling stones barely hold together at the base of this oblong egg, sitting up straight and tall in the hot sands. Abruptly the stone face cuts off to give way to a stark red background, new and reborn from the stone wall wrapping its base. The reds vary only slightly in shades and tints, a wavy look given to the proud egg as four, golden, celestial-like smears form a half circle around a larger counterpart, as if crowning it with a seat of power.

Hatching Message

Enduring Wall of Power can take no more and with one final lurch a wet brown hatchling plops out of its crumbling abode to fall flat onto the sands.

Impression Message

The sands before you seem to crumble away like an ancient wall, fading to black. A wisp of grey and the feeling that you are not alone fills you suddenly in this black void that is slowly swirling up to a grey world. « You, » There is a soft, husky voice then as he makes himself known in an exploding whirl of blue-grey squares against the grey backdrop. « You are my Taniel! And I am your Lijenth. » The young voice proclaims again in a warbling that pitches from high to low, uncontrolled for now. The whirl of squares quickens in pace as a sense of insatiable hunger touches you. « I desire food. » He announces to you.


What he lacks in motivation, Lijenth makes up for in several areas and sometimes he will use these excuses to get out of work or to get an extra nap in before dinner. While he is young Lijenth will be a layabout, doing his best to get out of doing anything remotely close to work, the only thing he will want to do is relax, eat, sleep and repeat most likely, more so than most young dragons would at this young time in their life. But as time goes on, you will notice he'll become a bit more curious about things, how they work, what it is like outside the Weyr, how plants grow, he will become obsessed with knowing how the mechanics of things work.

As time goes by he will eventually grow out of his lazy stage somewhat, but there will always be some reluctance and you'll have to be firm with him to get him out of the weyr on cold mornings. His obsession with mechanical things though will never wane, only grow stronger, he must know more, and he will. When you two are cleared to fly alone he'll want to go everywhere, do everything and figure out just how that radio works, or have you do it. It will be seldom he would rather stay in the Weyr, but don't mistake his sense for adventure and learning for work ethic, he will quickly remind you that he doesn't want to go to wing practices.

Lijenth will continue to learn about things throughout his life, he will be a very smart dragon, able to solve problems that might give trouble to most other dragons and he'll want you to be very smart too and encourage you to read, and read aloud to him about the workings of anything, what different regions are like and why the lake freezes over when it gets cold. He will expect to learn something new every chance he gets, which he thinks should be everyday in his mind, and he will become upset if he doesn't.

As he matures he will become very possessive of you, not wanting any other people or dragons alike distracting you from learning or reading to him, or just about anything. He will only accept someone else in your life after a while of being around them, and even then he will still have a chip on his shoulder when they are around you but nonetheless, he will allow them.

As for when greens and queens rise to mate he will chase, but without enthusiasm much of the time unless the dragon has an extraordinary trait that catches his attention, like intelligence for instance. If he does catch, his attention for his current lover will last only a short while, for you are his one and only, and most likely his conversations with you would be more enjoyable than with some female dragon, at least to him anyways.

In the end, Lijenth will be a very smart dragon with a lazy streak a dragon length wide, but his passion for knowledge will be his greatest trait. And despite his possessive attitude when he's older, he will eventually learn that you, too, need others, but he won't let you forget for a moment whom you belong to.


Muted and blurred shades of grey make up the steady background of his mind, slowly moving like storm clouds on a rainy day. Grey-blue shapes slow dance together in a whirl across his mind when he speaks, sometimes sharpening their angles when laced with agitation, sometimes into softer, thinner curves when calm and lazy. Triangles with bold, sharp lines will frequent more agitated thoughts, becoming jagged and twitchy as the agitation grows. Squares appear when something is important, almost always bold and imposing, like when giving an important order he expects to be followed. Then circles float in when he is calm, some times distinguished and respectable circles, sometimes smoky and oblong, perhaps even broken if he is just too tired or relaxed to really concentrate on finishing his thought.


Your egg was created and described by Tomi and was based on the Beijing Olympic games in keeping with the egg theme of 'Olympics.' The egg itself was inspired by the Great Wall and the national flag of China.

This cycle, the theme chosen for the dragons was Epic / Memorable Characters. Lijenth is yours to play as you wish. He was made for you and I hope you like him. He is based loosely off of Chewbacca from the Star Wars saga who is a loyal friend to Han Solo and possessive of the ship he travels on with him. When he was young, Chewbacca always had the urge to travel instead of staying on his home world and he was always curious about things. As I said, you may play him however you wish, he is yours and I do hope you enjoy him!

- Tomi


Name Extravagant Tastes Brown Lijenth
Dam Gold Rhadamanth
Sire Bronze Aslianth
Created By Tomi
Impressee Taniel
Hatched September 06, 2008
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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