Sleeping Potential Bronze Lhyzaeth

Bronze doesn't glitter across this hatchling's hide. He seems to drift in shadows, with the darkest hues settling along his neckridges, tail, and legs. His head is finely proportioned, delicately boned and slender. His neck is narrow and draped with dark bronze, which pools into a single sheet where his straps will rest. His body is stocky and short, and slightly more pudgy than those of his clutchmates. Perhaps his egg had more yolk than the others?

His legs are out of proportion to the rest of him, longer than they should be for his body size, but still on the short side. Their color begins at his talons of black, and then rises to fade to your average bronze hue at his shoulders. His knees are a little knobby, and don't quite straighten all the way. For this reason, he crouches. His belly is a lighter hue, in contrast to his dark tail. Overall, this bronze hatchling is both forgettable and curious at the same time.

Egg Name and Description

Tooth-sticking Delight Egg
Blah. Who could ever find this egg interesting? From afar it appears a uniform shade of brown. How boring. Yet, if people look closer they'll discover some level of detail. Peaks and valleys are simulated with shifts in hue, and swirls of color mimic small globes covering the egg's surface. And there, right there? is that a dribble of something tan and sticky?

Hatching Message

Tooth-sticking Delight Egg shatters into a million tiny shards, its occupant tumbling out onto the sand until sliding to a halt and laying there.

Impression Message

Fiery Passion Rises reaches into your mind, lifting you away from the heat and noise of the Sands. For a moment there is just you and your bronze, locked in a mind embrace. A cool breeze drifts around you, and you can almost see the dappled shade of a tree high above. Then, the voice. It is soft and gentle, slow and relaxed, but beneath it you can feel the heat of an inner fire. « Q'reni, » the voice speaks, « let us travel, and let us learn. Let us discover all there is to know! As long as we do it together. » There is a pause, and then, as though it is an afterthought, « I am your Lhyzaeth. »


Lhyzaeth has many facets to his personality - let's get that out in the open right now. If you don't like the way he's behaving, wait a minute and it'll change. But there are several facets he favors. The first is laziness. If you wanted to be kind you could just call him laid-back. Lhyzaeth would spend all of his time sleeping if you'd let him. He'll sleep anywhere. On his cot, on the floor, in the lake, on the dirt, on the grass, on the sand…but by far his favorite spot is beneath the trees of Lemos. When you and he first visit Lemos and discover those trees…look out. He'll want to move in and stay forever! Wherever you go, he'll want to seek out trees to sleep beneath. You'll have some work with him trying to keep him active and awake. « *the feel of sun on your hide* *a pleasant summer breeze* *sleepiness* Rest, Q'ren. » Another of his facets is food. Your dragon /loves/ to eat. Unless you're firm enough to make him stop, he'll have thicktail well into adulthood. You'll also need to either force him to eat less or force him to exercise more if you want to keep him at a healthy weight. He just loves food. He will try anything, and never turn down a treat. But there is another side to your beloved Lhyzaeth. He is fiercely competitive. If faced with a challenge, he will not back down, period. Be it a drill, a Flight, or a goal he and you have set, he will keep going until it is accomplished. And then, if he's doing well he has a tendency to slack off and 'show off' how well he's doing. Be careful, because when he's flaunting his skill others might catch up. Your Lhyzaeth is very smart, and hates to be left alone. Don't be surprised if he quickly adopts your blue firelizard. And perhaps a stray canine, and maybe even a runner or two. Yes, your dragon adores runners. He loves their speed, their sleekness, and their company. Never mind that most of them are terrified of them. He loves them. He's a very gentle bronze, using the utmost care in all that he does. Even when he's competing, he'll never harm another dragon or person. He wants to win by his own skill. Not by beating down the competition. His unusual crouching posture is because his knees don't straighten quite all the way. They won't affect him in flight, but he will walk rather strangely. Overall, Lhyzaeth is a perfect match for you. He is easy-going and fun, but can rise to the occasion and get things done. All you have to do is properly motivate him, and he'll do whatever you ask with a single-minded determination that will leave others hard-pressed to beat him. I'm not saying that he'll win every Flight, but he will give it his very best, every time, no matter what. He adores you, and all he wants from you in return is the same undying devotion.


Lhyzaeth's mind can switch gears as fast as a speeding bicycle. One moment his mind could be a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon beneath a tall tree, and the next it can flare up with such determination and firm desire that you'd be hard-pressed to deny him. He rarely uses words to speak, relying more often on pictures and sounds. When he does speak, his voice is a low rumble, like a snort forming words. His tone can range from lazy and slow, to rapid and insistent. Pictures that he favors are trees, « So great for napping under, » and long, narrow stretches of dirt (while a Weyrling), and then sky (when he can fly).


Your egg and hatchling were created by Elara! The egg is based on Milk Dud candies. The hatchling within is based on the famous racehorse, Seabiscuit. As I was reading your first @mail and trying to think of a theme, Seabiscuit came to my mind. He was a tiny horse, not looking much like anything, but he went on to be an inspiration to people during The Depression in America. He slept a lot, ate a lot, but tore up the track when faced with the competition. I think Seabiscuit fit your desires for a bronze nicely. I do hope you enjoy him! I put a lot of thought into him and I hope you love him as much as I do. :)


Name Sleeping Potential Bronze Lhyzaeth
Dam Gold Aelith
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Elara
Impressee Q'reni (Qoreni)
Hatched 31 May 2007
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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