Chubble Bubble Blue Kurexith

Egg Name and Description

A Crazy Bit of Canvas Egg
This egg has no rhyme or reason to it. It is plastered in vibrant colors, none of which seem to have any real place or purpose. A swirl of orange and violet crowns the top. Here patch of pink polka dots on a bright green background. There a lattice of black and yellow. Cerulean spines cut across a sea of maroon in cross-cross and parallel, and then suddenly shift to purple in a yellow lake. Rows of triangular forest green teeth on a lavender background take up a small patch of the egg on one side. On the other side, amorphous blobs of red and gold and brown and blue patch the surface, sometimes one blending to the other, sometimes the colors shifting abruptly. In the middle of the blobs, a tight spiral of red and white that seems to roll inward as you move your head. Examining the egg closer reveals some colors made up of tiny systems of dots that blend together from a distance, like a splattering of paint on this splattering of an egg.

Mindtouch Messages

The Path to Insanity
The Path to Insanity leads you through a small doorway. As you step through the threshold you feel yourself suddenly sliding!? Down and down you go, where youll stop, no one knows! Well, the presence you felt might know. You can feel yourself twist and spiraling and was that a loop-di-loop!? Faster and further you seem to slide, with no clear direction in mind. Then suddenly, youre airborn!

The Path to Insanity is at the bottom of the pit youre falling into! With an oof you somehow land on your feet! The presence is close then it darts away from you. You start to move toward it, and oof! You walk into a wall! You extend your hand out to follow it, and find that it twists and turns! You can feel the presence moving away, beckoning you to follow it. Seems easy enough! Until you step forward and bump into another wall. Youre in a maze! And its dark except for a swath of nonsensical colors covering the walls and the floor and the ceilings. As you stumble your way through, the presence always seems to be one step ahead of you!

The Path to Insanity finally leads you down a hallway thats straight for a while. As your hands move over the walls you realize theyre curved upward. Youre in a cylinder! And its rotating! You wobble as you move across it, the crazy colors spinning faster and faster and whoaaaaa. And then youre left alone. In the normal dark space of your own thoughts.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
A Crazy Bit of Canvas Egg wriggles in place just enough to knock some loose sand away from around it.

Crack Message
A Crazy Bit of Canvas Egg gets angry! At least thats what it looks like. It looks like a tiny round angry person with their fists clenched, shaking in anger! The shaking becomes more and more violent, until the egg breaks out into a thousand tiny cracks!

Hatch Message
A Crazy Bit of Canvas Egg becomes more and more cracked! Tiny bits of egg dust fall away from the shell as the energy and pressure starts to build up within! Finally the egg explodes! Sending bits of shell every which way, and out rolls a rather round-looking creature.

Hatchling Name and Description

Chubble Bubble Blue Dragon
As blues go, this one is rather on the shorter end of the spectrum - and on the wider end, as well. His muzzle is blunted, his eyes wide despite the weight of thick eyeridges, and his features, as a whole, seem liberally rounded to a fault. Even his neckridges are short and rounded; stumpy, in fact. His hide is a bright shade of blue with hints of purple; a peculiar berry blue hue to be sure, but well-fitted to the likes of him. The sheer thickness of him is only emphasized by his curious markings. Intricate weavings of blue-kissed quicksilver wind their way around his neck in an eternal filigree. The patterns widen over his thick shoulders and thicker chest, only to stretch improbably around his naturally corpulent gut. Those arcane weavings tighten to cover his forelegs like bracers, all the way around. His claws, in contrast, carry a slightly golden tinge to them. The designs scroll their way across his moderately truncated wingspan, loosening up and tumbling freely into nonsensical patterns that break apart at the trailing edges. They only dissipate once they reach his tail, as if there just wasn't enough to go around.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message

« Hello, Zilisa, my princess. » You hear a voice before you feel the presence of the blue sliding up next to you. Its smooth and chocolatey, and well-spoken to say the least. It presses into your mind with soft colors of deep blue and forest green. His words string together like a love poem, read in quiet between the two of you. « I am Kurexith, and I have come for you. Together we shall rule the skies! » Your mind fills with colors, like a field of flowers stretched out before you. You can feel the excitement and the wonder of the possibilities that lay before you. « We shall storm the world! And create many beautiful and wonderous things! But first.. let us get something to eat! »

Personality / RP Tips

Kurexith is a barrel of unpredictability. This will be especially true when he is young, and his life is not properly structured. Hopefully Zilisa is ready for the challenge! Because knowing her personality, he will be a challenge.

Its not that Kurexith refuses to follow rules or that he constantly wants to get into mischief, its that hes one free moment away from some sort of activity that just seems completely bonkers. After he gets into trouble for knocking over an oil barrel, he starts knocking over empty barrels instead. After hes told to stop chasing runners, hell instead sleep in a pack of them. That said, on the occasions he DOES want to get into mischief, expect him to be profoundly adept at it. Where did you FIND all that oil for the slip-n-slide!? « We rolls the barrels out of the storeroom, of course. »

Eloquent and well-spoken, its hardly a surprise why Kurexith chose Zilisa. He regards her as his princess (with him being the prince, of course). He will be completely fascinated with her craft, often begging for foot or tail wraps, or adornment for his straps. All gaudy and garish and a crazy assortment of colors. Hell look over Zilis own clothes with fascination and admiration, and regard himself as a consultant to her own personal style. (Which she may find endearing or infuriating, depending.)

As far as his own wing, Kurexith wont mind where he goes. Transport or administrative tasks allow for the necessary amount of chaos from day to day. While he may grow bored of the routine of sweeps and drills for Search and Rescue, he will revel in and excel at the adrenaline fueled emergencies they have to face.

Being on the short and stocky end of the spectrum means that Kurexith will find flying a bit more difficult than his more sleek and streamlined brethren. It will affect his ability to gracefully maneuver in the air (at least effectively) and will likely put him a bit behind his clutchmates when first learning to get off the ground. Should he decide to chase (and of course, if and when he does will be completely random) he will have to rely on his ability to navigate the chaos rather than on technique.

Kurexith LOVES feeding time! He loves it so much he feeds more than is probably good for him, which is why he maintains that chubby physique throughout his life. The randomness of the strike, the chaos of the fleeing animals around him, the mangled flesh that no longer is no longer packed tightly into skin, he loves all of it! Zilisa will probably have to curb his feeding habits once he learns to hunt, and teach him that no, he does not in fact need to eat every single day.

Some dragons may find Kurexiths eloquence and demeanor a bit snooty. But in general he is kind and fun loving. He is always the first to want to cheer up a friend, or at least distract them with something random and off-the-wall. He loves fun and games and riddles, and will flirt back and forth between lazy and hyper.


With a smooth baritone and eloquent voice, this mindvoice is sure to make anyone who hears it fall in love! It fills your mind with vivid colors. Red, blues, greens, yellow. Always shifting but never overpowering or clashing.


Hi Sidecorn!

The theme for this clutch was Gods/Deities! Kurexith was based on Sheogorath from the Elder Scrolls video game series (Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, et al.) who is the Daedric Prince of Chaos.

Sheogoraths MO tends to be to trap the player in his realm in Oblivion (where the Daedra are from) and make them perform a series of insane quests in order to restore chaos and escape. ZILISA HAS NO ESCAPE. At least not from Kurexith!

Kurexiths name comes from the Japanese word for crazy kureiji and the Latin word for small exiguus. Kurexiths egg desc was based on Sheogoraths robes. Bhaal did his hatching desc, based on his inspiration and what you wanted (thanks, Bhaal!)

As always, Kurexith is yours and yours alone. What weve written here is to give you ideas on how you might play him, how you actually do is completely up to you! Please feel free to change or update some or all of him to your hearts desire. Thanks for sticking it out with us as we try to get Ista back off the ground!

<3 Zion


Name Kurexith
Dam Gold Eulweth
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created by Zi'on
Impressee Zilisa
Hatch Date 2015.02.14
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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