River of Molten Magma Bronze Knephyth

This particular dragon is of only just above average size and roughly average build. He does not appear to be excessively muscular nor incredibly agile and his physical dimensions will certainly set no records. Nonetheless, he at once catches the eye for his startling ambiguity of color. His base tones are a very, very dark shade of near brown, oddly reflective but not quite metallic. Talons of similar near-slate combine with the above further his appearance of a brown dragon at a quick glance. A second or longer look reveals jagged protrusions of coppery metal framing the lines of his limbs and a speckling of lighter colors within those slate talons. The true clinch of the matter is to be found from the base of his head to the end of his tail. Indeed, along this long ridge of tougher flesh a warm and metallic near-red gives the impression of molten magma that has been poured over an unsuspecting formation of rock, intense heat forging it into something greater. This randomly 'poured' expanse of color descends in molten rivulets all the way to the beginnings of his shoulders and hips and to roughly mid-flank. There, the brilliant flow seems to cool and fade through tones of bronze into hardened shale.

Egg Name and Description

Pretentious White Queen Egg
Glistening as if it were still wet, sparkling in spots as if it was covered in white diamond, and yet still, to those who witness the slightly rounded ovoid of an egg, it's clear that that's all it is - an egg. A precious thing trying to pass for something other precious thing. Streaks of pink intermingle with a white shell flickered-down spots of tans and golds. In more than one spot on the surface, there's an imperfection: a bump here, protruding. Must have been fun passing -that- one out.

Hatching Message

The Pretentious White Queen Egg begins rocking and moving again, quite suddenly exploding into a shower of shards as a dragonet spills out — doing a complete backflip and sprawling ungracefully on his back. Whining loudly and in a frustrated manner he regains his feet, biting viciously at the fragmets of his former resting place as if in revenge.

Impression Message

Faceted eyes suddenly lock with your own, and the impact of the dragonet's head into your chest is felt — hard enough to likely drive you to your kenes. And then… contact. You may recall having been told by some that impression is a wonderful and gentle thing. They were wrong. Wonderful this may be, it is also forceful. For a moment there is the sense of being uprooted and of all your life flashing before your own eyes as something literally forces itself into your mind, shoving all that it is not looking for to the side as it hunts for one thing…..« "Ae'ran." » The mindvoice is thunderous in your head, reverberating across your skin and rocking within your bones. Carried with it are a multiude of feelings from frustration, to hunger, and subdued delight. Obviously, this one is overjoyed — but he is concealing it well. « "I am Knephyth and we have fooled around long enough. There will be time for meeting, time for greeting and all of that later. For now, we must -EAT-!" »


Overview: You are certainly going to have your hands full with Knephyth, this much is certain. He is about as non-stereotypical for a bronze and as rife with contradictions as it is possible to be. In many ways, his behavior is far more typical of a brown than a bronze. Indeed, as a bronze both Weyrleaders and other dragons expect him to be a born leader from the shell — to motivate his hatchlingmates during the tough Weyrlinghood phase, to be a bastion of calm and order. Knephyth will have absolutely none of that. Let others do the leading, he exists to pick his own future in the world — crowds in general annoy him.

Growing Up: From an early age, Knephyth will show himself as being different from not just other bronzes but most of his hatchlingmates in general. He is absolutely not an intellectual dragon and has an almost impossible difficulty sitting or standing still for long periods. When you finally bring him around and get him to obey he will still be given to little signs of rebellion, mostly in body language. These come in the form of annoyed snorts, pawing at the ground and the like — very animalistic. As one might imagine however, the things that he really does pay attention to are the physical aspects of his life. Swimming, muscle building, wrestling with fellow Weyrlings in his off time — all of these things he will delight in and throw himself into with a wholehearted roar of pleasure.

He will also be constantly measuring his progress against others in his class, consistently wanting to be the fastest flyer or the strongest mover. Be ready to soothe him if a failure is made here, for he will not take it lightly and might even bear a vindictive grudge. Fortunately, all of this physical activity that he is so lovingly involved in will fill him out quickly — Knephyth will fill out into an enormously powerful being. You will also discover during this time that he has little sense of his growing power, nor his equally growing petulance. Whilst not actually bad tempered, the above mentioned 'snits' will tend to happen every time that you force him into not doing something and will likely go on for quite awhile afterwards. His ill sense of his strength is likely to be almost dangerous to other young dragons — he simply does not know how large and powerful he is getting. The truth is, he likely never will.

Adult Life: As an adult, he will always be difficult to control. Always challenging you for your 'control' of your combined personalities. This will be especially evident if you ever ask him to do 'thinking' things such as, for example, lead the Weyr. Charisma is not one of his strong suits and he will depend largely on you to get the job done. He will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into pretty much any role like this, but will accept his fate once it is there and genuinely do his best — which really isn't THAT great unfortunately as he just doesn't have the patience. Luckily though, that is where you come in.

All in all and throughout his life, Knephyth is going to be one for the physical pleasures. Chasing Greens and Golds, carrying the heaviest loads, taking satisfaction in the kinds of jobs that test his endurance and leave his muscles sore at the end of the day. As far as he's concerned, if it doesn't ache afterwards it probably isn't a job well done. All said and done, your Knephyth is a very animalistic dragon is very, very different from most of his fellows and is likely to get you in a considerable amount of trouble all through both of your lives.

Additional Personality: We've talked quite a bit about Knephyth's animalistic side. There is still very much a persona within his hardheaded skull, just a very stubborn one. One of his major quirks is that he is actually confused by laziness. Because of his love of physical effort and his passion for working and playing hard when people are being idle he cannot imagine how they could be happy. This will oftentimes lead him to want to 'fix' their problem by making you give them something to do, or creating a disturbance himself just to interrupt their poor, poor selves and give them something fitting to do.

He is also as aforementioned, extremely stubborn and is incredibly unlikely to back down from any argument unless the dragon in question could physically enforce themselves — meaning, really only bigger bronzes and Golds — unless you intervene on his behalf. He is quick to anger as well, launching on tirades in your mind as to the subject of his annoyance. Because of this, learning to filter his emotions from yours will be absolutely critical unless you want your companions thinking that *YOU* are the raging beast. Perhaps the most unfortunate at all, these tirades of his are quite vocal and quite often. When he is very young the smallest thing is likely to set him off until you forcibly bring him around within your mind. Thankfully, he is not all of this. You are privy to his one true secret: His abrasiveness, his rage, his inability to lead comes from a near-crippling fault that so very sets him apart from his fellow bronzes. Knephyth hates responsibility because he almost fears it — something that he has difficult admitting to even you. As a result, he lashes out at it like an animalistic beast and attempts to keep it as far from him as possible. The only responsibility that he will accept is what you ask of him, and what he wishes for the most — a day to day living of good, hard and honest work.


The presence within this egg is fleeting at first, very tenative as though it were unwilling to come to the forefront. Never a strong direct contact it is always little brushes of curious interest before withdrawing back within the safety of it's dark confines. It is particularialy attracted to those who offer it strong support. After some coaxing, contact becomes stronger and faint feelings may be gained from within.


Egg by Saelis, egg based of White Beryl. Dragon by S'va. Inspiration requires… some explanation. Actually came from weighing your want for brown versus your want to be involved in potential Weyrleader with this character. Decided to eventually make a color ambiguous sort, and the rest of the inspiration came from watching a volcanic eruption on a geology show on TV. :D


Name River of Molten Magma Bronze Knephyth
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Vsonath
Created By Saelis and S'va
Drawing Ae'ran, Khiitan
Impressee Ae'ran (Iaeran)
Hatched 13 September 2005
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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