Cavaliering Rapscallion Bronze Kevraith

Egg Name and Description

Championing Perdition Egg
Half of this colossal ovoid is the thing of nightmares, as blackened and wretched as the abyss itself. Pandemonium reigns across its shell - infernos of hell-fire rake great torrents and gouts upon its jagged ebony surface, while the depths of pits and chasms are so stygian in nature that not even the brightest light of Rukbat can pierce them. The only hint of redemption can be found on the far side of the egg, where bright, iridescent white eggshell shines amidst the miasma of magma and brimstone. In its purity, it seems to represent all that is good and right in this world… Yet it also seems to belong in that hell, taunting, provoking, projecting the idea that everything you know is wrong.

Mindtouch Messages

The Devil's Advocate
The Devil's Advocate stirs in a cloud of ash and soot, a great, smug beast coming awake in your mind. Dust feels like it's choking up your lungs for a moment, stealing your words while the presense makes itself comfortable, lounging in your head like it owns the place. So, this is you… The other mind assesses for a long moment and then decides to be unimpressed. Let's get started then. Lazily flickering through your memories as though they were stacked in a neat file folder, the Advocate pulls up one, then two, comparing them against one another. Curiouser and curiouser, you get the distinct feeling of being /judged/, though whether it's for the better or the worse, it's hard to tell.

The Devil's Advocate truly isn't evil, honest, but it likes to play both sides of an argument. Moving on to another memory, it shows you a time when you felt particularly strongly about something - perhaps a time when your morals or convictions were called to the fore and you were forced to make a major life decision. Did you choose the right path?, this other mind seems to hint, planting the seeds of doubt, Or was there something else, something better that you could have done? What about the other side of the fence? Isn't the grass there still greener, even if you might be happy with what you've done with yourself? Leaving you to question yourself, the egg's presence quiets for the moment, settling like volcanic ash and seeming to gather its energies.

The Devil's Advocate begins pacing like a canine at the end of its leash. It might not believe in everything it's throwing at you, but suddenly there's a barrage of memories, none staying longer than a second, but each coming with its own set of emotions. Failure. Misery. Hurt. Injustice. Again and again, they repeat, taking seemingly every bad moment you've ever had and making you revisit again. The hellfire racing up the egg's shell suddenly manifests, exploding outwards in a last, emphatic statement: Everything you know is /WRONG/! Seething, the egg's mind seems to realize what it's done and takes slow, deep breaths, its volcanic explosion slowly fading away now that its energy is spent. Blue sky peeks tentatively through the ashy cloud, along with a single ray of sunlight that, somehow, seems to illuminate everything that your memories have left to offer. Peace. Love. Joy. Celebration. Kindness. The foreign mind's more vicious half stirs sullenly, but even it has to admit that there's usually some good to take with the bad… but it's up to you to find it for yourself - it can only advocate for the devil. Exhausted now, though, the egg falls away, perhaps to slumber and recuperate for the next unsuspecting soul to touch its jagged surface.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
The Championing Perdition Egg doesn't so much wobble as shudder, a small earthquake shaking it over onto its side. After a few more seismic quakes, the egg stills, but only just. Something's coming.

Crack Message
The Championing Perdition Egg splits, suddenly, a tear rending straight down the center of its iridescent white shell. Something stirs just below the surface of that gouge, but after a short struggle, the egg settles down onto the sands again, clearly biding its time.

Hatch Message
The Championing Perdition Egg /explodes/, there's no other way to put it. In a combustion of magma, stone, and pearly white shrapnel, the egg slams apart, allowing an all-too-proud, very dark creature to stand in it's wake. He has /arrived/.

Hatchling Name and Description

Cavaliering Rapscallion Bronze Hatchling
Rarely does this dragon deign to descend from the lofty heights of his stature, lean muscle and viciously-angled skeletal structure depicting his inner arrogance and refinement at a glance. He glimmers with a myriad of dark colors, much akin to an oversized vein of blackened chalcopyrite. A slim muzzle slopes back towards his headknobs at a precarious angle, neck and back ridges imperiously carved over the ages by frigid northern winds. His wings are long and streamlined, but narrow, aileron notched high in the second 'sail. Their umbral depths are built for speed and maneuverability, trailing edges licked with hellfire that's surely spawned from the morbid portion of his shell. Gritty vermilion rust clings tight to his long-fingered paws, burning an acidic pattern up the backs of his forelegs and across a taut, concaved stomach. Brash streaks of charcoal lend a wicked curve to both his mouth and his tail, the ashy color likewise limning his eyes to round out this bronze's overall air of complete and utter contemptuousness.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
A smug presence sidles up next to your mind, a compatriot, an equal surveying everything through your eyes. « See them? All of those humans, those dragonets? One day, they'll be ours to control. » Supple upholstery supports your back, bringing with it the stinging scent of leather intermingled with cologne. « The best part is, they won't even know it's happening. That's what we can do together, V'hrin. We can take this weyr, this whole /planet/ by storm, and no one will be the wiser. I don't know about you, but I'm rather looking forwards to it. » A sense of distant hunger pangs in your stomach however, and that smugness is replaces with mild irritation. « For now, however, we should perhaps find something to eat. We will have many turns to bring our plans to fruition, or my name's not Kevraith. »

Personality / RP Tips

"I had to create a monster if I was going to dethrone a queen." — Chuck Bass

This, more than anything else, is the theme behind Kevraith's existence. If you're going to rise to the top, then there's no telling what you're going to have to do to whom in order to get there. Controlling and cut-throat when he has to be, your bronze will do what he can to make it to the head of your social circle. This might only mean that you rise to your highest height in your chosen craft, but in Kevraith's eyes this will be the first of many successes.

And what will he do to get there? Anything short of murder. Death is too ugly and too final, so debase that it is below even his consideration, but you can bet any number of marks that any other door is open in his mind. Bribery is first and foremost, often mixed with flattery and deceit. Leave your morals at the door with this one - he's in it to win it, and doesn't care who he steps on in the end.

Naturally, with this ambitious nature comes a bombastic attitude, and Kevraith is no exception to the rule. He /is/ the monster in this situation, conceited and opinionated, expecting everyone to hang upon him like living accessories. He doesn't follow the status quo, not for an instant, setting himself up as an antihero for others to worship or get out of the way. He has better things to do than waste his time dithering over the loss of lowly peons - those are replaceable, you know.

"There's something wrong with that level of perfection. It needs to be… violated." — Chuck Bass

One thing that simply cannot go ignored, however, are the little things in life that Kevraith deems to be /too/ perfect. Firelizards. Food. Dragons. People. Nothing is beyond his reach.

« For the love of Faranth, V'hrin. Doesn't Usislykith's lifemate have /any/ faults? Honestly, she makes herself out to be good at everything… She must be taken down a notch. »

And from that point on, they will be subject to the Patented Kevraith Charm. This is a subtle mix of flirtation and degradation, mostly expressed in words with cruel double-meanings underlying everything the dragon says. The rest of his action is physical, a complete invasion of personal space replaced with a cold shoulder in a matter of seconds. This, he rationalizes, is the perfect way to break anyone and any/thing/ down, dancing the steps of both the angel and the devil in turn until confusion and chaos reigns. He alone will stand the victor.

"Don't mock the scarf, Nathaniel. It's my signature." — Chuck Bass

Along with his signature moves, Kevraith comes with his signature appearance, as well. His muzzle is long and narrow, with the bridge of his nose being practically nonexistent - it travels in a straight and unbroken plane from snout to headknobs, giving his face a tight, aristocratic look at all times. His neckridges start as diamonds along his spine, peaking up into thin blades, blunt to the touch as kitchen knives, worn down from a point as though through age and time.

The notching in his wings is not unlike a swallow's, and as he grows and starts to take flight, you will begin to notice that it allows him an increased maneuverability that just isn't found with most muscular, bulky bronzes. It might not give him the /greatest/ advantage in the air, but if he seriously puts his mind to it, Kevraith could go far in the realm of aerial acrobatics and a field that would put it to good use, such as search and rescue or craftriding.

"Better a broken nose than a broken heart." — Chuck Bass

Flights, too, will be benefited by his speed and classy aerial maneuvers. Ladies rank well within the realms of completely-replaceable accessories that he's willing to use and abuse in order to get what he wants, but they he won't hesitate to pursue them. Tiny green, massive gold - none are outside his realm of possibilities, for he is /bronze/, in every pretentious definition of the word. Outside of flights, Kevraith has no real use for females outside of playthings, simple amusements that occasionally serve to further his goals.

/Should/ he ever catch gold, Kevraith will be… well… inattentive is a kind word, honestly. The second those eggs are buried beneath the sand, he will be off like a light, and will have to be drug back by the headknobs for all of the necessary functions. Clutching. Touchings. Even the hatching itself will come as little more than a trill to see his progeny for him. Why should he become attached to them, after all? All they will do is Impress and go away again. Let them grow up and /become/ something. Then they'll talk.

"If you needed to mark your territory so badly, Nathaniel, maybe you should just pee on her." — Chuck Bass

It's V'hrin, and only V'hrin, that Kevraith will cling to like a security blanket through thick and thin. No one will belong to this bronze like his rider will, and no one will ever see his inner workings and softer facets except V'hrin. Though he flaunts his devil-may-care attitude in everyone's face, in the end, Kevraith is a /deeply/ private dragon, and it will take hell and high water to make his lighter side show.


Languid contempt fills Kevraith's voice to the brim, kept from spilling over only by sheer force of will. It is a youthful tenor tone, aging only with the weight of experience instead of actual pitch, forever maintaining all of the subtle arrogance of a young teenage male.

Underneath these tones come hints and glimpses of the finer things in life. Delicately aged alcohol drifts on the wind of his laziness, backed by the cool slide and scent of leather upholstery when he's feeling particularly coy. Glittering gems sparkle in the background of his haughtier moments, and good luck ridding your nostrils of the heavy smell of too much cologne when he's feeling a particularly strong emotion of any kind.

These undertones are all reserved for you and a few of Kevraith's choice comrades, however. For the general public, a sophisticated soiree of champagne bubbles and the delicate purr of a limousine engine in the background will be all that accompanies his dulcet tenor tones outside of the occasional spark of a matchlight. All that other frou-frou imagery would completely ruin his image, and of course, we cannot have that.


Welcome to weyrlinghood, V'hrin! It's been grand seeing you out and about, and we think you've got a lot to show - and hopefully, with Kevraith, we will only see more and more good things! :D

Egg: Our egg theme this cycle was 'Idioms'. One of S'gam's favorites happened to be "Playing the Devil's Advocate," and thus this egg was born. While the mind inside the egg has good intentions, and might even be a nice fellow deep down inside, its mind is geared towards arguing with everything that comes it's way. Nothing is ever really good enough, a theme that sort of carries over into your dragon.

Name: I loved the name you suggested from the start, and I built your dragon around it and made the /name/ work instead of creating the dragon and seeing if it fit. Hopefully it works for you, as well! :)

Theme: Our theme for dragons this cycle was 'Quotes', leaving ourselves wide open because of the wide variety of requests made by you lovely candidates. Though, as you can tell by his RP tips, Kevraith is based upon MANY quotes, his main over-reaching phrase is, "I had to create a monster if I was going to dethrone a queen." There is almost no limit to what your dragon will do in order to get where he wants to be, and one would do well to keep that in mind. ;)

Inspiration: Physically, your dragon was based on blackened chalcopyrite, which is a brassy mineral that glitters with a thousand other colors in the right light. He is rugged, but smooth, gritty but filled with class, an interesting dichotomy that will hopefully be interesting for you to play.

Mentally, he is based off of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girls with perhaps a lemon-twist of Damon from the TV series The Vampire Diaries, just because S'gam thought they were way to closely related in the Smug Manly Type genre. You are, of course, welcome to change /anything/ about him at any time, but hopefully this is what you were looking for - a tall, dark and handsome dragon with little-to-no scruples and a whole lot of attitude.

— S'gam


Name Cavaliering Rapscallion Bronze Kevraith
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Ittisieth
Created By S'gam
Impressee V'hrin (Veherin)
Hatched 11 Feb 2011
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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