Race to Silence Bronze Kapalith

Long and gangly, this bronze is mottled to the point of looking scaled. An undercurrent of new brass peaks out from beneath a red bronze that covers him from head to toe. Starting at his blunt, short nose, a deep oiled brown, like old bronze, creates a stripe that extends back along the length of his body, to the tip of his long tail. His squared cheeks pick up that darker bronze with circles for each side that climb back along his neck and back, looking almost like eyes in some places. His wing sails managed to escape the mess and reflect that bright yellow brass with its dark brown shadows. When seen in the proper light, he looks like he's covered in an iridescent paint, reflecting more colors than are actually on him and adding to the mess.

Egg Name and Description

The Space Between Egg

This egg is slightly odd in its shape. The center of it seems to be sucked in just slightly, almost hourglass shaped; though the impression is only barely there. The top and bottom of this egg seem to be painted a deep, flat purple. The space between looks nearly like the texture of sand, white and grainy looking, though the sruface is still perfectly smooth from top to bottom, all the way round.


MT-1: echo through your mind, things left unsaid that should have been. Things that would make your life easier to understand. A warm light opens to your mind, filtering that bit of understanding towards you. Before it can fully settle on your mind's eye however, there's a loud blaring noise that unsettles the light and it quickly shuts itself off from you.
MT-2: seek out your ears more tentatively this time. Skirting the edges of what it's trying to get across to you, it finds images in your mind that some what resemble its message it wants to give you. Your parents, an old blanket, a teddy bear perhaps. Warm? No, not quite that. Something else. The whispers slink away, planning some other way to tell you what it wants you to know.
MT-3: come with a sort of vigor, though that's a tad bit difficult to tell without any actual sound. But when the bright lights, in a multitude of colors, like the refractions off a gemstone, roll across your mind, the impression is there. Suddenly you're flodded with images of that person you knew way back in your early childhood that you called names and fought with, followed quickly by your first crush, maybe there was another in there some where, but they all have something in common. An underlying feeling that isn't always noticable. Love. When that thought is found, the whispers shake and glow pleasantly. That's what it wanted to find with your help.

Hatching Message

The Space Between Egg gives a mighty groan as it finally gives up the ghost and loses it's side in a thousand different shards on the sands. The part that remains resembles an oblong bowl and from that bowl, spills a gangly bundle of limbs, fresh and full of life.

Impression Message

At first you think you hear something as you look at this hatchling before you, but you aren't quite sure. It's only when that warm white light starts to block everything out that you actually hear what is being whispered to you. «A'ra, do you realize you're the prettiest man out here? I think you're perfect.» The white light shines brighter and warmer then. «How 'bout it? I'll be you're Kapalith if you'll be my A'ra?» A whisper of a sigh brushes over your mind then. «Ah, but I am most definitely hungry, have you got anything to eat on you?»


After reading over your questionnaire and original application again, I've decided to go back to one of your original words to describe him. Epicurean. He likes shiny, pretty things. And this extends to not only things, but also, the ladies. Oh how he wants all beautiful things to be his. After all, he got the prettiest boy on the sands, why can't he have the pretty ladies also? Well it would probably help if he could find the right words to say to them. He'll start out strong, but when he comes to the crucial word, he'll falter and have to go on a long drawn out journey of association until he finds the word or you supply it for him. And likely by that point, the 'opulent goddess' he was trying to woo will have moved on by then. He's not really one to become enraged over something, but when he is upset you should expect a great deal of noise when you try to talk to him. He'll block you out with either a trumpet or a bugle in your mind or out loud even. He won't, however, be overly vocal in his everyday communication. He'll prefer to keep things in mind where things are at their most clear.

The most worrisome thing you'll probably find about him however, is that he'll be set to walking a bit oddly. That initial misstep he took will stick with him and he'll think that's how he's supposed to walk. Never mind that everyone else is walking differently. So while he looks like he's walking around with a bad back foot, just know that it's all in his head and there's nothing physically wrong with him. And really, it's kinda cute the way he kinda hops around while he's trying to run. Once he's off to the sky however, he'll look more natural, taking those long, steady strides bronzes are so good at.

In the beginning, he'll likely try to romance you and treat you like a delicate flower, but a few whacks to the head should get things straightened out up there. It's very good to know that you are in fact not one of his ladies, and will rely on you to help him learn how to be better at finding lovelies. Because he wants to be cool and suave, he just fails miserably at it.

When it comes to actual flights, he'll be just the same as ever, trying to woo while flying, which seems to be just a bit easier since both of you will be on the same wavelength for the most part. Should the chance arise where he actually fathers a clutch, he'll want to whisper at the eggs and visit them. He's not exactly the most attentive father, but he likes the idea of little eggs finding people of their very own.


The touch of his mind will be a warm sort of whisper. Bringing heat and white light to mind, he likes things to be as clear as possible. Especially considering his propensity for needing a walking thesaurus with him at all times. He doesn't want other colors and smells getting in the way of what he's trying to tell you, no matter how his emotions are running.


There were two themes for the dragons this clutch. First for the eggs there were board games and your dragons' egg was based on the game Taboo. Then for the dragon itself, there was children's games, which he got Mum. It was the closest game to Taboo I could think of. Your dragon's name comes from one of Shiva's many names. Figured it worked since you're a girly guy and Shiva is depicted as both a girl and a guy. His desc is based on a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. Your dragon was built by Aisling.


Name Kapalith
Dam Ellamariseth
Sire Kinseth
Created By Aisling
Impressee A'ra (Ashiira)
Hatched 26 September 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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