Chiming Emerald Green Prisms Jeraeth

Precision cut prisms of pure, emerald green, crystaline perfection seem to have been honed and shaped to form this entrancing, dainty lady. What passes for the sharp edges of a crystal are in fact the rippling muscles already present beneath her silky, damp, green hide. Her form is elegant and lithe, not thin or frail, and most certainly not bulky. Sweet agility is already clear and will no doubt increase as she matures. Darker whirls of green underneath her forearms and down her downy belly, lurk where the light cannot touch adding an intoxicating depth to her shape. The light seems to rise up from the depths and sparkle as it bursts forth, skipping down her neckridges to finally play a merry little dance around her headknobs and ornate, whirling garnet eyes! Birthsoft talons burnished with a hint of irridescence crush shards and dig into the sand beneath her feet, giving her balance as she spreads her wings to dry, revealing the gausy, pale green wingsails, misted with softer hues that are almost golden. The rustle and shuffle of her pinions suggest an almost musical rhythm as she moves, following her wherever she turns, a constant pleasant accompaniment. Light catches in her gemlike eyes as they whirl, mixing now to shades of ruby and topaz, as her search for the one that is her's alone begins!

Egg Name and Description

Flittering Fireflies Egg

Hatching Message

The Flittering Fireflies Egg is suddenly spiderwebbed with what appears to be hundreds of tiny lines as the dragonet inside struggles! The shell moves, heaving as it is battered from within and finally shatters, tinkling fragments of shell all around the sands as it disintegrates, leaving a tiny damp green dragonet in it's rubble!

Impression Message





Name Chiming Emerald Green Prisms Jeraeth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By
Impressee N'tan (Natan)
Hatched 21 April 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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