One Last Shot Brown Jekinnith

Egg Name and Description

Artificially Perfect Egg
This egg looks as though it's been cut from a cross section of the world's most colorful tree trunk. Ring after ring of differing color, starting at one side and moving around to the other. They seem to pull one's gaze right down in. The rings are not quite circles, they have an odd asymmetrical shape to them that seems to accentuate any flaws in the shell. At the center the rings are white hot, followed by alternating yellows, and then oranges. Then red and red-brown follow as the rings expand. There seems to be a break as a section is white again. Then the rings are crimson, separated by bits of white. Finally the largest rings are lavender and dark purple. And separating the two halves is a single ring of gold, sparkling, shiny and brilliant.

Mindtouch Messages

Soft Spoken Intelligence
Soft Spoken Intelligence reaches out to gently probe your mind. This presence seems on a quest to gather intelligence. Who are you? What is your purpose? A gentle firmness pokes around in your head, looking for an answer to its questions. Who is it? What is its purpose? It is who it is. And it's here to learn you.

Soft Spoken Intelligence remains an omnipresence as long as you keep your hand to the egg. It lets your mind do as it will, go about its business, thinking about whatever you will. Then suddenly it stops. No! That memory was not correct! The presence become manic almost, arguing with you over this particular event in your past. As you ponder the absurdity of a not-yet-born-dragon arguing with you about the details of an event of which they were not a part of, the presence seems to become lost between your mind and its.

Soft Spoken Intelligence calms down as it feels you leaving and seems to grow drowsy. Your mind fills with a melody taken from bits of songs in your past, rearranged to form a gentle lullaby. As it echoes throughout your mind, you check for the presence once again to find it gone. And you are left with just the sounds of those around you on the sands.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Artificially Perfect Egg shakes slowly in the sand, like its yawning and stretching after a long nap. It leans to one side, like it might tumble out of its mound, then stops.

Crack Message
Artificially Perfect Egg wriggles a bit more in place. Then, with a terrific sounding CRACK, splits down the middle. The two halves are perfectly separated, but remain in place for the time being. It leaves the egg looking like… well we can all guess what it looks like.

Hatch Message
All the hard work is over for the little dragon inside of the Artificially Perfect Egg. A snout pushes through the created opening, and the two halves fall away to either side.

Hatchling Name and Description

One Last Shot Brown Hatchling
The span of mighty wings barely seems large enough compared to the sheer size of this dragon, broad membranes shaped for power rather than beauty or aerodynamics. There is almost nothing streamlined about him, from the huge tooth-filled jaws on a round and narrow-eyed head, down the craggy ridges of his back, all the way to his short but hefty tail. The great bulk of this beast is encased in a faded hide seeming touched by the freckled light of distant stars, darkest browns tinted with reddish hues spread across his underside, so that the lighter color fades away as it descends. Solidly built, muscular flanks ripple with the slightest twitch, wide shoulders and even larger haunches supported by sturdy legs that look more than capable of holding up such a massive creature. But nowhere is his strength so evident as in the length of his neck, every flex and bend bringing into stark relief the contours of rippling muscle.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
Something smooth and creamy washes over your senses. At first it may seem like you are about to be ill. Perhaps from the heat of the sands. Or the stress of the hatching. But then… no. The feeling is pleasant and almost natural. Your feet seem more firmly on the sands. You feel like you can stand taller be bolder. The heat and the crowd seem to melt away into a husky baritone, oozing with confidence and charm. « Hello Ga'ran! Don't look so surprised. You knew I was out here, searching for you. As yes, a name. Jekinnith, I think. Yes. There is much to do! Much to do! Much to see, and conquer. Let us get something good to eat! »

Personality / RP Tips

Flights will appeal to Jekinnith as a way to show off his prowess in the air, but otherwise not for much other purpose. He may at some point find a lady dragon he enjoys spending time with, and may even let his cocky exterior drop around her. But other than this lady, he will regard chasing as just-for-fun.

Outwardly, Jekinnith is a cocky, self-assured, pompous brown. His natural abilities and physique will excel him particularly early in life and beyond (though perhaps not quite to the tune he sells himself at!)

Inwardly and to Ga'ran he won't be so self-assured however. He will be nurturing to Ga'ran and those he cares about, and will rely on his rider to prop him up once in a while. His nurturing side will often press Ga'ran to become better and better at what he does, be it trading or wing-work, but won't quite reach the side of sentimentality.

Even though he'll enjoy teasing and challenging his siblings and other dragons, he will still care about them. He'll have an unusual affinity for helping people and other dragons, under the guise that it lets him show off his many talents, of course. This may cause trouble for Ga'ran, both in his work and outside of it.

Mental games won't be Jekinnith's strong suit, however. He's alright with embellishing a story or two, but ask him to participate in a complicated lie, and expect him to get his wires a bit crossed and not be able to keep the details straight. He'll enjoy learning and new experiences, but his recall rate is limited, even for a dragon. This may make betweening a bit of a struggle, at least at first.

Flights will appeal to Jekinnith as a way to show off his prowess in the air, but otherwise not for much other purpose. He may at some point find a lady dragon he enjoys spending time with, and may even let his cocky exterior drop around her. But other than this lady, he will regard chasing as just-for-fun.


This brown's mindvoice is a husky, raspy baritone. It oozes with charm and self-confidence, which only makes it more awkward when he's lacking in either. He emits smooth neutral earth-tones as he converses, adding to his rakish, confident charm. When feeling awkward, or embarrassed, the color seems to wash out to a neutral beige or gray. When angry, puffs of bright red or yellow stain the earthen landscape. When sad, expect nothing but a dreary-gray brown, like a shallow pond on an overcast day.


The theme for this clutch was rocks/minerals for the eggs, and AIs for the minds!

Jekinnith's egg was based on the agate mineral, a brightly colored silica. The AI that he is based on was HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I based most of Jekinnith's personality on Jecht from FFX, like you suggested in your questionaire. Seemingly brimming with confidence, Jecht seems to fall apart a bit on the emotional side of things. Instead he shows his caring side through altruism, which ended up getting Braska into trouble from time to time.

Cenlia came up with his appearance, combining the muscle-bound sort with aspects from the spaceship in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Discovery One.

Thanks for joining us for Ista's Spring 2014 hatching! I hope you enjoy Jekinnith! As always, he is your dragon, so feel to modify, remove or replace any bits and pieces of him to your liking!



Name One Last Shot Brown Jekinnith
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Tzimisceth
Created by E'von
Impressee Ga'ran (Garawan)
Hatch Date 2014.04.12
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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