Abstract Stained Glass Green Janneth

A more colorful version of the shell that once housed her, this green hatchling sports the whole gamut of that color. Tracings of deep, deep, near black green divide her hide in to millions of tiny sections in varying sizes Some as small as a mark others as large as a firelizard egg. None of the sections have a regular shape, they are instead rough and jagged as though made of shattered glass put back together like a jigsaw puzzle. Each section is a different shade or hue of green. Some shine in briliant Emerald, others glimmer dully in turquoise, some have so much yellow as to be scarely considered green, others are nearly blue. Some are shaded so dark as to blend with the tracings outlining them, others so pale as to be mistaken for white. Seafoam, jade, lime, forest, antique bottle, sage, spinich, olive, aquamarine, and chartruse all seek to draw the eye and mesmerize the observer. Janneth is a well formed dragon with average features. Her hide is the only remarkable thing about her, but it does the job better than most.

Egg Name and Description

Shades of Grey Rainbows Egg
A mosaic mixture of grey decorates the shell of this egg. Light greys, dark greys, a few lines of glossy black wend their way across the shell. A some of the patches are colored as well, thought all remain in greyish hues. Pink, blue, and purple all with a grey cast mix with the other shades of grey.

Hatching Message

Shades of Grey Rainbows Egg bursts apart each half falling to the ground as the Abstract Stained Glass Green Hatchling flings her egg-wet wings wide.

Impression Message

Opalescent crystals rain into your mind spreading their dancing rainbows of sheer joy everywhere. Abstract Stained Glass Green Hatchling peers intently up in to your eyes. «Ta'sin, I'm Janneth. Will you be my friend? Will you help me find some food? I'm terribly hungry.» She asks as she eyes whirl solid red against her fractured green hide.


A generally happy dragon, Janneth has a tendancy to butt into her rider's thoughts, offering advice and such. When chatting with people anywhere near her do not be surprised if she sticks her snout in to peer at people. Her unusual coloration is enough to insure that most people will comment on it at least the first time they see her. If you are not around, she'll be on the sunniest ledge she can find, preening. Her cheery demeanor will be enough to soothe any feathers ruffled by her showboating, and she will be unusually willing to talk to people who are not her rider. Not to suggest she has any strong compulsion to do so, but she will on occasion and she's less likely to be picky about who she speaks to than the average dragon. Dragons don't acctually laugh, but if they could she would giggle, frequently, at anything remotely funny.


This one is looking for someone strong. Perhaps physically, perhaps morally, perhaps emotionally. Possibly even all of those. But strength it wants and strength it shall have.


The egg was created by B'relle, based on the rock granite. In the egg I tried to keep it to grey as the books say the eggs generally are, but to still reflect the colorful random nature of granite. The coloration for the dragon it based largely on the egg, but exhibiting much more color. I chose this in part because it will help the dragon be the center of attention.


Name Abstract Stained Glass Green Janneth
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Vsonath
Created By B'relle
Impressee Ta'sin (Taliesin)
Hatched 13 September 2005
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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