Midnight cloaks this dragon, leaving him wrapped in that darkest shade of blue from his broadened muzzle to follow along his back, caressing each neckridge and hollow to the final sharp angles of his tail spade in a color just above ebony. He is somewhat stocky, and rather thick in build with a wide broad head, that seems oddly foreshortened and balanced on a thick, fighter's neck. His stance is somewhat bowlegged, his legs stolid and heavy and he balances easily, only using the thickly curved portions of his talons for a bit more grace in walking. His wings are that same deep blue, only the color more revealed in the membranous wingsails, and starred across the surface in reflection of pale white that seems to float, eventually even above the thicklines of his wingspars that are in slightly brighter hues. The underside of his body, is that same deep color, although fractured here and there with what seems to be an impossibly deeper shade, although it brings his upper half into a curiously brighter dark relief.

Name Izyamth
Dam Gold Gienith
Sire Bronze Coresanth
Created by Scrobble
Impressee E'on (Evon)
High Reaches Weyr
Seven Spindles MUX
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