Atop The Sovereign's Summit Bronze Ittisieth

Gloom and glory vie for dominance over this arrogant, angular beast: his hide rolls forth with the darkness of antiqued copper, left to spot with dank feldspar and glints of mica gone pale and dark in turn. Striking glints of fresh-penny copper outline the rakish structure of patronizing face, vainglorious headknobs swept back and crowned with blood-orange brilliance. The same scintillating colors twist and twine over the intrepid danger of long neckridges and unfurled wings as sharply-angled as the rest of him, dark lichen-spotted monuments to the skies, spattered through with metallic shine in an unusual spiderweb of vivid conceit. Short-coupled, short-tempered, the languid contempt this dragon shows the world is only balanced by the confidence of the autocratic: a dragon to rule all within his purview.

Egg Name and Description

The Age Old Battle Egg
Distinctions run rampant across the gleaming exterior of this egg. Two colors are most notable, splicing through the straight middle, rounding the curved surface to encompass the entire shell. Lady slipper pink, soft and inviting, is colored throughout the first half. Jagged streaks of a blood red, however, is obvious within the softer shade, making streaking lightening lines where ever they please. On the other side, the bluest blue captivates and controls, darker and more intense than the pink hues it sides against. A midnight tone, almost black, is speckled and dotted on it's half. In the middle, a battle wages war for color dominance, blue versus pink. Male versus female.


Hatching Message

The Age Old Battle Egg only breaks apart more and more. The fissures turning large, larger, largest. A piece of shell falls away, a flash of color. Was that brown? Perhaps green? Another and another break off, falling easily to the ground and embedding in the sand. More color, easily seen now that more shell litters the floor. Finally, the entire shell falls away, sprinkling about in a small circle radius around a rather haughty appearing bronze. Two steps forward with his head held high, Atop The Sovereign's Summit Bronze Hatchling now owns these sands.

Impression Message

One moment on the sands, the next somewhere else entirely. No more noise, no more candidates, only a sense of quiet… and a feeling. Wait. A feeling? Not your feeling. No. No. It's someone else's. Something else's. An amused chuckle vibrates throughout your mind, the smell of port fills your senses, leading an intoxicated air to this entire moment. Maroons and dark blues wave about, interlaced amongst the scent. The feeling again. Proud. So very, very proud. « So we finally meet. » A baritone voice asks, settling deeper into your subconscious. Forcing two to become one. « You are Sigam no longer. Beings such as ourselves deserve only the most regal of names. S'gam, that is you. I deem it so. » The amusement continues, holding on. It sticks in one part of the brain, always there. Never to leave. « Ah, and of course. Who is S'gam without his Ittisieth. Or perhaps I have that backwards. Who is Ittisieth without his S'gam. » It fades, that voice, but the sense of forever, forever with that haughty vibe lingers. « At any rate, I do believe we have other issues that require our expert attention. Shall we seek the day, then? Come forth. »


You wouldn't , you wouldn't,
You wouldn't call me gentleman,
If you only knew my plan.
You wouldn't take the chance to dance with dynamite,
Are you ready to explode with me tonight?
You need a gentleman,
You wouldn't wanna call me gentleman.
— "Gentleman" - Lou Bega

While some may consider Ittisieth to be a gentledragon of the highest regard. He is not. Or at least, you know this, S'gam. You truly will probably be the only one who knows this. That's not to say that your bronze is a mean dragon. He's not! He just feels mildly… superior to most. Not in a 'holier-than-thou' sort of way. His actions are just more precise, his ability to converse and interact are more finely tuned than the average dragon. He understand his position in the Weyr, knows his breeding is quite pure. There are no known browns clutching any of his line. This isn't to say that he will lord his over all betterness over other dragons. He won't. Ittisieth much prefers the use of his witty words over any inane actions. He will undercut those he deems unworthy with a slashing of the power of the tongue.

Ittisieth, you will learn from the moment he first impresses, can be quite opinionated. To most, he'll never truly say what is on his mind, though dragons in particular will get a rise out of him, forcing his tongue.

There will be some clashing in those weyrling barracks. Mainly between your dragon and A'in's. There's just something about Lazinzith that brings out the most vicious of Ittisieth's temper. Not, as stated, that he would raise his voice. That's not his style. He'll use his razor sharp wit, if you will, to inform his greatest irritant of his failings. Normally, Ittisieth will keep his biting thoughts to himself or only inform you, S'gam. But there is just something about Lazinzith that makes this usual ability impossible.

« Lazinzith, perhaps it is best you simply do not speak nor move. Dragons of your ilk are better to neither be seen, nor heard, for the betterment of the Weyr. We are bronzes, we must represent the best of Ista Weyr. As such, so far, you have only made us appear as rogues! »

While in this day and age, dragonriders are no longer thrown into different caste systems. Bronzeriders aren't seen as being better than blueriders, greenriders are not inferior to brown.Though there is a source of pride in each dragon's colors, and Ittisieth is no different in believing that his color, the mighty bronze, is the best, and thus so, deserves the utmost amount of respect not only from those who are not_bronze, but even more so, those who ARE! When it all boils down to it, Ittisieth is a very, very proud dragon indeed. Proud with himself, proud with his Weyr, and most of all, proud with his rider. And while he would never come out and speak of his pride (no gentleman does that!), it's still there.

Elizabeth Bennet: Are you to proud Mr. Darcy? And would you consider pride a fault or a virtue?
Mr. Darcy: That I couldn't say.
Elizabeth Bennet: Because we're doing our best to find a fault in you.
Mr. Darcy: Maybe it's that I find it hard to forgive the follies and vices of others, or their offenses against me. My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.
Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, dear, I cannot tease you about that. What a shame, for I dearly love to laugh.
— Pride And Prejudice

For all his pompous attitude, Ittisieth does enjoy cavorting with other dragons. He's not truly a loner, enjoys the companionship and conversations with other dragons. He will never, ever be the type of dragon to talk to another rider, unless for any reason you were incapacitated, S'gam. Only silly dragons do that nonsense. But other dragons, most defiantly those who have similar breeding as he (color not mattering!), will always be sought out. He'll still talk and go through the motions with other dragons, it'd be impolite not too. But the biting remarks you may need to hear will truly be entertaining.

« I do not understand why Tavissath continues to discuss he merits of headbutting a door… it doesn't even remotely make sense. And all the while, she has this large brown… /spot/ on her side. I do believe it might be herdbeast dung. Yet, she doesn't seem to even care at all. »
"Why don't you point it out to her then, Itti?"
« Ha! I have it in good authority that she is quite unwell in the head. I'd rather not incite the wrath of one who enjoys ramming her face into a stone wall »

Ittisieth will have a sense of responsibility lingering about him. That is to say, he wants it. While he is not the type to overthrow the current leadership, he will always have his eyes on the prize. He will work up the ranks, always reaching and hoping to attain that position of Weyrleader. While it may or may never happen, your bronze is strict in believing that all creatures with the ability to think and reason, as he is, need some kind of goal, and that is his. So expect your bronze to always have a keen eye on Ellamariseth. Figuring out the nuances of her flight, her cycles, all of that. Anything, really, that will give him a head start should the gold decide that it is time to take to the skies in a leadership flight. Bronzes, after all, were meant to lead! And what kind of bronze would he be if he didn't?

Ittisieth will never, ever stand to be called anything BUT his name. Do not call him It, do not call him Itti, do not call him Sieth (I know, I know, his name just begs to be made into a nickname, but he hates them so!). Noooow. That isn't to say that S'gam can't call his dragon whatever he wants. It all just depends on how crazy you truly wish to make your dragon. Or how many times you wish to be corrected by said dragon.

"Itti, let's get you some dinner.
« I shall eat, S'gam, but 'tis Ittisieth. »
"Right. Whatever, Sie, let's go."
« Ittisieth. Ittisieth! »
"Yeah, yeah, dude, whatever."
« …/Dude/? That's not even part of my name! »

As stated earlier, your Ittisieth will always be keeping a keen eye on the Weyrwoman's gold. Of course, this doesn't mean that there aren't other females to tide him over until that day comes when she goes up. There are still other golds and greens as well! He will pursue, sharpening his own skills at how to catch a female in the air. He'll blood just enough, you'll never need to worry about him taking too much to not fly correctly. On that note, he also is a very picky and very neat eater. You won't see blood and guts being strewn about from this dragon.

While Ittisieth's moves may be on the money, his ability to woo is… not there. Where some dragons have a way with words when it comes to the opposite gender, he is not one of those. So hope beyond hope, S'gam, that the females that your bronze hopes to enrapture do not require thorough talking too. If that's the case, it's best to throw the towel in early and simply try again with another.

Mr. Darcy: So this is your opinion of me. Thank you for explaining so fully. Perhaps these offences might have be overlooked had not your pride been hurt by my honesty…
Elizabeth Bennet: My pride?
Mr. Darcy: …in admitting scruples about our relationship. Could you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your circumstances?
Elizabeth Bennet: And those are the words of a gentleman. From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.
Mr. Darcy: Forgive me, madam, for taking up so much of your time.
— Pride And Prejudice

Once in the sky, assuming Ittisieth deems the green or gold worthy of his advances, he'll be quick, using his slender shape to his advantage while snaking through the clouds. He'll use his intelligence to gain the flight win, not brute strength. His cunning will be legendary, if allowed, using tricks of the trade to ensnare the female before she even knows how it happened.

Should that day come that your bronze catches a lady fair and golden, he will be stuck with the task of clutchfather. This is… where things get interesting. While many bronzes are dotting fathers on the egg, Ittisieth will not be. He has done his part, after all, it is now the gold's job to ensure the survival of the clutch. Sure, he'll stick around on the sands here and there, he'll most defiantly be there for the hatching, but he will deem it below him, the job of others! to care for the eggs, even though they are his. You may be lucky and once or twice see him adjust an egg, assuming NO ONE is looking (since by this point, his reputation for being so haughty will truly precede him!). He /is/ proud of the clutch, never think otherwise. They are, after all, breeded from his line. All the same, the work to maintain them should be left to those with the instincts to ensure their survival, not a bronze dragon who was made to lead.


Haughty. So very haughty this bronze is. He speaks with assurance, confidence, the know-how. Even when he is wrong, he is right. His tone is never raised, he has no need to do so. Raising ones voice is for those beneath him. Ittisieth has confidence to spare and it shows in every word he says. Your bronze has a deep voice, S'gam. Not a bass, oh no, but a nice, smooth baritone. His words are always crisp and clear, with a slight accent accompanying each syllable. It's British, almost, but not exactly. There is an almost old world feel to how he talks.

He is always polite when he speaks, but there is almost always an underlying tone of cynicism or sarcasm. Depending on who he is speaking too.

If you have ever had the opportunity to watch the 2005 remake of Pride and Prejudice, you'll know who Mr. Darcy is and how he speaks. With a sense of superiority about him, even when he's at his worst. This is how Ittisieth sounds in the mind of all.

Check out: (you can hear a number of clips where Mr. Darcy himself speaks from 0:55 - 1:20, just to get a feel for how it feels!)

Of course, with such a well spoken dragon comes a scent that follows. And oh, his mindscent has a truly intoxicating smell. Port, aged thirteen turns and bottled with perfection. Allowed to breath first, before being consumed, within a perfectly crafted glass, sized just right to allow the amount of oxygen needed. THAT is Ittisieth's scent. That subtle twinge of alcohol, followed by the aroma of only the best grapes that have been made into the finest of beverages. Suited for not just a man, but a gentleman.

Ittisieth's colors are quite docile, to be sure, though still quite manly. Maroons and midnight blues, weaving betwixt one another. Creating harmonous silken waves, engulfing the mind, but soothing all the while. There are no pastels or whites, no blacks or shades of gray. Only regal colors of the finest quality.


S'gam! You have been such a joy to have at Ista Weyr that we decided we needed to keep you! Candidacy was such a total blast to have you in, we had to see you through Weyrlinghood. Welcome to riderhood, S'gam! We can't wait to see what the future has in store for you and Ittisieth!

Egg: Our egg theme this cycle was Board Games!i The egg in particular that Ittisieth came out of what based off of the game 'Battle Of The Sexes'. The game, like the egg itself, it about the constant struggle between males and females. Who is the stronger gender? In Ittisieth's case, he'd surely say men, though who knows if that's true! Ixie was the maker of this egg!

Name: Well, S'gam, you gave us quite a challenge! When we looked at the list of things you like in names, we admittedly were a little bit daunted. But we held firm, took it all a part, step by step and came up with… Ittisieth. Let me tell you how happy we were to see someone who actually LIKED vowels. Ixie is truly a vowel-whore and relished the ability to go all out with them!

Now! Ittisieth. His name is derived from 'wit nitidissime' which is Italian for 'razor sharp wit'. We felt it fit on many levels. One. Italian is a language all well-born men needed to know. Two. Your Ittisieth lives by his… you guessed it… his razor sharp wit. It has the double t you asked for, vowels, a meaning, none of the letters you didn't like! We truly hope we picked a good name. Ixie came up with the majority of Ittisieth, with some help from Ysa.

Theme: Our hatchling theme, if you haven't guess it yet, is Games Children Play. Your Ittisieth's theme was the game "King Of The Hill" ( ). He's very much a king in his own right, easily tossing those off of his royal summit to ensure the purity of his line! He will never allow another to take his place on the top of his mountain.

Inspiration: Ittisieth is a nice mixture of his hatchling theme and the character Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. He's got the regal air about him of any well-blooded character in the old world. He'd easily be a Duke or better in another world. But on top of having that feel surrounding him, he has the ruthlessness and intelligence to keep himself at the top! Ittisieth, in all his good looking yet terribly haughty nature was written by Ixie.


Name Ittisieth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Ixie
Impressee S'gam (Sigam)
Hatched September 26, 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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